Living the New Science - First Ever Podcast

On August 6th, 2019

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I am thrilled to announce my first ever podcast, Living the New Science. I started this podcast because at the frontier of science ideas are emerging that challenge everything we believe about how our world works and I’d love to share this information with the you.

We’re learning that the human mind and body are not separate and distinct from their environment – but a packet of pulsating energy constantly interacting with a vast sea of energy.

These new theories detailed in my book, The Field replace the reductive world view of modern man – a life of separation and isolation with a view of connection. Our human potential can soar far higher than what conventional science tells us about ourselves.

Living the New Science is rethinking your life in relation to this new philosophy of connectedness. This podcast will help you to do that by providing you with scientific information and loads of exercises that can be carried out at home.

It will be published bimonthly and in each episode you will discover something new about the world and ourselves. The podcast will be available across all platforms, so you can tune in at any time and anywhere!

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2 responses to “Living the New Science - First Ever Podcast”

  1. Mina Dasani says:

    A fascinating discovery!

  2. Kate Walker says:

    I so appreciate the integrity of your research.

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