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Lynne McTaggart

No matter what else I write about, inside this breast will always beat the heart of a reporter. I grew up during the Woodward-Bernstein years, when journalists considered themselves members of the Fourth Estate and took seriously their role as guardian of the public interest.
For each of the first three of the six books I’ve written (including the book What Doctors Don’t Tell You), I spent months inside lawyer’s offices, laying before them shopping bags and cartons full of documents, articles and tape recordings to prove my various cases.
This early exposure — to the press’s power to bring down a corrupt presidency, and to the importance of being sure of my facts — developed in me a reasonable sense of fair play, to stick only to the evidence I had and to make sure that evidence was exhaustive.
I had many sleepless nights, trying to weigh up what I had. What was fair? What could I prove? It wasn’t good enough to disagree with someone, or disapprove of someone. Someone’s entire life hung in the balance and would be influenced forever by my words.
This week I was reminded of those early days and also of how much of science reporting has degenerated into a case of school-ground bullies protecting the status quo after reading a page about me put up on Wikipedia.
Ordinarily I tend to ignore this stuff on the premise that my own words speak louder about me than any other’s, but what I found there weaves into the point I’m about to make and also gives me a chance to set the record straight.
First of all, besides my name, only two sentences in the entry are actually true –the fact that I am married to Bryan Hubbard and that I appeared in an extended version of The Bleep.
Virtually everything else is misinformed, slightly off or a complete falsehood.
The two pieces of misinformation I’d most like to draw your attention to are the following:
“The McTaggart group has been cited for significant factual errors in their attacks on medicine, such as confusing the antiviral drug Tamiflu for a vaccine and attributing deaths to a nonexistent avian influenza vaccine.”
The footnote it cited was a column by Ben Goldacre, an article called "How to be beautifully, blissfully wrong about Tamiflu: just call it a bird flu vaccine".
Quackbuster Ben Goldacre had centered an entire column around the fact that a casual e-news blast written by another WDDTY journalist (NOT me, even though this appears on my own biography) — incorrectly referred to Tamiflu as a vaccine, not a drug. That’s it. It should be noted that that incorrect label (for that is all it is) never appeared in the WDDTY publication. Furthermore, we corrected that detail in a subsequent e-blast.
The non-group company
My husband and I launched What Doctors Don’t Tell You in 1989. I do not have a ‘McTaggart group’, which sounds a little like a covert society or a cult. We have set up a proper publishing company (just like the Guardian, but smaller) that employs experienced, trained journalists.
Since that time we have published some 3,100,000 words, which you can freely peruse on www.wddty.com. In the 21 years we’ve been writing, we have never been cited for significant factual errors. Ever. In fact, we have been applauded by many newspapers, including the Times and the Observer. I have published articles in many major newspapers in the US and the UK and for a good while wrote a medical column in the Observer — the companion Sunday paper of the Guardian where Goldacre writes.
No doubt we have published a few errors over all this time – I can think of a handful of occasions over the years where we’ve got some figures wrong, or were slightly off in our interpretation of a medical study. But by any standard, we are far more in-depth and accurate than most publications I know, who mainly rely on press releases for their science. In the few cases we’ve been wrong we’ve published a correction.
I know this for several reasons. We employ a highly experienced science production editor who used to work for the pharmaceutical industry to sift all the scientific data on which we base our stories to ensure that they are accurate. And two, we get all our material by painstakingly combing through the medical literature and reports of the Food and Drug Adminstration — ie, the medical establishment.
In other words, all we do is make public a private conversation that doctors conduct among themselves in the most respected medical journals in the world.
So if we are wrong, so is the Lancet, the BMJ and the New England Journal of Medicine.
The real point of our Tamiflu release, the thing that Goldacre should be paying attention to as a member of the Fourth Estate, the part that’s really in the public interest — namely that many people have died after taking Tamiflu - is true. Goldacre never rubbished that part of the story because he can’t. The FDA has now released a statement to that effect. He doesn’t seem interested in that. He had to attempt to discredit us by using inference. By being a bully.
Point two in my Wiki biography: “The Field has been characterized by Mark Henderson of The Times as pseudoscience, criticizing her understanding of quantum physics as a misconception.”
In this article, Mark Henderson, another self-proclaimed defender of reason, is attempting to discredit a forthcoming vaccine conference WDDTY was holding by, in effect, demonstrating that it is being run by a loonytune.
As he writes: “The Universe, she argues, is pervaded by a field of vibrations ‘like the Force in Star Wars’.”
This “perspective underlies the health recommendations of McTaggart’s group.” (I do not have a group!)
Aside from the fact that the Star Wars quote never appears in The Field, but only in my publisher’s marketing material about the book, Mark Henderson puts forward no actual evidence to support his contention that my book is pseudoscience.
The Field, it should be said, contains some 400 scientific references — most of them from traditional highly respected scientific journals. Each of the 80 or so scientists who were depicted in the book carefully checked the facts relating to their own work, and two noted physicists and one astrophysicist read the entire manuscript to make sure that the facts and my interpretation of the facts were all correct.
And then after that, two scientific copy editors worked tirelessly with me to ensure that the science was correct. Virtually nothing in the manuscript was not checked by a scientist with many more credentials than Mark Henderson, who, according to Sense about Science, has a history degree.
The same holds true with The Intention Experiment.
Scientific hijacking
I tell you all this not to whine about these particulars, which are largely inconsequential and don’t affect either attendance at our events (they were always packed) or my book sales. I tell you about them for a larger reason, to demonstrate just one example of why science isn’t a free debate.
The supposed high-ground of science been largely hijacked by a few well organized bullyboys who don’t know how to engage in a fair debate or responsible reportage, and so have to kick sand in others’ faces and hope that blinds them (and blinds their audience).
They’ve organized into groups like Sense about Science and claim themselves the defenders of scientific truth and try to take the moral high ground, while resorting to innuendo and opinion to make their case.
Many of us in the field of cutting-edge science or science writing note that our Wikipedia entries are getting hijacked by these kinds of falsehoods and innuendos. Noted psychologist and noetic science researcher Dean Radin has given up trying to change his entry.
TV debates
Fighting dirty also goes on in face-to-face debate. I was eight months’ pregnant when we launched What Doctors Don’t Tell You, and I remember being asked to debate the issues with a noted newspaper columnist at the time on live television. Just before we were due to go on, he leaned over and whispered in my ear that he’d heard that my obstetrician had been up on charges.
Rupert Sheldrake was once interviewed by Richard Dawkins for a forthcoming show (I also had been invited to be on the show, but declined). Sheldrake had agreed to being filmed on the promise that he could put forward his side of the story. During filming, Dawkins cut him off whenever he attempted to provide evidence about his work.
As Sheldrake tells it: "Richard seemed uneasy and said, ‘I don’t want to discuss evidence.’ "
"’Why not?’ I asked.
"’There isn’t time. It’s too complicated. And that's not what this programme is about.'  The camera stopped."
Sheldrake showed him the emails from the producers promising a fair debate. The director looked dismayed.
As Sheldrake said to the director: “I made it clear from the outset that I wasn’t interested in taking part in another low grade debunking exercise.”
"Richard said, 'It's not a low grade debunking exercise; it's a high grade debunking exercise.'"
At this point, the team packed up and left.
The show’s eventual title: Enemies of Reason.
For Rupert’s full story, click here
Investigating the skeptics
Many frontier scientists like Sheldrake, tired of these bullyboy tactics, have created a website called Skeptical Investigations, which encourages open-mindedness in research – ie, true science — and also writes about scientific bullying in depth: http://www.skepticalinvestigations.org/New/index.html
Mainstream science has grown ever more fundamentalist, dominated by a few highly vocal individuals (mostly non-scientists) who proclaim themselves the guardian of a worldview and a scientific story they believe has largely been written.
They claim to be ‘evidenced based’ but their attacks are emotional, underhanded and demonstrably unscientific. They are the very antithesis of both good science and good journalism.
Science is finally just a story, told in installments. We learn about our world in piecemeal fashion, a process of constant correction and revision. New chapters refine — and often supplant — the chapters that have come before. And thus it has ever been. Every new finding in science has seemed as preposterous as the force in Star Wars until it grew to be accepted.
We are at the point in the evolution of our understanding of science where many of our most cherished beliefs are going up in smoke. The only way to deal with that is to do the right thing: to tell the truth, the whole truth, and to engage in fair debate.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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  1. It's a great shame that so many poeple go to Wikepedia for "facts". Anyone cam send something in or change the data at any time. The information on Therapeutic Touch has been incorrect for a long time and we have found it impossible to make it correct. I think intelligent people know this. So its best just to ignore this for one more time and count on the intellegence of most people to seek the truth about any topic in which they hold a real interest or concern. You just keep doing your good work. We need you.

  2. Bullies always have and ever will come from fear. Lynne, you are the most respected, most quoted by all the 'Spiritual Science' writers I have come to respect. Your Field book was seminal and valuable. Your intention experiment is from the heart, wherein all great intentions spring. Thank you for being here on this planet at this time and thank you for being you.

  3. I know the feeling. Anyone in disagreement, but with no real argument will try to play the man (or woman), not the ball. I've got used to it now and know that all I have to do is live my life the best I can. For those who stoop to such tactics, it's their problem - not yours.

  4. Lynne,
    Bear in mind that the drug companies have deep pockets - certainly deep enough to buy a pusillanimous pan-handler like Mark Henderson.
    From my perspective your material and your integrity is of such integrity that it can serve as its own defense, especially against the pitiful attacks of such a poltroon pip-squeak as Henderson.
    And, speaking as an electromagnetic physicist, I find your information to be refreshingly approachable and technically legitimate.

  5. Wikipedia? why even bother. I would ignore it along with all other attacks/lies by the establishment. Truth is the more they lie to us, the more they make us sick with dangerous medication, the more they scare us with false health alarms to make us buy their vaccines, less and less people listen to them, less and less people believe them anyway.

  6. wikipedia has lots and lots of volunteer editors these days - we've just been trying (and finally succeeded) in changing a wikipedia page - there is a sophisticated system in place and if you follow the procedure it seems you eventually get heard ! if you'd like me to try to change the 'facts' Lynne I'd be more than happy to have a go. Thank you for all that you do. with love, elham

  7. Lynne,
    Agreed, and I know how you feel. The collective ego of what the intellect believes it knows will not give up quietly, nor kindly. The elitists exist in all constructs of man...societal, political, academic, scientific, and religious. How many doctors have laughed at me, rolled their eyes, and scoffed at my healings? How many people are antagonized by my mere presence?
    "A prophet is without honor in his hometown."
    It's time we return to the Garden of Eden and choose again....
    The tree of knowledge
    The tree of Life!
    Peace be with you,

  8. Wonderfully said dear woman. You and others in the study of the science of 'subtle energies', such as Dean Radin of IONS, are desperately needed to 'tell the truth' at all costs. Some months ago I took a radical invention that came to me in meditation to IONS and Dr. Radin. He and the then president Mr. Odea helped me to realize that I have been given something far beyond today's understanding. Bless all of you in continuing to fan that 'flame of newness' in your work!!

  9. Arrogance, ignorance, and jealousy will get them nowhere. We continue to move forward and leave them n the dust (bin).

  10. Some folks just don't get it.
    Follow your heart and remain in integrity. That's what you do and that is what works.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Follow your own heart and mind in these matters of truth and falsehood . These people are paid to take the opposing view , and seek to instill doubt in a person`s mind .
    They are pay - check reasoners . Chameleon personalities that adopt any stance so as to pad - out their Bank balances .
    I for one ignore these literary parasites , who remind me of leeches as they suck away on the life blood of any story . Originality is an alien concept to them .

  12. You have gotten at a great truth about the world as we know it. This bullying permeates much of the business world as well as science and medicine. I have recently had an experience with a major U.S. security company who encourages its salesmen to lie in order to get them to sign a contract, and then denies any "allegations" about the lies. The law is on their side. Ethics and fair dealing are overshadowed by greed and exploitation, and this particular company is not so different from many other big companies. People who speak the truth (including environmentalists, consumer advocates and feminists) have always been attacked by those whose vested interests depend on lies and exploitation. Thank you for pointing out this phenomenon. It needs to be acknowledged. Keep up the excellent work.

  13. Much of the criticism leveled at people like you is not about facts at all, but rather to protect deeply entrenched interests (like Big Pharma, the AMA, FDA, and other liars). How else could the global warming scam be perpetrated on so many otherwise intelligent people? Funding grants go to those who find "scientific" support for the agenda/beliefs of those issuing the grants. One does have to think for themself and not just take the words of the puppets. I am thankful for cutting edge thinkers like yourself, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Barbara Marx Hubbard et al. The unseen is far more powerful than the seen, and it is not always easy to uncover, so it is not surprising that our world (with the attention span of a gnat) wants only quick and simple answers, so they go where they get them, despite their untruth. In order to cement the position, the "real thinkers" must be demonized. Keep the faith! Jim

  14. "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
    ~ Mahatma Ganhi

  15. Lynne,
    This blog post is quite pertinent for me and other truth seakers with similar goals to expose the bullys of the world. Take heart in knowing that all you do must be very effective and worrisome to the "establishment " and causing them problems as they fight to maintain control. So just continue to do what you do. You are on course with your mission. The truth as we know literally permeates the "field" so everyone has access to it. Some are just waking up and tuning in and these are the souls they are targeting with their misinformation in a last ditch attempt to hold on to power.
    I appreciate and love you for all you do.

  16. We're seeing the light & darkness (fear) polarize to greater extremes because as the Light gets brighter with truth & love, it shines & exposes areas of darkness not seen before.
    Your experience, Lynn, is a part of that happening, I believe.
    Have courage, all Lightworkers, during this amazing Shift!

  17. Dear Lynne,
    I write for Townsend Letter and have developed a profound skepticism of mainstream "reporting." So much is simply a regurgitation of press releases designed to sell a point. That you have been 'targeted' by Wikipedia is an indication that your work is threatening the old paradigm. Good for you! Anything that relies on falsehood to survive needs to be challenged, in my opinion.
    I know being the subject of such disinformation is disturbing. Just know you have good company. Orthomolecular.org had at least three news releases about Wikipedia's bias. It is possible to see what has been deleted. http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v06n18.shtml

  18. Thank you again for being here and doing the work you do. Blessings and healing upon you.
    You have made a wonderful difference in my understanding and strengthened my sense of personal ability.

  19. Uncreativity is the epitomy of ignorance which these bullies profess not being. Big authorities on everything and experts on nothing. Peolpe enjoy getting sucked into the these pessimistic arguments on gossip talk shows. Makes em' feel self important by masking their self impotence. The great lie is the stressing nothing else exists outside, or more to the point inside of the 3D physical world we inhabit. Physics has already proven otherwise. Evil times are upon us. This is only a taste of what the collective human shadow has in store for all. The fun has just begun. It must surface to it's fullest and smack us in the face. Those of us who will see and understand what is happening have a better chance of surviving the changes. Those of us who can find compassion,or try,for humanity and these poor excuses for humans, will be the ones tipping the scales. The tactics of those who won't accept the change will die of their horrendously twisted perverted egos. Illusion is exacty that. Hitler had the charismatic power to influence his point of view through emotion so powerful it almost destroyed us all. Plain and simple peolpe don't want to see the forest for the trees. It's easier to play follow the leader than think for ourselves whatever the price. The insanity of ego power will always destroy itself in the end. I personally don't buy into it. The outcome is already written. Stay detached. F em' if they can't take a joke!!

  20. Tough as it is, don't let them bother you. At first they attack you as a complete fraud,
    Then they say there may be some validitiy to what you are talking about without mentioning your work.
    And lastly, they will try to steal it from you.
    They have done this to chiropractors, acupuncturists and (welcome to the club) you.

  21. Dear Lynne,
    Be assured you are being heard by those who are ready to listen. The truth is dangerous only to those who want to keep us all in darkness, so we can continue to be mere 'units of consumption'. Thanks to people like you the truth is shining brighter and brighter and there is nothing these bullies can do about it, so don't spend another minute of your time on wikiwhatsit's lies. Keep doing what you do best and reminding us of what true journalism is about. You rock!
    Love and courage!

  22. Lynne,
    As a retired behaviorist and new thought advocate, I applaud you. Your life and work are about being. The crisis driven bullies are trying to keep fear alive, but we are indeed evolving away from that paradigm. Don't let them slow you down. Forgive them for they no not what they do....Stan

  23. The lies and distortions that are used to try to maintain the status quo, are the modern day version of black magic, and the people who use their power, wealth and position to this end will in the end pay a lot more dearly than they currently realise. Those who stand for honest debate and work for the overall good will win out. As conciousness increases, more and more people will be able to discern who is being honest and fair, and who is not.

  24. When there is nothing to defend, do not defend, just stand tall and in your power. Love you Lynn, especially for your thoroughness and love Rupert Sheldrake. Science is about having the courage to investigate, to take new stands, even when in the end 70 % or more prove to be mistaken. Those who are unable to understand, cannot be held responsible, those intending malice will loose in the end, is my belief.
    Each human is challenged at this moment in time, to make a choice. A choice to be independent and interdependent or to be ruled as a slave, be subjected to lies, untruth, and conscious risk of death due to harmful medicines, toxic foodsubstances. To walk a path of intended truth and integrity is lonely, difficult and often confusing. But i trust that the change we are envisioning cannot be stopped by anyone.

  25. What might be very interesting for you to research is who pays those who are attacking you and why. Is is just Big Pharma or is it other vested interests that have so much to lose by obfuscating the truth. How can Wikipedia become more ethically responsible? Yes, we know that anyone can post on it and it is uncontrolled but many people are negatively influenced by its unchecked content. Our knowledge unfolds in many layers and colors. Let's continue to find ways to celebrate that multiplicity.

  26. They have to discredit you in order to make themselves appear right. If everyone started thinking correctly, and believed what you were saying, that might disturb their "bottom line."
    Wikipedia isn't anything more than a bunch of opinions by people who read Wikipedia. It's really no source of true information at all.
    Hang tough, Lynne!!

  27. Good for you and Rupert. Love you both. Also love the Gandhi quote above. If any reading this haven't read the books you and Rupert Sheldrake have written they are missing a lot.
    Two quotes (don't know whose) came to my mind.
    "All science is conditional" and "What the mind can conceive the eye can perceive"

  28. Take heart, as I know you do. Stand tall, as I know you will continue to do. These are the times of transition that have everyone running scared and the fear-mongers are fueling the fire. Like you, I have a firm belief that science, just like medicine, religion, politics, education, finance, business, and all other "money-and- power-based" belief systems are in the throes of grasping and trying to hold on to their entrenched dogmas in an effort to "save themselves" from the onslaught of new thought and truth that are emerging so rapidly these days. I applaud you for your highly "reasoned" and fact-checking response, and sympathize with the necessity of having to respond at all. Just know you are supported, highly regarded, and in good company. A tipping point is coming and we may all be surprised at how quickly. We are with you in spirit and consciousness. Thank you for all you do to raise the bar for the REAL pursuit of scientific inquiry.

  29. Thank you Lynne and Rose too. Ditto Mahatma Ghandi. There was someone who researched - through meditation as well - the parameters of conflict and its resolution for the highest good. Even our languaging inhibits a multidimensional expression of this. The shift is happening! Bless you all,

  30. G'day from Australia.
    When I read about the stuff you refer to here I like to consider what the situation would have been like when 'the man in the street' heard for the first time that the earth might be round. Can you imagine the ridicule, and the anger that would have followed such a revelation? We of the 'Field' persuasion will continue to receive this stuff right up to the point of achieving 'critical mass', then it will all disappear. Go Lynne.

  31. Hi Lynne,
    It's sort of a back-handed compliment, isn't it? As Alex says, 'the world is flat' took a bit longer than a day to disappear.
    Science for a very long time, it seems to me, has forgotten what it is all about. "Amazing new discovery" turned into 'look what I invented' a while ago; rather than remembering that the 'disc' that was 'over' what wasbeing noticed was actually sitting on something that was already in existance! That lovely fellow from Galilee said it all - "be as a child". Look at the caterpillar with newborn eyes, and no preconceptions, and just see whatever it is, and stop deciding that what you see is all that it is. Ask great questions and we get great answers. These are truly good times now, for humanity is asking 'what is really true'? Now, with people like you and all of us, we are getting real answers. Ahh, life is good!
    Keep it up, Lynne. Warm Regards.

  32. This is why Wikipedia is not a trusted source. My kids aren't allowed to use it as a reference for any of their school reports, and I don't know of any primary or secondary school teachers who will allow its use. The only thing it is useful for is the bibliography at the end of each article. It can point you to some sources that are reliable, and to can tell the bad ones pretty quickly when you start reading them.

  33. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
    Keep it up!

  34. Thank you, Lynne, for being a central point where we can all stand strong in unity and support. United we stand, divided we fall.

  35. Gracias Lynne, por coincidir en en este mundo conmigo, tienes mi cariño, respeto y admiración, creo en ti.

  36. Hi Lynne,
    Haven't you figured out by now that this entire planet is being controlled by a tiny, little group of very bad people! Most people just can't or won't wrap their minds around this idea; it's just too much to take in. But believe it, this IS the reality on our fair Planet Earth. This group began with control of the Church way back when, and now they have all the sciences and scientists in their packet. You still don't want to accept this? I challenge you and your group to do a Conscious Experiment. Ask everyone to Focus on the idea of a small Elite in charge of all the affairs on our World and see what comes up. But you most be Open and not Judge the messages that will be coming through.
    Thanks for your good work.

  37. I enjoyed your blog lynne and as always enjoyed reading the replies too. Science and facts without the vibe of slur and put downs is always a better read and resonates with those seeking truth and can also awaken truth.
    Just one other thing though that I have to jump in with. Jim I must make reference to your comment on Climate Change. Jim and Lynne and everyone... please check and re-read the science. It does stand up. Weather is changing fast and 'natural' triggers do not explain this but human emissions do. I could not begin to write all the science here because of space but check 'crock of the week' on you tube where the distortions are explained and those behind them exposed. There is confusion and intelligent people have been convinced that climate change is a 'scam' because the deepest pockets have funded climate skepticism... oil. coal and gas - the most powerful corporates on the planet.
    The scientists at East Anglia University have been cleared of scientific distortion. Their science is not being disputed.. yet that has not been reported.
    Little words have been picked on, aspects of the science cherry picked and misrepresented in order to confuse and the words 'scam' 'scandal' 'hoax' thrown around with no scientific substance behind them.
    Meanwhile the 'predictions' of climate models are played out. There is an approximate 18 year lagbetween actual pumping out of emissions of Greenhouse Gases and the warming they cause... air travel, SUVs, greater energy use because of technology ++ all greatly increased in the early nineties and now 18 or so years later the climate is demonstrating ever greater extremes in every corner of the globe.
    I write all this here because I truely believe the same process of vested interests leading to 'ego' negative distortion has taken place. There may be honest good people who have been convinced, understandably, but the source of the distortion is not good and honest.
    As I write there are news reports of the floods in Pakistan on my screen - unprecedented flooding of one fifth of a country. Niger has suffered drought then flood. Storms have been greater in the Mexican Gulf and the extreme weather reports could go on and on as our planet simultaneously thirsts and drowns.
    This is the biggest threat and the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. And the solutions exist and i know many on this blog will be living them anyway.
    Lynne if you ever wanted to co work on a report on all this I would be totally up for it. Very hard to concentrate 22 years of following climate change reporting in a little blog entry + explain why I am so passionate and keep jumping in here in this way .
    Love, light and peace to all - and thanks Lynne for your courage and commitment.

  38. Yay for you! Congratulations!
    You know you are making an impact when others speak for or against you. It's the indifference that might have you worrying. The fact that they are trying to discredit you, says that YOU have them by the tail.

  39. As people become more aware and aligned in mass consciousness for good and not evil, as we leave behind the fearmongering controls of the Dark Ages, as we recognise the use of multimedia as the Fear Factory (which once was the dominion of church and politics) to flood our minds with disbelief and fearful thinking (which keeps the medical 'industry' lucrative for those invested in 'crimes against humanity'), we now can choose to NOT BUY INTO IT and make better, more informed decisions and choices for ourselves. Relax, darkness will never overcome Light. It's only a matter of time before we hear the squeal of opposing forces be silenced by their own tongue-swallowing. Lynne McTaggart, many stand with you. I name myself as one of them.

  40. Hi Lynne,
    Take a deep breath and relax. You have made your point. For me, you didn't have to do it. I've seen and heard you a few times at NES-meetings. I believe in you. I always say:"most people are idiots, only there are a lot of nice and friendly idiots. Be ware of the few bad ones". Save your breath and energy to continue your valuable work. The rest is not worth getting upset about.
    Kind regards, Rob.

  41. I just can't let Paulines comments pass without pointing out to her that what all of this new consciousness science is about is learning that we are creating our experience of the world, including its climate, by our thoughts, beliefs and intentions.

  42. The great thing about Wikipedia is that anybody can contribute. The bad thing about Wikipedia is that anybody can contribute.
    After having read some books by Ruth Montgomery, I was a bit miffed at the whacky-ness of her Wikipedia entry ... it didn't even mentioned that she had a long running, award winning career as a syndicated journalist -- only that she was a new age author.
    So, I took it to hand to contribute a bit to Wikipedia, in the spirit of what Wikipedia is all about, and added more referenced information about Mrs. Montgomery and her journalistic career.
    Seems its time someone with background information and references of Lynne's long running career should update her Wikipedia entry?

  43. Reading the comments I see much more support than criticism.
    Remember that in the field of consciousnesses, bullies rate at the level of the Comodo dragon, and the ones listening to them don't rate much higher. The rest of us mortals appreciate and respect your work. Thank you for setting the record straight, I personally didn't need it.

  44. Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    Blessed are they that mourn,
    Blessed are the meek,
    Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness,
    Blessed are the merciful,
    Blessed are the pure in heart,
    Blessed are the peacemakers.....
    Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
    Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil againse you falsely.
    Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in Heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you!
    - Jesus Christ, the Beatitudes - Sermon on the Mount (Matthew V)

  45. Hi Lynne,
    You are a modern warrior, compassion and integrity are your swords. So keep following your inner truth. Music of the spheres is within all of us, all health and real knowledge. Let's do more and spread the word in different languages worldwide.
    All the best to you, all your supporters and every living being in this beautiful planet.

  46. Dear Lynne,
    I was amazed by the quality of the comments received. I made a collage of them and read them to myself...
    When you published The Field, I bought two extra copies for my (Portuguese) brothers, but they did not resonate; so I understood that many people are not willing to make the effort to overcome their language and paradigm barriers...
    As a former diplomat, now associated with The Spirit Confederation, I also perceive that the tide is changing.
    Perhaps one day with could get in touch and see what we can share and create...
    Joao Motta

  47. Dear Lynne,
    You are just about the most transparently honest and honourable person I have ever known. As for your calumniators, their malice is manifest. It's nice to see the support you are getting. To echo the reassurance you once gave to your daughter: "You are not alone."

  48. Dear Lynne,
    Your truth, wisdom and realness always shine through. Your compassion and caring for others is evident as well. Let them talk. Let them say whatever they wish. Bad publicity is better than none.....and from that publicity, people may find their way to you out of curiosity and their own wondering. You will gain more friends/followers/those who wish for a better world/those who know a better world can be obtained....etc. Revel in their attention, Lynne. You are doing wonderful things for the world and more and more people are beginning to understand that our minds create our health, (of course tons of organic fruits and vegetables are the foods that nourish our health) our happiness and our future. God Bless You and Thank You!
    In Peace,

  49. And of course Prayer, Gratitude & Finding Joy in small things are necessary for ultimate happiness.
    And we must live through our heart and find love in all......

  50. > I know that being the subject of such
    > disinformation is disturbing. It is possible
    > to see what has been deleted.
    This is the fundamental point.
    Is there any way to persuade Wikipedia to
    reform their protocols so that the FULL
    history of the content is displayed?
    eg Submitted Date X by author Y
    and the current version
    followed by something such as
    Submitted Date X-1 by author Z
    and the penultimate version
    then Submitted Date X-2 by author Y
    and the pre-penultimate version
    etc etc
    In this way readers can judge for themselves
    as to which versions to believe and can explore
    the evidence for the claims made.
    PS: I do not use Wikipedia as a source - unless
    it is on something relatively uncontroversial.
    What we have to do is to convince the Wikipedia
    people that they will lose complete credibility
    unless they clean up their act and give fair
    expression to ALL contributors, not just the
    one who happened to post the most recently.
    Alan Rayner
    EX39 2BA

  51. George Perez wrote
    "This entire planet is being controlled by a tiny,
    little group of very bad people! Most people just
    cannot or will not wrap their minds around this
    idea; it is just too much to take in. But believe it,
    this IS the reality on our fair Planet Earth."
    The significant part of this is the wording of
    the second and third words of the final
    sentence. We are being invited to believe
    something with no hint of evidence. This is
    precisely the accusation made by Dawkins
    and his ilk. Rupert Sheldrake manifested his
    willingness to debate on an evidential basis.
    We must continue that - and take the debate
    into their territory on that axiomatic point.
    Of course, blind faith (like that in the small
    world domination group etc) should be given
    appropriate dismissal. However if there is
    some prima facie evidence for a particular
    point we should be willing to explore.
    There is some evidence that religions have
    created a lot of havoc in the world over the
    centuries. This may be a case for encouraging
    religions to reform their ideas and practices
    but dismissing religion as a whole for SOME
    of its history or current practices brings to
    mind babies and bathwater. What is needed
    is human discernment as to what has a true
    (to the discerner) sense of right and then for
    that discernment to be tested.
    Sadly, many people do not know how to test
    ideas. Often they surround themselves with
    mildly (or in some cases strongly) sycophants
    who give the answer that they think the person
    asking the question wants to hear. That has a
    strongly negative value - and is rightly formed
    into a caricature with the "kitchen cabinet"
    term used of some past political scenarios.
    There is still no proof that we as humans have
    individual free will. If we do then we owe it to
    ourselves to use it. If we do not, the whole
    thing is predetermined and we do not need
    to bother at all.
    The human nature is to adopt the former view
    as it provides a sense of purpose for our
    existence (from where did that come??).
    A cornerstone of free will is discernment on
    how to exercise it and an essential corollary
    of discernment is the testing of such.
    One of the purposes of university education
    was claimed to be "teaching how to think".
    Somehow I am not convinced that there has
    been success with this to the extent that one
    would expect with the expansion of numbers
    in higher education over the last forty years.
    Beyond that however, the learning needs to
    be included in secondary schools. Please note
    that this is HOW to think, not WHAT to think!
    Changing emphasis in that way could make a
    major contribution to societal transformation.
    Alan Rayner
    EX39 2BA

  52. > Please check and re-read the science. It does
    > stand up. Weather is changing fast and
    > ‘natural’ triggers do not explain this but
    > human emissions do.
    This may be true if the penultimate word is
    changed from "emissions" to "activities".
    The world is getting on the bandwagon of
    "emissions"-this, emissions-that etc and then
    comes to be believe that Emission Trading
    Schemes can "save the planet". It is no wonder
    that people become sceptical.
    Some of the "green" proposals are right for the
    wrong reasons. We do need to conserve our
    resources. As an example, we should not use
    oil (eg diesel) for activities where electricity
    can be used instead. The reason is that we can
    adjust the way that we generate electricity but
    we have a finite supply of oil (or at least one
    that will take millenia to replenish!).
    However, emissions per se are NOT the answer
    to the challenge. It is interesting that some
    people are now banning the term "global
    warming" asking for "climate change" to be
    used in its place. The difficulty is that the
    climate change results from warming. If the
    oceans exceed 26 degrees Celsius, we get more
    hurricanes. Global air flows and sea currents
    alter and weather/climate respond.
    Thus we need to reduce the amount of HEAT
    that we produce. We have had the problem
    only since 1750 and the start of the so-called
    industrial revolution.
    Paradoxically, the greatest danger facing us
    is someone will discover the secret of how
    to harness nuclear fusion. The release of
    vast amounts of "free" energy will really
    cook up (or change one 'o' to a 'c'!) our
    planet - with disastrous consequences - unless
    we can create a totally respected protocol on
    how to dissipate the consequent heat from
    our planet.
    The Greenhouse effect exists already. The
    remedy is to reduce the amount of heat that
    we produce to less than the amount which can
    escape OR to find a way to permit more to
    escape into space BEFORE it has any form
    of terrestrial effect.
    At present the latter is difficult to envisage
    but one (SF) idea might be giant flues made
    our of nanotubes (akin to the technology
    proposed for space elevators). What is of
    ultimate importance is that we remain open
    to the creativity of science. Scientists do get
    things wrong (either totally or in emphasis)
    in some instances and that is why we ALL need
    to exercise discernment and to test with a
    modicum of scepticism what is proposed.
    What is certain is that politicians are very much
    a necessary part of the solution but they can
    NEVER be sufficient. They, of all people,
    need to exercise discernment. Sadly there is
    currently an almost overwhelming desire to
    believe the mantra that emission reductions
    can/will save us. We need to think outside
    that box - even to the extent of considering
    the challenging subject of demographics, what
    may be the final taboo for politicians as there
    is a major conflict between the personal and
    the global.
    So yes, it is great that we carry on reducing
    our consumption of non-renewable resources
    but we need to look also at renewable resources
    in terms of what effect their consumption has
    on the planet. If I use one kilo-joule of energy
    on heating my house, the effect on the planet
    is the same whatever the source of the energy
    that I use! Admittedly using wave power is a
    way of conserving oil for use in the future but
    it makes no difference to the current condition
    and the temperature of the planet will still
    increase. Differences in efficiency will make
    one resource preferable to another (ie how
    much is lost from generation to consumption)
    but such differences are generally marginal
    and consumers tend to look at end-user price
    rather than production/transmission measures
    of efficiency.
    If we believe in using intention, let us work
    for scientists discovering how to produce
    energy for consumption with the least loss
    in production/transmission (all that goes
    directly tot he environment!) and how to
    dissipate heat from the surface of the planet
    before it has a chance to warm the atmosphere.
    One idea may be venting the heat off the planet.
    Another might be to convert the energy that
    is involved in that into mass. We would be
    able to accommodate the small amount of mass
    that would be created out of the e equals M c
    squared equation. If we could capture a
    significant proportion of the heat used around
    the planet and channel it into a conversion
    process to produce a small amount of mass
    we we all be the better (no need for space vent
    or similar devices!). However, these are still
    SF ideas at present. Hence the need for us to
    use Intention (if we believe in it!) that creative
    processes will emerge soon from the minds of
    ethically oriented scientists.
    Alan Rayner
    EX39 2BA

  53. Liynne, it is very dificcult expresed that I really think in your languge. I read some commentaries of the others readers of your wonderful work, and I share ones with them.
    You make ( or "do", Im sorry) a GREAT and WONDERFUL work... you must follow !!!.
    My profession is scientific, I am biochemie, but like a practice yoga and meditation since several years, I believe that a lot of things far that I can see or prove.
    And we dont forget too, that part of a traditional medicine ( the bad part...) is a great bussines!!!
    Its the life, this happens in all places... but is our task change it o do better.
    In my country we say: " La intención es lo que vale" ( the intention is a valuable)...
    I hope you can understand my words.
    All my blessed for you.

  54. An older version didn't even bother to say who was making accusations of pseudoscience, but just described The Field and the Intention Experiments as "works of pseudoscience". After I objected that this was potentially libelous (first comment on the discussion page), it was removed for a while. The current version, with a citation is, I think, acceptable, in that it is not saying that The Field etc. IS pseudoscience but that Hubbard SAYS it is pseudoscience, which is indeed the case. On the other hand, if we are going to include assessments of these books, and of What Doctors Don't Tell You, then a little balance is needed.

  55. It's obvious from your article how desperate those in control of our media are to keep the masses clueless about their innate powers. When we people finally learn to start operating our minds from our Hearts, our renaissance will be awesome. I hope I'm alive to see it, but we do have a lot to unlearn. There are so many myths out there, and very, very few Lynne McTaggarts and Brian Hubbards.
    Bless you for all your great research!

  56. Dr. David Hawkins who is gifted in calibrating the truth - indicates the press/media has an effect on the ovearll consciousness level of the world/our country and can seriously adversly affect us. It is a compelling discussion...

  57. MP,
    Thank you! I have found Hawkins work revealing as well.
    "Power vs. Force"
    "The Eye of the I"
    I believe the efforts of quantum physics and the LHC to "push" the scientific community over the threshold of 500 may be causing much of this current distress.
    The marriage of Faith and Reason is on the horizon!
    I have coined it as EI, Enlightened Intelligence.
    Rose Garman, Director
    Springfield, IL

  58. Animo Lynne.....! Dont give in....!
    you are great, and so a tough hardworker.....!
    I could hear you in Barcelona a few years back and I was very impressed..... keep on ..... y0ur work, your life , your family & yours friends.....!
    Some day we will win over so many inflexible and obdurate people....

  59. Pah! I have been banned for fighting those who repress "Force Technology", the incipient rules of most "spiritual forums" that forbid posting Spam ie, useful websites only reinforces that we are being 'dumbed-down' by Those In Power who would seek to repress "Force Power Activation" in this planet's citzenry. I and Others continue to fight, in our own way, and continue promote the Repressed Arts.

  60. Beloved Sister,
    I am heartened and I'm sure you must be ,too, by the cogent, intelligent, articulate and loving voices speaking and sharing Truth with you and us. By each one intending to encourage you by addressing this injustice aimed at you, they encourage each other and even me, in each of our own silent injustices, who didn't even realize at the beginning of this reading how much each of us, and I, also needed encouraging. The attempted curse, therefore, is transmuted into a blessing for all, as its arrows fall like the illusion they are, harmlessly and impotent, to the ground.
    I feel bonded with and a part of this entire body, and it is with a grateful heart that I hear the voices of some of this heavenly eclesia, this familyhood.
    I have felt you, but not heard you before.
    I am grateful for your works, Lynn, and for all the letters and thoughts and prayers expressed above. I learn from them, and am strengthened by them.

  61. It's all part of a campaign it seems, to cut scientific budgets in schools, dumb scientists to just repeat whatever is told or shown to be 'True'. Anyone would think some body didn't want us to learn any more!!
    Well done Lynn for your composed and well written piece! We need great people like you and a wide publication platform with integrity to carry your findings ever further to reach more people. I will always support your work and admire your endevours. Thank you.

  62. It's a bit like the dark ages where 'the people' were led to believe that the only path to God was through religion - therefore a perfect foundation for creating fear. Now some egocentrics believe that the mystery and power of the universe is only accessible if you have a science degree!! They forget we're not discovering anything new ........only uncovering what is already there!

  63. I guess it would be interesting to view this resistance as a normal and totally natural cource of change.
    Force = equal counterforce
    entropy tips it over from one side to the other from time to time.
    oscillation starts, like dance around the 'middle way' or 'true path' or whatever.
    Are we supposed to break out of this? Or would it be desireable? Could we just walk the correct path all the time? Would there be any progress other than mental (in the material world)? Would there be anything atall? What is progress other than change?
    If I understand correctly, the material world is actually just as importaint as the spiritual. We as spiritual beings chose to manifest in the material so that we (or the oneness) could gain more experience about itself.
    In the material world everything is supposed to oscillate, so that the shift in the focus of attention can bring new insight to matters. This in turn will result in the manifestation of the universal force of change. Is change a result or a driving force? -Probably both and none all at the same time right?
    This kind of thinking allways brings me to a halt and that wise inner voice inside myself tells me to start living (dobedobedo). At the same time these ponderings are the driving force that make life interesting. Actually how my thoughts and real life experience correlates and how and if they complement eachother. This brings me back to oscillation and how did Lynne say in her book when two oscillating frequencies start to synchronise and magnify eachother (don't remember what it was called).
    Everything is so beautifully simple in the material world, maybe that's why we're here. To enjoy the simplicity of cause and effect and learn not to become confused by it by overthinking and trying to tip the scale to bring us fortune. Actually it would be so valuable to actually experience the lesson of "gain mounds of fortune and then just give it all away".

  64. Lynne, If people like Dawkins and others were aware that their attacks only serve to diminish their own reach of authority they might stop. Not likely, however because they have so much of their identity invested in an increasingly precarious worldview they dare not admit to its fragility.

  65. A great article Lynne .
    People need to know that Wikipedia is not factual and not an encyclopedia.

  66. I am a born sceptic and that's no bad thing when you consider it. Sceptics give balance to a debate, putting the other side of the argument. Win over the sceptics and you increase your credibility exponentially. Many years ago, as an act of tomfoolery, I fashioned two divining rods from metal coat-hangers. Holding them in a wide "o" formed by my thumb and forefinger, and with only gravity holding them there. I started walking. To my amazement, delight and complete disbelief, the rods swung together, forming an "x". I marked the ground and moved a few yards, repeating the experiment. I repeated the procedure a number of times then joined the marks on the ground. After digging down about 18 inches, I found a waste pipe. I had no idea it was there! I am still a sceptic, but there is a part of me that wonders.............? What if? Enjoyed your article very much.

  67. While the physical and mental symptoms of aging seem to be predominant regarding health or the lack of in our society, I would like to suggest that it is an individual's own thoughts and beliefs that fundamentally affect health and longevity.
    Are we to assume that the loss of function, decreased brain activity, Alzheimer disease, arthritis, heart disease, dementia, breast/colon cancer, and impotence are the result of some mathematical equation related to a date printed on a birth certificate? Of course there are numerous biological theories and evidence each day that illness, dysfunction, and death are a part of life.
    What do you think? What do you believe?
    The healthcare and economic systems of this country are stressed to their limits and I would like to suggest that its what we have been taught to think and believe and the choices we make through our actions that have diminished the quality of life we are experiencing.
    There also seems to be a strong connection to what the media reports and companies advertise affecting what we think and believe regarding what can help us obtain and/or maintain health, wellness, and a fulfilled life.
    I really do perceive that our healthcare system itself and irresponsible media are two of the biggest problems the individuals of this country face in regard to quality of life especially as we age.
    Diet, low-stress lifestyle, caring community, activity, and spirituality may possibly explain the extended longevity and health of the individuals of Okinawa, Japan in the East China Sea. There are other studies that offer findings to support that positive thinking and a forgiving nature work toward the prevention and onset of many conditions and diseases.
    What do I think? What do I believe? Feed it well, let it rest, and use it...body, mind, and spirit!
    Rose Garman, Director
    Attitudinal Healing/Health Advocacy
    Springfield, IL
    (September 23, 2010)

  68. Stop. Read this. Do something.
    Whilst I fully appreciate & support Lynne and her work, rather than joining in the round of ‘how awful these detractors are’, how about helping to refute inaccuracies on the Wikipedia pages?
    I quote from Wikipedia:
    “This biographical article needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful. (October 2009)”
    So over to all of us, to actually do something.
    And a big thank you to Lynne, of course.

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