Our water into wine experiment

Lynne McTaggart

Register Today For Tomorrow’s Water Into Wine Experiment
Earlier this week I spoke at length to Dr. Gary Schwartz, the noted psychologist and director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health of the University of Arizona, our partner in this latest experiment. He and his lab technician Mark Boccuzzi (who is now thankfully fully recovered from swine flu) are standing by, with all systems ready for our WATER INTO WINE EXPERIMENT on Saturday, January 30, 2010, at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time.
They have sent me photos of two beaker of water (labeled ‘1 and 2’). Each has been set up and monitored since Tuesday with a pH sensor. The pH sensor will record the pH of the water.
PH sensors
The pH sensors continually monitor the pH of each water sample. As of Wednesday, our water samples had a pH of roughly 8, which is typical of sea water.
Each water sample also is also being continuously monitored with a thermister, a kind of electronic thermometer that continuously measures minute changes in temperature.
As Dr. Schwartz explained, pH changes as a function of temperature. So if intention changes the pH of our water sample, we want to determine if our intention also changed the water temperature as well — and by how much.
We’ve prepared two beakers, with one to act as our target and the other — which will have no intention sent to it — to act as our control. I have had a family member randomly choose one beaker as our target, which I will unveil to you during the experiment next Saturday.
However, the scientists will remain ‘blind’ to our target – that is, they won’t be be given any information about which sample we chosen – until AFTER the experimental results are calculated. That way, we ensure that the results are scientific.
Tomorrow I’ve reveal the actual intention we’re going to use.
Dr. Schwartz may also keep another computer running during the experiment, which has been programmed to calibrate any changes, such as whether any additional energies, amounting to ‘spirit’, are present during our intention. It will be an interesting test to see if we are aided in our endeavors by a ‘higher power’.
Why we’re doing this experiment
One of our readers wrote in the other day to say that this was a useless endeavor. Why not heal countries, end wars or famine?
However, what sets The Intention Experiment apart is that we are attempting to validate intention scientifically. That means we have to choose targets for which any change due to intention can be measured scientifically. And that requires using strict laboratory procedure to demonstrate that we’ve had an effect.
We are working toward all those big plans —hunger, pollution, war — but at the moment we are taking baby steps.
First LIVE Intention Experiment
Furthermore, this experiment, like our other Clean Water Experiments, is a trial run for experiments to begin on real bodies of water.
Many water beds around the world are polluted with too much industrial waste and are too acid. Other water bodies have disturbed ecosystems and so are now too alkaline. Being able to change pH is vital to cleaning up polluted water.
I am going to run the first Intention Experiment in a LIVE setting at Lake Biwa in Japan during World Water Day on March 22. This giant will feature, myself, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Eric Pearl and Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, among many others.
That Lake is highly polluted. I am arranging to conduct FOUR Intention Experiments that day, some at the site and some remotedly, with scientists in several parts of America. So tomorrow’s outcome will give us some important clues about what we can and cannot do.
So get set to participate, but remember these steps:
1. REGISTER TODAY at www.thecleanwaterexperiment.com if you haven’t already. Don’t wait until the time of the experiment or it might be difficult to get through the web traffic on the registration page.
2. ENLIST ALL YOUR LIKEMINDED FRIENDS to sign up, too. We want big numbers participating.
3. TOMORROW, GO DIRECTLY TO www.thecleanwaterexperiment.com.
4. LOGIN EARLY at least a half hour before the experiment (or more) to avoid a logjam.
5. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS to the letter. After powering up, the pages will flip over automatically and you’ll read a description of the intention. The pages will then flip over again and you’ll be told to hold a particular intention for 10 minutes. Music will also play during that time. At the end of the 10 minutes, the page should flip over to signal that the Intention Experiment is over.
6. JOIN THE COMMUNITY DISCUSSION Click on the button there at the end of the experiment or go to www.theintentionexperiment.ning.com. Tell our community from 90 countries around the world how it was for you.
For full instructions, see: https://lynnemctaggart.com/intention/how-to-participate

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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52 comments on “Our water into wine experiment”

  1. Me encanta lo que están haciendo al tener este espacio e invitarnos a participar pero a mi me agobia internet y me cuesta acceder a lo que tienen.En mente y espiritu estoy con uds. y trabajando sola con la intención deliberada hace muchos años y les puedo decir que cada vez uno va siendo un maestro más perfeccionado en ello. Noa

  2. I loaned your book to someone and now don't know where it is. I do not want to buy another.
    I cannot remember the exact instructions for powering up, so would appreciate that information in future requests to participate.

  3. I am not sure I translated Noa's message correctly but I think I agree. Lynn said we will know what we can and cannot do. This is not exactly true. We are truly capable of moving mountains but the belief of the mover must be total. Any lingering or hidden beliefs to the contrary interferes with the execution - thus, each time we use intention with a beneficial aim and see success we strengthen the power of our intention. Failure does not mean we cannot do it. It simply means we have lingering doubts. Ultimately the doubt is not specific to the intention but is based on our fear that we are not worthy to wield such power.
    Fortunately the way reality is set up it has built in protections that make this fear meaningless. The way to overcome this fear is to ask the universe to show you the true nature of reality and when the information comes, which it will do, welcome it as a higher good.

  4. Hi,
    It is good that this experiment will be witnessed by participants and others so that correct scientific outcome can be placed before the world audience and scientists.
    It is not new for us, Indians. The power of intention of great sages, rishis have cast their positive vibrations and minimised, if not eliminated the evil effects/spells of wrong doers. The question is, do we have the WILL to Concentrate and observe penance?
    I am going to sit well in advance and reach meditative stage so that at the exact time I can focus my Intention on the subject in proper manner.
    I have been practicing Deep Breathing to induce Meditative Stage, at times to reach the state of nothingness-losing all sense of time lapse.
    May God be with us in this experiment.
    Best Wishes.
    Sharad Kapadia

  5. Is it pertinent to creating an intention whether we intend for the wine that we're creating to be red or white?

  6. I just googled to find the acidity of wine. White wine is more acidic, thus, has a higher pH than red wine.

  7. @Sue
    The experiment title is misleading.
    We're not to change water to wine (we're not Jesus !) but just trying to change the water pH.
    "See" you on to-morrow.

  8. I have used The Field as a teaching tool in or Awaken the Healer Within program, with much success. All your interviewing with physicists and scientists help the skeptics cross over into opening up to possibilities never thought possible... Thanks for all your amazing work...
    Holistic Healers Academy

  9. @Michel,
    lol Yes I know. But the instructions state to imagine the designated beaker as containing the most delicious glass of wine.
    I'm kind of a detail-oriented person, so I wondered if it mattered which kind of wine we were visualizing.

  10. je pense aussi que le titre est trompeur,ces fabuleuses expériences ne doivent pas ressembler à des tours d'illusionnistes sinon les gens vont se détourner et il sera difficile de les faire revenir. Mais bravo tout de même pour cette formidable énergie deployée. Le site de vente par correspondance ressemble un peu à de la vente d'illusions, les néophytes risquent d'être déçus, il serait bon de le rectifier afin de retouver les valeurs initiales. Malgré ces critiques, j'adhère complètement à cette recherche, car j'ai 50 ans et de par me lectures et mes expériences je sais que vous êtes dans le vrai. Félicitation

  11. Hi Lynne,
    You can intend all you like, but it’s your expectation of the outcome that actually produces the result.
    So if you 'intend' for something to happen by using physical ‘thought energy’, but deep down inside yourself you're thinking 'this stuff won't work', then your expectation will override your intention.
    Observation with expectation is very powerful. You get what you expect.
    For me, intending is the easy part. It’s easy to ‘intend’ my way through the world. What isn’t so easy is ‘expecting’ a different outcome than I’ve always expected. This lesson has changed my life.
    It’s easy to go to a motivational seminar and come out of that experience with an ‘intention’ to change or improve some aspect of your life. But if you don’t change your ‘expectation’ of yourself, the intention has little effect.
    Why do so many lottery winners end up broke in a relatively short time? They might have a strong intention to win the lottery, which was a short-term success, but they didn’t change the underlying expectation of their experience of life, which is to be broke.
    I’ve learned that by using specific thought energy (intention), and adding to that an ‘expectation’ which matches the intention, I now experience the world in a new way. There is a causal interaction between thought (consciousness) and matter.
    Many people disagree with this concept. They come from a hard core, materialistic frame of mind, refusing to believe that consciousness can exist outside the skull…and that’s ok. Let’s agree to disagree. It doesn’t matter if you or anyone else challenges my beliefs; I only have to prove this causal effect to myself…and the application of this knowledge to my life, has indeed proved it beyond any doubt.
    Let’s not only ‘intend’ to change water into wine with our thoughts, let’s also ‘expect’ to do so from the depths of our soul.
    Write On!

  12. I'd like to point out that on "The Water into Wine Intention Experiment" page,
    the time given for Sydney is 2 AM January 31, this is wrong, the correct time is 4 AM.

  13. @Sue
    Where exactly did you read this instruction to "imagine the designated beaker as containing the most delicious glass of wine." ?

  14. is there a procedure posted in the power up method and how to get into the mind state?

  15. per http://www.thecleanwaterexperiment.com instructions (login and you will see this now)
    While you are waiting for the
    Water into Wine Experiment
    please POWER UP:
    * Go into your special intention space or meet with your intention group.
    * Start meditating.
    * Get into a focused mind state using all your senses.
    * When the page automatically flips over (at 5 minutes past the hour), you will find out about our chosen target.
    * Read carefully and take the image of the beaker of water into your heart.
    * At 10 minutes past the hour, the page will flip over again and you will be given the exact wording of the intention statement. At that point, the experiment will begin.
    * Imagine it changing into a glass of the most delicious wine. Imagine with all your five senses.
    * Hold the intention statement in your mind for 10 minutes.
    * Join the forum afterward and discuss your experience.

  16. There was a major blunder in the timing of this experiment. The time was set at 8 PM GMT, 12 PM EDT, which is 9 AM PST, but at 9 AM PST, the countdown clock says that there are still 3 hours left until the experiment starts....
    I set my clock to remind me to join in at 9AM PST, but couldn't participate.

  17. This is 5.30pm UK time - just come out of the experiment - amazed that i was able to hold the intention for 10mins almost continuously - I wonder if this is due to others round the world doing the same intention - ie everyone 's ability to hold the intention is boosted by the collective power?

  18. Both hubby & I participated in the water to wine experiment. Several interesting observations: 1) when experiment first started, had inner vision of Jesus at the Wedding of Canaan, changing water to wine; 2) with soft eyes & "embracing" the beaker on the screen, I "saw" the water turning to a pinkish color. During the experiment, I held a wine glass with water in my hands - I wanted this water to "link" with the beaker water. I also poured a "test" glass of water, which sat on a counter away from the experiment. After the experiment was over, we both tasted each glass of water & agreed that the water in the glass that I held tasted "tangier" i.e. more acidic.
    Also, where can we pick up a copy of the music that was played during the experiment?

  19. This was my first live participation. I was unsure how to connect to the larger group of meditators, but there was great warmth and kindness available to hook into.
    Loving the connection brought me to the space of connnection to loving the water, and then becoming the water so that we could be more acidic together.
    Interesting experience...Totally right brain process.
    Thanks for the opportunity, Lynn.

  20. This is my first participation so I didn't know what to expect. The actual 10 min. of the intention went by very fast--I thought I had only been out a couple of minutes when it ended.
    It was confusing at first. The pre-experiment info said we would see a beaker as a target. We did, but I expected it at the beginning, before the actual experiment began. I would have preferred that the water & wine glass images be next to each other. It is disruptive to scroll when you are supposed to be concentrating. I would also recommend some sort of soothing chime when the pages change. It is disruptive to keep opening ones eyes to see if the page has changed. I would also add a chime at the end of the experiment. I find simply abruptly stopping the music most unpleasant.
    All that said, I'm glad I participated and will do so with future experiments.

  21. The experience of linking up with meditators around the globe was very beautiful and profound. When I placed my intention on the beaker of clear water, my awareness was drawn into its essence and to just being present with that. Thoughts whizzed by about changing the pH, etc, but my awareness kept holding the wonder of water.
    Thoughts surfaced about how scientific method seems more about how we can change or control nature and less about pure discovery. I really understand, as a scientist myself, the value of measuring the effect of intention, but in this experiment, I uncovered my true intention to hold the sacredness and purity of water in my awareness and no matter how much I tried, I couldn't move that awareness to trying to change pH.
    Interestingly, however, soon the water in the beaker did feel, smell, taste and look like the finest of red wines. Really yummy! I guess the power of the group intention flooded my own. Fascinating experiment. Thanks to all who took part.

  22. Thank you, Lynn, for your courage and leadership in using your energy to demonstrate by intention, we humans are becoming masters. I feel very privileged to have participated in this water into wine experiment.

  23. I was surprised when I learned the intention was to lower the PH although I shouldn't have been albeit "water to wine". Anyway I focused, used the glass of wine I had a few weeks back which happened to be the best glass of wine I've had in years, tasted, smelled and saw water pour from and turn into that glass of wine. The surprising thing is most wines make me sick, acidic foods don't agree with me and I drink only very rarely. Towards the end of this experiment my head started to feel heavy, my eyes loosing focus and my stomach a bit queasy. After it ended I started to make breakfast for my daughter and couldn't shake the feeling that I was getting sick. I even took my temperature which turned out to be a perfect 98.4 and realized nothing was wrong with me. I look forward to participating in the raising of the PH of water to see what, if any, reaction I have.
    Thank you.

  24. I've been doing some demonstrations with water and emotions for awhile so I have been very excited about today's experiment in particular. I found it to be very easy to visualize, smell, taste, hear and touch the contents in the beaker with the lower ph.
    I am really looking forward to hearing about the results. I can see my own obvious results but there is nothing scientific about it.
    I am so thrilled to be a part of this very important work and I thank you for all of your effort.
    Teri Rose

  25. Another note:
    I just read someone's comment that we should be working on real issues instead of changing water into wine. As usual, Lynne had a great answer about the validation.
    As a coach, involved in helping people bring improvements into their lives, I am able to use Lynne's work that validates the power of the mind, to help clients understand how powerful their thoughts and beliefs are.
    I think this work is critical to turning things around in the world. When more people see validation, it can't help but sway them into embracing a new way of living at some point.
    Teri Rose

  26. Why didn't the pages flip over automatically?
    I did everything right, logged in.
    Iwasn't sure about the time because I live in Greece and your webside says: all europ. countries 6 o'clock, which is a mistake anyway. So I tried at 7, then at 8, still nothing happened. It was a big disappointment

  27. I participated and here are my thoughts. I meditated for about 30 minutes before the experiment and was in a very good place. Stopping to view a web page was annoying. The picture that was provided was stark and not at all where I was or where many of the others who participated seem to be also. The whole thing would have been better if you had given the intention instructions earlier and shown a live video stream of a water in a wine glass. How hard would it have been to give the results on the web site immediately. Where was Lynne during all of this? There was no "real time" feel to this at all. My meditation was very pleasant with an intense feeling of warmth which has not left me 2 hrs. later. Though my experience was pleasant, I feel this was more a stunt than an experiment.

  28. "So what did you do today, honey?"
    "Oh, not too much. I got up, changed water into wine, then took a nap. And how was your day?" 🙂

  29. Hello everyone, I did not participate, but would love to read more experiences of others. When I interpret your imagining, I start to understand the concept of true intention. Could it also be because the intentions were so strong or intense for so many that I am picking up on the actualization of the experiment? Love to all.

  30. Hi everyone,
    There is something which has been bugging me for sometime regarding these experiments. Sorry if it has already been discussed but basically it harks back to Lynne's book 'The Field'. On page 139 it describes how two people attempted to influence a RNG by getting significantly more heads than tails. They both succeeded in influencing the RNG but one of them had the opposite effect i.e. more tails than heads. Following over 100 further tests that individual consistently had the opposite effect on the RNG. If this was extended to the whole population then there maybe quite a large number of people who do get opposite results. You must have come across many people who get the opposite of what they intend.
    Could this have a significant impact on these experiments i.e. one we are not intending ? Is there any help to determine whether you might be in one category or the other ? Can you change this ? Should anyone taking part in these experiments who believes they might fall into the 'opposite' category refrain from doing so ?

  31. I am looking for the actual scientific results of the Experiment and cannot find them. Is there a link I am missing somehow?

  32. The instructions were very concise and I didn't encounter any difficulties. I get that turning water into wine was a metaphore for changing the water ph however, my mind had some fun with that idea. I look forward to the results.

  33. Any chance of getting the results published?
    I'm disappointed that there is nothing on this site about the results at all, surely there must be something to report about?

  34. The intention experiment is Bullshit. You do an experiment and then....nothing. Where are the results? I used to be interested in Lynn's work but you hide behind a smokescreen of BS and links to buying something. I am unsubscribing.

  35. In my opinion, the power of intention is very real in the sense that we can sway events to one way or another outcome. However, to suggest that we can "move mountains" or manipulate physical objects with our intentions, and that if we can not yet do so, it is not that there are very real physical limitations, but because we didn't truly believe...well that's a really powerful kind of dogma that is, I think, dangerously misleading.
    So, I say believe in your selves people. Don't be conned. These kind of experiments should be performed, not by journalists but real respected scientists who believe it worthy enough to wager their reputation on.
    Please think about it.

  36. Hi Lynne, after 19 days my friends are still waiting ... You told us to wait for the certainty of the outcome, but measure the pH and the temperature does not require many days ...
    all persons involved in the experiment I continue to ask about and now think that the experiment has failed because of too late in providing the data?
    Post Scrittum I have tried several times (including the friend request in power of ten) to get in touch with your coaching staff (or even the University of Arizona) for their support in the experiment which I groped my - your blog ET LIFE ... you can help me help me .. Cosmas and Damian .--- mail to "damianoge@libero.it ---- Many thanks Lynn

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