The largest biofeedback study in history

Lynne McTaggart

I’ve been hearing about some fascinating involvement in Intention Experiments by some of our readers and participants in Intention Experiments that I like to share with you.
The first is from the School of Metaphysics, in Windyville, Missouri (
Barbara Condron, one of its founders and a teacher of metaphysics for 31 years, kindly wrote to inform me that she discovered our work just hours before our Water Intention Experiment, which participated in carried out as part of our first Water Intention Experiment on November 30 with Konstantin Korotkov (remember – that was the one in which we sent love to water and found that we could change its light emissions).
Barbara says she mobilized 10 of her students to participate and recorded their responses. I’d like to share their experiences of ‘becoming one’ with the water. Their experiences are particularly interesting because all have been studying for a minimum of two years and some as long as 30 years, and all are experienced meditators, with long experience of advanced breathing, visualization and focus techniques. As we’ve discovered, experience counts.
Some of their ideas about focusing may prove helpful to all of us in future experiments.
About her own experience, Barbara wrote: “I focus my gaze on the image (the photograph of our water sample) until I can see its aura, which signifies to me that I have successfully moved my attention into mind. My attention is totally devoted to the water, symbolized by the image before my physical eyes. I align my mind with the vibration of the waters. I invite it to enter into my space and I am drawn into its space. I and the water are one. I breathe and move with the water. Using my will, I project love into the water with each exhale.”
The photo and the water sample
Daniel, her husband, both sent love to the water picture, and then love to the water the photo symbolized (an excellent distinction). He then merged his consciousness with the consciousness of the water, until he perceived the molecules of the water re-arranging, aligning its structure with that of love.
Among the students, Teresa saw movement of green and red spheres, which she interpreted as meaning both the molecules themselves but also influence of the thoughts of all our thousands of participants upon the water. ‘The movement changed several times, speeding up, at which time green spheres began aligning. I believe I was clairvoyantly perceiving the movement of molecules, which were responding to our collective thought.’
The pulse of life
Kimberlee worked on having her mind attune to the vibration of the water. At first it felt cold and she heard a high-pitched sound vibration, but then experienced a sensation of all the love being sent to the water also flowing through her, at first like ‘tidal waves’, and then quietly, like a river. The high-pitched sound transformed into a low hum, like a ‘universal pulse’, she says.
‘It was amazing to experience so many people’s intentions of love flow through me. It is divine ecstasy.’
Matt also began to merge with the water, but then felt a deep connection to all the people around the world participating.
Barbara believes that our experiment represents the ‘largest organized biofeedback experiment conducted on the planet to date’.
‘ . . .we come to realize the science of praying over our food, our loved ones, our ill. The same thought action intention of nourishment, compassion or wellness reverberates in the water in the bodies we inhabit.’
She appreciates the implications of this experiment: if thousands of minds around the globe can influence a tiny vial of water after 10 minutes, then we can ‘accelerate learning how to live in harmony with the planet we populate’:
Sending love into water
In the spirit of our experiment as well as the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, the College of Metaphysics has been conducting an ongoing exploration on the power of thought in growing food. The college has an organic farm with 50-gallon barrels of water, on which are written words such as ‘love’, ‘gratitude’ and ‘health’. As students fill watering cans from the water barrels to water crops, they are asked to see and say the word written on the barrel and visualize what it means.
In the three years in which they’ve been carrying out this experiment, they’ve found that the garden has increasingly flourished, producing a larger crop and enjoying a longer growing season with each year. ‘Brussel sprouts have grown in the snow, watermelon has been harvested with pumpkins and winter squash in late fall.
‘Students learn the influence they have on the quality of the food they produce and consume. When the attending students love the garden, it produces beyond all reasonable weather conditions. Should the attending students tire of tending the garden and their nurturing become begrudging, the plants die.’
Please try to take some of our experiments into your life this week. If you have plants, please send love into the water you water them with. Or send them intention to grow faster. Let us all know what happens.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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