Where the healing never stops

Lynne McTaggart

For a decade I’d been the overprotective parent of the Power of Eight®, as though it were a sacred amulet to be carefully protected from the wrong hands.

By the summer of 2017, I felt ready to begin having groups run themselves in a carefully protected way. My first opportunity to do so arose in August 2017, when I found a willing community in the Mile Hi church in Denver.
I’d decided to set up a Power of Eight® group and then minutely record any changes among the recipients. Reverend Kay Thomas of the Mile Hi Church gamely agreed to collect volunteers, and we held our first group on Monday August 28 in a small conference room at a Hyatt hotel in Boulder.
At the Hyatt hotel, the group of eight focused on Linda, a woman who’d been diagnosed in 2013 with advanced metastatic stage 4 inoperable lung cancer – a cancer that kills more people than breast, colon and prostate cancer combined. Linda had already beaten the odds – the majority of people with her cancer are dead within a year –  largely by following an integrative approach, with very low-dose chemotherapy but also a change of diet and supplements, plus a great deal of mental and spiritual work.
By the time of the Power of Eight® group, the lymphatic system in her chest, which had been filled with cancer, was clearing and her tumour markers, which had been 6.2 when she was first diagnosed, stood at just under 3, or ‘high normal’. Within the weeks after the Power of Eight® group, the markers had dropped to 2, within the ‘low normal’ range, with at most 2 small active spots on her lungs.
During the circle, she said, “I could feel a shift and I could feel that people really wanted me to be well. It wasn’t just my desire – it was the desire of everyone around me. To me, it was a feeling of being lifted and assisted, holding each other up in a higher vibration of a way to be.”
Natalie put herself forward as the other receiver at the Hyatt to focus on her family business, asking that the intention be that their “business expand in all directions and be prosperous in all ways.” Their computer support business had largely been built on just two major clients, and she and her husband Mark had just heard news that one of the two clients was about to take their business elsewhere.
Thirteen years before, as victims of a Ponzi scheme, she and Mark had lost more than half a million dollars and had to file for bankruptcy, with Natalie having to take a job in real estate “flipping houses” in order to survive. Now, it seemed, their financial state was again precarious, and at the time of the intention Natalie was haunted and depressed about the prospect of having money troubles once again.
During the Power of Eight® group, Natalie kept visualizing both her and Mark opening their car doors and money spilling out.
Afterward, Natalie’s depression and fear seemed to lift. She decided to go back into real estate as a stopgap measure, and worked for two companies, but then other opportunities seemed spontaneously to open up. The family business began getting in a steady stream of smaller clients, and within a few months, she and her husband learned that the major client they’d been afraid they’d lose had decided to stay.
In Natalie’s mind, the Power of Eight® group helped her and her husband trust in self-empowerment and the possibility of prosperity, and because of that a load of opportunities have arisen “out of the blue, a process that keeps unfolding even up to yesterday.”
Six weeks later, I returned to Mile Hi church to help the church to form Power of Eight® circles among an audience of 500. Once again, I was witness to dozens of people undergoing instant, extraordinary healings.
Sixty-three-year-old Sande had been a lifetime athlete, but one of her knees was now shot. “When I walk I can feel when my knee is going to pop out, which it does, and then I fall. I’m in a lot of pain.” She’d scheduled knee replacement surgery for a month’s time.
During the intention circle, tears rolled down her cheeks as she felt the pressure around her knee on both sides, “as if somebody with big mitts was holding my leg. It was warm, not hot. I’ve never felt that before. It went down my whole leg, going down to my ankle. When we opened our eyes, we looked at our hands, and everyone’s hand were vibrating, with lots of tears.”
When the intention was finished, and I asked the audience to share any experiences, Sande was the first to put up her hand. “Look, she said, I can bend my knees.” She leaned over and squatted down. “I could not do that before.” Three days later, she reported, “When I walk I don’t get that feeling that the knee will pop out. I can go upstairs without pain.” Since the Power of Eight® group experience, Sande has no longer needed her brace and when the improvement persisted she was able to cancel her surgery.
Beverly, a massage therapist, hadn’t even planned to come to the session, because she’d been recovering from a car accident. “My crunched ribs were uncomfortable,” she said.  “My shoulder was singing a high-pitched, exquisite pain and wouldn’t stay in place without support.”
Nevertheless, a church group member was particularly persuasive, and Beverly arrived, holding her shoulder in place. During the Power of Eight® circle, she was the receiver. “I felt all the tension of the car wreck fall out of my left side. Supported by my groupmates, bubbling, Kundalini-type energy poured out onto the floor through my arm. My shoulder slid back to normal position, my ribcage released, and I took a full breath for the first time in the six weeks since the accident.”
Nearly two months later, Beverly reported back that her shoulder had remained in place “almost exclusively pain-free.”
And there were many others that night: a woman who’d had a stroke and could no longer focus her eyes was able to see normally; a fellow with bursitis who could suddenly raise his arm all the way, as normal; another woman who’d arrived with a migraine and said that after the circles it had completely cleared; one of the senders, who arrived with a cane and walked away from the event no longer needing it.
During her group circle, Faith Cole felt the ache in her back immediately begin to dissipate – to her amazement. “I’m a real skeptic,” she said, “and yet it worked.”
And for me, the biggest skeptic of all, the miracles keep happening as people are healed in an instant. Find your Power of Eight® group and discover it for yourself.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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    1. Hi Susan, thanks for being in touch. If you would like to be kept up to date with details on future courses/event, please go to https://lynnemctaggart.com/,
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  1. This is also what's happening in our "Tigers" group this year. And why I was inspired to start one at my place of work after finishing the "Healers" sessions this weekend. I am excited for magic to happen here in our medication assisted treatment center as well !

  2. Hi Lynne
    I have always believed in the power of thought but all I have read is extraordinary. I would dearly like to help my son who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia 11 years ago and suffers with massive side affects from the medication. Mental health is a huge issue especially among young men - wouldn't it be amazing if this could be part of there healing process.

    1. Hi Suzy, thanks for being in touch. If you would like to nominate your Son for intention of the week, please send over his full name, age, location
      (countru/city), photograph and short description of health issue to Laura (laura@wddty.co.uk).

  3. Hi Lynne, I participated in the St Louis experiment last October. It “randomly “ came up somewhere on my computer. Then I got your book. I started a group with mostly folks whom I know through twelve step groups. We never have met in person, some of us are out of town, some are on Facebook. I am very excited to say even though we are a motley crew, this group has helped a bunch of people. Not so dramatic as your stories, but as we continue to do this, we seem to be getting better a better results.

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