Body heat

Lynne McTaggart

This month for the our upcoming February issue of our newsletter What Doctors Don’t Tell You, my husband Bryan Hubbard produced some extraordinary research about the nature of cancer.


While flipping through some medical literature, he discovered the astonishing statistic that 22 per cent of all breast cancer just goes away by itself.  Intrigued, he then looked for more evidence of cancer burning itself out, and discovered that, contrary to received wisdom - that cancer is a virtual death sentence when left to its own devices - most of the big cancers that claim hundreds of lives every year just go away a fair percentage of the time.


Although deep psychological changes within the patient often account for some of the cases, the common denominator for most such cases was high fever.  At some point in the course of their illness, the patients suffered a serious infection, which caused a prolonged raised body temperature.  After the illness had run its course, and their body temperature returned to normal, the cancer had literally been burned away. 


That information no only interests me for its implications in cancer treatment, but also for what it suggests about our own body heat and  internal thermal effects as a potent healing modality. 


Heat was the solution

When my children were small, I used to marvel at the ability of their young and perfect bodies to purge themselves of illnesses through a rapid rise in temperature – as though they’d been set alight.  It afforded me a rare glimpse of an uncompromised body in the throes of self-repair.


Even in those early days, I understood that the heat wasn’t the problem – the heat was the solution.  The worst thing I could do was to put out the fire with antibiotic or anti-inflammatories. I would look to our homeopaths to make them comfortable and to get them through the fever safely, while I sat back and observed what appeared to be a miracle.


Although fever in a young child is rarely left to its own devices, it is instructive to watch it run its course. After a night of such heat and copious sweat, the child often awakes as though the entire episode has been imagined.  She sits up smiling, and there often is not only no evidence of fever but no evidence of the original infection.


In the past, doctors attempting to use the power of body heat would infect their patients with dangerous bacteria.  These days, we have more sophisticated means of raising body temperature.  In the Far East, Japanese and Chinese scientists have been experimenting with infrared energy –the second lowest energy band on the electromagnetic spectrum.  This band of EM waves, which is just below visible red light (hence the name ‘infra red’) is also subdivided into three wavelengths – near, middle and far infrared (FIR), the longest waves of the three.


Although FIR wavelengths are too long for us to see, we experience this naturally occurring energy from the sun (and even a hot light bulb) as a gentle form of radiant heat, warming us directly by direct light conversion without raising the temperature of the surrounding air. This eventually induces an increase in body temperature, by moving body fluids around more quickly, causing profuse sweating, but at a much lower temperature than with ordinary thermal heat, as, say, produced by a Finnish-style sauna.


Japanese scientists have discovered that far infrared saunas appear to offer the same extraordinary benefits as high fever.  Congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight, pain - even modern day pollution overload like chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia respond to these particular frequencies of electromagnetic waves.


Infrared waves from the hands

I am particularly fascinated by this particular use of heat for self-repair because distant healing may generate far infrared waves. In 1991, a group of biochemists at the National Yang-Ming Medical College in Taipei, Taiwan, using electronic equipment to examine the electromagnetic spectra of waves generated by a Qigong master when sending healing Qi, detected large amounts of infrared waves in the vicinity of the master’s palms.


 The study also found that the Qi not only stimulated cell growth, DNA synthesis and protein synthesis in cells, but also had a positive effect on fibroblasts, which build cellular tissue (Am J Chin Med 1991; 19: 285-92).


A similar study of human energy (called Kikoh in Japan) also recorded infrared waves and found that they potentiated human leukocyte functions in white blood cells (Int J Biometeorol. 1993; 37: 133-8)


But what seems to be most important of all is the raised temperature. One study of far-infrared use found it had no effect in inhibiting tumors when used at ambient temperatures, but it markedly inhibited cancer growth when combined with whole-body hyperthermia.


All this evidence suggests to me that the German physicist Fritz Albert Popp indeed was right in his theory that illness, in a sense, is scrambled frequency.  In his work, he is discovering certain bands of electromagnetic frequencies that have healing properties.  The work on heat and far infrared suggests that we may well possess those frequencies ourselves to repair our own light, when it goes awry.



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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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1,173 comments on “Body heat”

  1. I am SO glad to see this information! I instinctively knew it, but so great to see it out there. I suffer from fibromyalgia, and really the only way I get any relief is through the magic healing touch of my amazing massage therapist, and my mattress pad heater cranked up to 8 through the flare-ups. (I worry about the long-term exposure to that much electricity, and any potential side effects of that on my health, but the pain relief is undeniable.)
    This article makes so much sense from a fever perspective - our amazing bodies have an innate intelligence - of COURSE the fever should run it's course - it's part of the healing process!
    Thanks for sharing this fascinating information!

  2. This is a very interesting theory. Well i hope you will continue to research and inform your readers more on this. Great find!

  3. I work with a Japanese health research institute called Nikken. In their 34 years of research and development they have created user-friendly technology incorporating magnetics, far infra-red and negative ions as well as whole food nutrition to put the body back into balance. I would be honoured to educate folks more about the power of a wellness home. Email me for a free consultation.

  4. Native American culture believes in "Inikaga", or "Inipi" or "Tunkantipi." In these ceremonies, the temperature often goes to 180 - 200 degrees F. When healing is done, temperature is best at above 200.
    I wrote to you about this, but never got an answer. We could trade ideas.

  5. My Mother has been found with carsenoids in 2 places. She is in a small town in Mississippi. Is there a directory of practitioners anywhere that might help? Please, we are desperate and she has refused chemotherapy.

  6. This is very good information for the public. I went thru a cancer experience on 9-11-2006, having ovarian & uterine cancer. I opted for some chemo, then stopped it & began an intense protocol of alternative treatments. One of the things my wonderful altern.doc had me do was to drink something very hot every 2 hrs. I also did ozone-infra-red treatments, along with energy work, and diet. I wrote a book about my experience & how successful it was so that others might benefit. It is called Out of Chaos, Harmony - and believe me that really says what it was!
    I'm so glad to have found your site......bless you.

  7. My friends used to be appalled that I allowed my small children to keep their fevers. Why WOULDN'T the body have a reason for the temperature increase?
    What do you think hot flashes for menopause might be about? And should we suppress them?
    Excellent information Lynne. Keep up the good work.
    Bravo Lynne.

  8. Last March I had a lump in my breast biopsied and the report was: stage 4 tumor, 5cm, recommend full mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. This was all they had to offer. In this day and age they still cut and poison???? To hell with that! I went to a Chinese doctor who agreed to treat me. He poked the tumor with herbs, covered with a poultice and it created a boil which gave me a fever 101 0 103 for two days as it festered and drained. Over the next month he continued to pack the open wound with herbs and pull dead tissue out. This approach is not for everyone but he saved me from surgery and he saved my breast.

  9. What is wonderful about all this information from the science field is that it is helping the layman understand what energetic practitioners are doing. QiGong, Quantum Touch and Reiki to name a few that utilize the Universal Life Force to balance to the subjects emotional, mental, spiritual bodies so the physical body can begin the healing process.
    Science can now explain the miracles, after all, miracles are events that we cannot explain with our current mindset or knowledge. It takes the woo woo out of what we do. By no means does scientifically explaining what happens in an energy treatment diminish the brilliance of the that Intelligent Consciousness that we access when set intentions and channel energy.

  10. Deborah would love to share some healing work with your mom she can contact 858 243 0069
    my name is Hector and I have a been an energy healing practitioner for 49yrs...Thank you for sharing such wonderful research Bryan..yes it is wonderful to experience first hand what wonderful healing energy the body produces it is a reminder of its origin to heal itself and always a reminder of the beauty of creation the no matter what we are all united to share and to be..ONE..Namaste

  11. As a healer, intuitive and spiritual counselor, I find that when I "see" illness in the body, it often looks as if it has temperature by the color and motion that it gives off! Many times when someone comes to me with an acute injury, their body is giving off heat when there is inflammation...almost as if the body knows exactly what to do!
    When I use hands-on healing such as Reiki, I notice my hands become very warm and many times my clients talk about this heat..similarly, when I do distance healing, I often sense the same heat sensation in my body as do my clients who are across the miles!
    I am so happy to see so many people begin to understand the beauty and power of the body and spirit combined! There is nothing we cannot handle when in the proper frame of mind - i.e., in faith and with focus.
    My work is the most rewarding when my clients finally hear me say that they are the ones doing all the work and healing themselves!! It is remarkable, this gift of the body, mind and spirit. Blessings.

  12. This is very interesting. Several years ago I was feelign very ill and decided to meditate my illness away. I sat in my bedroom and went into a deepened meditation and saw every cell of my body as a sun, burning away all illness. In no time at all I was ablaze with millions of suns. When I cam back out about twenty minutes later there was no illness. I've never been able to repeat this. My mind always gets distracted. I think I was feeling so ill at the time that nothing else interfered with the meditation. And I wasn't experienced in any way - I really knew very little about meditation. Any comments?

  13. I use a heating pad for fibromyalgia when the pain is bad ... the higher the heat the more the relief. I'm a breast cancer survivor -- maybe because of the heat??? who knows, but I'm thankful for any good health I experience.

  14. I too would be interested in what menopausal hot flushes might be about and if maybe we should allow them rather than trying to stop them.

  15. Regarding Mateo Allen Kohler and his journey to wellness. A healing Pick and Shovel.
    A request for Intentional Healing Prayer was sent to the Intentional Experiment for a young girl's continued healing, Sadie Cheyenne. She was diagnosed with Valley Fever of the Cocci in 2005.
    She was given a 100% negative prognosis with no chance of survival. That was
    over three years ago. The Doctors call her an Anomaly. They just cannot understand how she has survived and continues to progress so dramatically. She was released from intensive care, and returned home, within 60 days of beginning the mushroom therapy.
    All around the world these types of "anomalies " are being reported.
    And many of which I am referring to, have two common denominators:
    Prayer and Medicinal Mushrooms. Mountains can be moved by prayer.
    Yet give me a pick and a shovel, and I will help all I can and my prayer will be unceasing. Medicinal Mushrooms are rapidly becoming the most effective and commonly used cancer and disease, infection and virus treatment world wide.
    And these amazing immune/blood modulators are incredibly affordable in relation to Pharmaceuticals. Pennies on the dollar.
    Of course this is excluding the USA where the AMA does not recognize anything that cannot be Pharmaceutically reproduced.
    Mateo Allan Kohler should be given another tool, for his work, his pick and=
    shovel. We can provide a specific blend for him, and as with so many others, I would expect greatly increased healing.There are almost zero Contradictions to be concerned with. The medicinal mushrooms are organic and
    grown in highly controlled laboratory environments.
    And also, if Chemo is part of Mateo's battle, then there is a way to greatly reduce the Chemo toxicity and the intense illness associated with it. To =
    nearly zero ill effects. Recent testimonials are available.
    I can be reached directly at 541-688-1634
    Ross Howard
    P.S.=A0 This is not a business call, rather a healing effort

  16. Years ago all people attending an office party experienced food poisoning. While I was sick like al. I seemed to recover faster. Unlike the others, I had run a significant temperature. I remember thinking. " I wonder if my fever had helped to burn it out, therefore recoverying faster". Just a thought.

  17. How I love the awarenesses of energy healing that is now freely available from peoples person experiences. My first cancer diagnosis was in 1983 when given 8 hrs to live in hospital with septicaemia. Colour therapy adverted that. For twenty years since I have been a Reiki Master & witnessed many cacer recovery's , including three more of my own. With patience and understandings-- the medical paradigm is not necessary. The Holistic body is truly miraculous.
    Every cancer diagnosis is just the body's alarm bells that the immune system is in chaos --- temporarily --- support it! Cheers for we 'survivors' as evidence for others!
    Rose-marie -- keep laughing!

  18. Thank you for this information, and everyone for their replies and input.
    I too watched as my children created fevers to heal themselves & was surprised at how many people routinely suggest taking paracetemol or ibruprofen to bring fevers down. This is one of the body's most potent self-healing mechanisms & it is important to let it run its course - with supervision. In this panic-driven, rush-rush world, I wonder to what extent the "pill response" is an habituated response encouraged by the pharmaceutical & medical industries.
    Check out Jim Humble's website - if your immune system could use some support this is it! I was taking small doses of the compound as well as giving myself Reiki in response to a nasty flu virus. I was completed well within 24 hours with no nasty residual effects (coughs, blocked sinus et al).
    The first step in any healing process is to take responsibility for your own health of course 🙂
    Blessings to you Lynne, for assisting the truth to become known, and to you all,
    Love & Gratitude

  19. Simply as a constructive question: At the most fundamental level, what is heat? I am not a hard scientist, but would hazard that heat is a name for more rapid excitation or vibration of the atomic or molecular components of the body. If so, what does it do to restore the health of the body? Does this mean that increased excitation results from an application of energy? If so, then the healing comes from applied energy. Sounds familiar. However, my premise may be wrong. Whatever the case, figuring out the real usable explanation should be our goal.

  20. Following the remarks above by Constance Kraus, Dee, Isabel, & others, I'd like to add my experience: 1980 radiation damage to my fingers has left some of them prone to infection due to poor skin coverage ... in 07 an antibiotic had minimal effect, possibly due to poor circulation, but as it appears now the heat from the infection plus that from HOT salt water immersion (thanks to an African GP in Perth, WA) eventually killed infections, & now nails appear to be growing back. I guess time will tell?!

  21. What a wonderful article. Once again I am amazed at how nowaday scientists are affirming what healers have believed for millenia.
    It is good to have a "scientific" explanation to why healing occurs with some, and not with others, but remember - the only reason some people will believe it now, is because they can "see" it. They will not change their mind about things they cannot see, until they too are "visible".
    For others, the mere understanding that healing can indeed happen through human hands, will also open up to tha idea that healing of anything can happen through intention, prayer og affirmation.
    These are exciting times.

  22. I am surpirsed not to see any mention in the article or feedback about anthroposophical medicine (originated by Rudolf Steiner). They have a well established notion of fever being a key part of a helaing crisis and a further step in incarnating.
    My wife had breast cancer diagnosed 6 months ago and has since had a mastectomy. She seems to be doing very well on mistletoe treatment ( which works by inducing a fever.
    She has also changed her diet (too complicated to go into fully here, but daily veg juicing, organic, no diary, no red meat). Also we installed a water ioniser, which I believe are used in Japanese cancer hospitals, which is meant to help as it filters, oxygenates and alkalines the water. As I understand it cancer thirves on lack of oxygen, sugar and an acid environment, so if you can provide an environment rich in oxygen and tending towards being alkaline the cancer does not get a chance to develop so strongly giving you immuned system a better chance to deal with it.
    thanks for sharing your research and for all the responses.
    kind regards,

  23. The use of 'inducing' a high body temperature, has been known for hundreds of years among Herbalists - often known as the 'cold sheet treatment'. Briefly, after a very hot bath and the use of herbs to induce sweating, a WET FREEZING cold sheet is wrapped around the person who is put to bed, prepared with a waterproof cover beforehand, and then many blankets to create a'cocoon' to retain the warmth (they MUST be natural fibre). Usually garlic is rubbed on the feet as well, and the feet area sealed. The bodies temperature rises to combat the initial freezing sheet, and, having actually done it to myself - with difficulty, as it is best with help - when feeling very ill with a virus, within seconds you start to feel warm and usually go to sleep. Waking some hours later, the temperature has returned to normal, the signs of illness have gone, and, the sheet is dry and often stained from what appears to be toxins removed in the 'sweat'!
    There are far better descriptions than this brief resume elsewhere, but it is a tried and tested way. That it works for Cancer as well is very good news!
    Why does the body naturally raise the bodies temperature with an infection if it's not a requirement to make the healing process more effective!
    Sadly, modern medicine negates past knowledge with machines and the latest man-made pills!
    Keep up the good work WDDTY!

  24. When I worked in a Chinese hospital I witnessed a Qigong master sending healing Qi to a cancer patient who was healed by Master Wann's hand. Thanks for your article on body heat.
    Ninette Ste. Claire, L.M. T.

  25. I've been reading that if there is delayed menopause a woman has a greater chance of having breast cancer. Also, if a woman has hot flashes, that a woman has a lesser risk of breast cancer returning.
    One of the factors in breast cancer seems to hormone balance.
    I'm not sure exactly as to how these 3 statements all mix into something also true.
    And I'm not sure that suppressing hot flashes would be good However, further balancing of the hot flashes (with herbs or homeopathic), the hormones, might be even better than letting it run it's course, as the hot flashes are the bodies attempt at balance anyway. In addition, adding the other forms of heat if there is cancer, would help.

  26. Fever is no doubt very effective in eliminating certain infections. One caution though especially with children in fever states: it is most important to keep them well hydrated, i.e., lots of water!

  27. BS"D
    Great information, and if you want a really unique perspective look at:
    which is about the revolutionary work and perspective of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. I just read one of his papers from the site, and although it is somewhat technical, the basic underlying thought is dramatic, and it seems, quite effective.

  28. Very interested on how this heat works, as I have had very serious damage to my skin through exposure to the sun, just by growing up in South Florida, although the rest of my family didn't seem to be affected. Actinickeratosis is one of the problems, one PA said my hands looked 20 years older than my actual age! Qi stimulating cell growth, heat & infrared as healing properties sound very exciting. Any info I can learn, use & share would be greatly appreciated. How do you find out more on this infrared? and Qigong? Much peace, love & healing

  29. "Induced Fever" has been used to treat a variety of ailments probably since shortly after Man discovered the Flame.

  30. Using the term "power surge", rather than "hot flash" seems more fitting for me. I have been experiencing hot flashes for some 15 years in a milder form, and now, with menopause, have been getting them full force for the last year. I practice energy healing. I welcome hot flashes as my own body's form of self-protection (no colds or other illnesses) and for the ten-fold increase in effectiveness of Reiki, Quantum Touch practices. Am I unbalanced? Perhaps by some perspectives. I consider flashes to be a powerful healing gift of womanhood. Part of me hopes to have flashes from time to time for years to come.

  31. Very interesting. Has anyone else heard of these amethyst beds that work with some NASA tech to create infra red heat? I did try one for a few minutes and it felt amazing. Was't sure about the claims. But now I wonder.

  32. This is great to hear! We know that we come here, through 'birth' into our physical bodies that contain through potentiality, everything they need to grow into a human body, every amazing spectacular detail: making eyes, brains, muscles, bones - it's breathtaking how intricate it is. Yet it's a self running system, it doesn't need us to help, the information is inherit in the cells. So it's not surprising that our bodies are designed to heal themselves, we know they are. Everything we need to live thrive and survive, we already have within ourselves.
    It's all quite amazing and wonderful : )

  33. When it is time for one of the healing intentions my alarm goes off and I leave my students for 10 minutes while I repeat the Intention. No time for working myself into a medative frame of mind.
    I have noticed two things. Firstly that the time passes in the flash of an eye during the Intention period .Also that no matter how I repeat the Intention, sometimes placing my hands on the part of the body we are hoping to heal and at others simply holdng my hands out in front of me in supplication, my hands and the area around my heart become really hot. Nothing to do with fever of course, but maybe a side effect of remote healing?

  34. Found this site thinking about my husband's cancer of the right tonsil that metastasized to the bones in his spine....there is no help for him from our he is terminal.....I have read the german new medicine...but I thought of looking up herbs to increase body temperature ....this site was helpful in that it mentioned methods.....was looking for a person with cancer mets to the bone, experience...and how long to sustain the high temp if you can induce it?

  35. respectful wish for blessings to all. i know that for me, my ability came with trainoing but more through really trying to respect others and being careful for year what i sent out. i was clearing something for my son and the energy cought at his throat, i had to quickly and calmly move it down or we were in trouble. in short i could do this [too] someone. i remember being quite impressed with mr vader in star wars when he did this. at the time i though wow i wish i had 'powers' now? having asked for more power for healing and i got it but now i have the responsibility that came with it and for now my up a step being must think this is a festival. half the night connected with may Father, 200 miles away-short of wind, ill, sleepless. my children stopped getting ill (Grace), and my companion is being held from falling very ill. another angle is that i am living in the lower apt at my brothers house and this is not acceptable-any of it. i was quite unwell defending myself from a sort of this is our belief station thing when i was not even mentioning the subject. i thought that i was dying of grief over my daughter mental illness terribly aggravated if not caused by her step father-he with uncanny smoothness derailed an investigation for 485638 by continuously referring to me as a psychotic and getting home visits in when i told Kate that she would be safe, could rest and could speak when and if she wanted to. i saw her after the first visit. 'i'm in the past but now i'm in the future. he had gotten to her and she lost hope when he kept her late so i could not see her at hospital. she went in after screaming that he abused her in a public place. she is quite tough now, her Mother says she has regressed to 5 years old, she's 12. in fact i was dying and lost 20 pounds in a month but it was my kidneys. my ex wife is as a stepford wife and so this man, may he find healing, is calling all the shots! Kate is now continuously referring to sex so he wants her home but she is past the victim stage and he must be in terror. healing??? oki so i cannot see her because i begin to remove the shadows that he emits and for 8 hours i will be in dire stress but one day with him and poof! they don't even know she is still in there!!! i am just so thankful that she found a shell because i do not have any way to provide what is needed and my son also. constant silent prayer will bring her back but this cannot haooen or i am a ggod person and they are then bad people. so here is what i meant by not bringing malice in or out. this was not the intention for this comment box but i would like to thank you. i felt as though i was connected and the wound released some pain will heal again more and i will feel stronger somehow i know. when i am feeling better i would like to do healing work by donation or however but i have no idea how. i will read more here and write less. Monty

  36. wow, i just realized that no one even posts here!
    i do play the part of a fool and sometimes its painful. i don't know but maybe it could be made impossible to miss so that the talking to a wall pain won't happen to another one on the path

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