Making water 'holy'

Lynne McTaggart

I’ve been in touch with Dr. Rustum Roy, professor of materials science at Penn State University and Manju Roe, his senior scientist, both of whom will be carrying out our Water Intention Experiment on April 26.
Our first experiment with Penn State will attempt to change the structure of water.
I asked Rustum why he is interested is looking at changing the structure of water. Here’s what he said:
“All studies in all disciplines agree that liquid water, and to some extent, ice, are the absolute requirement for life. All of science agrees that life on this planet and on any others is totally determined by water and indeed has been conditioned by its abnormal properties, since water was present on this planet long before life evolved.
For instance, water forms a necessary constituent of the cells of all animals and plant tissues, from DNA to complex proteins; consequently life cannot exist, even for a limited period, in the absence of water.
“Science is in the strange position of acknowledging that a naturally occurring inorganic liquid is essential for the maintenance of all organic life.
“Besides being physically necessary to life, since ancient times, water has been closely associated with the psyche, intuition and healing, and many ancient cultures acknowledge that the great flow of life is absolutely and inextricably linked to water. Although this link has been ignored by modern medical research, most religious traditions give water a key place in their rituals — from baptisms and anointing to special blessings.
“It may well be that these blessings, given with true loving intentions, actually change the structure – hence the properties – of water. That is the basis of our experiment.
“Structured water is found in the cytoplasm of healthy tissues and it is characterized by having a high solubility for body minerals. It is also found in healing waters. This appears to be the structure shared by very different healing waters from some healing spas to silver aquasols used worldwide.
“Structured waters have been produced using various forms of energy, such as light, sound, heat, pressure and radiation.
“In our proposed experiment, we aim to examine whether we can structure water with intention alone. We’ll be monitoring any change against control using analytical tools such as spectroscopy.
“What’s most interesting about our experiment is that we will be examining any changes through intentions by unequivocal, well-established, universally accepted physico-chemical techniques. In this experiment, we’ll be using the Raman spectra, named after the Indian physicist Nobel laureate who discovered it.”
Dr. Roy and his team will use a beaker of water as shown, and measure the “before” state of the water, which will be essentially identical to the blue curve shown in the graph.
All of us participating will then focus on changing the waters in the same direction as other healing waters — to look more like the green curve in the figure.
Our collective intention will be change the water in the beaker from the blue structure to the green structure.
So if we’re successful, we will have performed an extraordinary feat. We will have created ‘holy healings waters’ simply by the power of the thought alone.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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