When 1300 Jedi knights got together

On June 22nd, 2018

I’m just back from the Science and Spirituality conference, held in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, and what an amazing six-day event it was!  I shared the stage with my great buddies Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Lee Carroll, with a full house of 1300 squeezed into the auditorium. Each of us gave a workshop, and each of us but Joe (who had to leave for a retreat) spoke twice.

And all of the speakers held a panel answering questions about the future. Bruce, Gregg, Joe and I said we were optimistic that all the tumultuous events occurring all over the world are a necessary – and positive – wrecking ball, to help usher in a radically different and better future. Listen to the full Q&A here:

Nanaimo, a scenic little harbor town (of 25,000) on Vancouver Island, wasn’t ready for this ferocious influx of visitors, and by day four, restaurants were struggling to cope with orders and even running out of food. Some of the staff at my hotel commented that it felt like a cruise ship had docked in the harbor but then decided not to leave.

Despite any issues with food, no one seemed to mind. Gertrud, a lovely woman who had volunteered to shepherd me around all weekend, said that she had come because it was like a meeting of the Jedi council. A little piece of heaven had been created inside the Vancouver Conference Center, as those 1300 people stayed nailed to their seats, listening attentively from 9 am to, on some days, 11 pm at night.

The latest research

Joe shared some of his latest brain research. Bruce talked about the latest evidence from epigenetics – how your environment shapes your genes – and ‘the honeymoon effect’: how to re-create the heaven-on-earth feeling that you get when you are first in love. Gregg talked about the major errors perpetrated by modern science about evolution and DNA – that we appeared 200,000 years ago wholly formed, with an advanced brain, nervous system and capabilities already developed, rather evolving slowly over millennia. Lee channeled Kryon, who spoke about the effect on its inhabitants of major magnetic changes in the Earth’s polarity.

And I shared the latest about the Power of Eight and the Intention Experiment, showing videos of people who had been healed and groups like the Arabs and Israelis sending love and forgiveness to each other after our Middle Eastern Peace Intention Experiment last November.

As always, in my workshop, where people were put into Power of Eight groups, we had extraordinary healings: a woman with tinnitus, who said it stopped the moment her group started intending for her; someone with a sore sacroiliac joint who said that after getting really hot during the group session it had stopped hurting; yet another woman with limited range of motion in her right arm, who could move normally after the intention; a man born deaf with nerve damage in his right ear and only 30 per cent hearing in the other ear, who said after his group session, he was hearing as though he had in his hearing aids (he wasn’t wearing any).

Healing traumas

We carried out some retrointention techniques and a number of the audience ‘rewrote’ their response to past traumas that were ongoing. The Americans in the audience did a group intention to heal the division in our country; the Canadians sent an intention to help house the homeless in Nanaimo.

I signed books for a total of four hours over the three days. I met people from our Power of Eight Intention Masterclass 2018 – a member of the Wolves and one from the Pandas – and many people from countries around the world.

And I left on Tuesday with a clear sense that the Death Star is no longer winning.

There are more Jedis than any of us realizes.  And The Force (or, I like to say, The Field) is definitely with us.



11 responses to “When 1300 Jedi knights got together”

  1. Isobel says:

    I do so enjoy receiving information from you on the positive activities like this happening in our world. It adds, in spades, hope to what I already have. Bless you for following your dream and sharing it with us.

  2. Sallie says:

    Thank you, Lynne. Lovely to hear about the conference. Uplifting.

  3. Pamela Lyons says:

    What an amazing gathering of such progressive minds! It must have been electrifying to have been part of the audience and breathe in such positive, healing energies.
    And no doubt, the corresponding gathering on the higher planes was delighted to witness the wave of humanity's changing face generating peace, harmony an d healing beyond the conference room doors - filtering out to all those in need wherever they may be - and to the to Mother Earth herself. Thanks you all for dedicating your lives to Man's awakening.

  4. Pamela Lyons says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    June 22, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    What an amazing gathering of such progressive minds! It must have been electrifying to have been part of the audience and breathe in such positive, healing energies. Thank you all for dedicating your lives to facilitate Man's awakening.

  5. Diane Cogorno says:

    Thank you, gracias, tutcheche...
    for affirming that the FORCE (Field!) IS WITH US, and for being one of the powerful Jedi's inspiring HOPE... i will share this post with those who are feeling less Hope-Full... that we may share in the ESPERANZA, HOY.
    BLESSINGS ABUNDANT and Purple Pen Peep Blessings... you will know why when you receive yours! Directly from me! 😉 SETTING THAT INTENTION NOW! Diane, viarosa

  6. Thank you Lynne for your heartfelt sharing from Vancouver Island.. it reminds me when I attended my first major ‘zero point field’ conference with my Naturopath held in central London .. 10-15 years ago .. it changed my Life .. and I am getting goosebumps reading your resume this morning .. where I am on retreat in Transilvania Retreat Centre .. in the beautiful mountains near Calatele .. emersed in the Pure Love of community and nature .. and experiencing pure healing .. reading with you this morning has simply heightened everything .. namaste , and keep up your good work .. the world needs us all as Lightworkers ..
    Adrian , ireland ☘️🕉

  7. Thank you so much for sharing the Jedi-experience @ Vancouver in so much detail. It almost gave a sense of being there. It's my intention to be present on your next gathering where the five of you converge. Each one of you has had a tremendous impact on my life's journey in uncovering the Jedi in me....and helping others to find theirs as well....thank you from the heart for your service to humanity....

  8. Denise Scott says:

    THAT was one of the BEST sharing I've heard in long time. Makes me feel like we have like-minded community with potential beyond our sight at this time.

  9. Faye O'Donnell says:

    Please send all information on the Lyme Disease..I have a friend who was diagnosed late and has been had 5 sessions of treatment with no permanent relief. Thank you

  10. Tricia Hobbs says:

    Hi Lynne
    I have just finished listening to the very interesting Q and A replay from the conference. It really covered many aspects of what had been talked about in the conference and also showed that even though each of you, Bruce, Gregg and yourself, are working on different areas of the new biology, new science and ancient wisdom traditions how, when your work is brought together the information has a wholeness and integrity which is the hallmark of truth. That is such a powerful message and one I took away from the conference. It was an amazing 6 days and I am so glad that I was able to attend.
    Tricia H

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