Thoughts heard ‘round the world – and in your hearts

Lynne McTaggart

Results of the June American Healing Intention Experiment and Power of Eight® groups

Last June, I gave two keynote talks and a workshop at the International Science and Spirituality Conference.  During my talk on June 15, we ran an American Healing Peace Intention Experiment, and then several Power of Eight® group healings during my June 17 workshop.

The experiment itself was a small attempt to heal some of the division sparked by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by police officers on May 25.

The main point of the experiment was to demonstrate how easily we can create a psychic internet, and toward that end I asked Russian physicist Konstantin Korotkov to set up a little experiment at his laboratory in


St. Petersburg, Russia, with his little device, playfully christened ‘Sputnik,’ after the first Soviet satellite space launch in 1957.

This highly sensitive device can measure any changes in the atmosphere through its extreme sensitivity to changes in environmental electromagnetic fields.

When a person experiences a change of emotion, it will affect the electricity of the environment, which in turn will be picked up by the Sputnik sensor.

Korotkov had spent a number of years testing the device during expeditions around the world and with a variety of setups in his lab before becoming satisfied that the device was sufficiently sensitive to pick up any changes caused by human thought.

In 2017, I had run a water experiment with Korotkov, in which we asked the audience of 1000 in Miami, Florida, to send intention to a bottle of water connected to a computer installation in his laboratory in St. Petersburg.

Even though we were more than 5,000 miles away, the measurements clearly showed a significant effect in lowering the atmospheric charge in the lab room housing the water.

A psychic field of many thousand miles

This time, I wanted to simply demonstrate how a psychic field can get created and picked up by Sputnik even if we were directing it to another target and our group of approximately 1300 people were scattered around the globe.

I asked the audience to focus their intention on restoring peace during the current racial protests and heal racial prejudice among the police force by at least 25 percent or more, while staring at a photograph I had of Korotkov’s laboratory set up with Sputnik and a water sensor in St. Petersburg.

I’d never tried anything like this before, but I thought at very least it would be interesting.

The next day, I discovered that it was more than interesting.  The Sputnik output significantly decreased, and the water sensor significantly increased.

We can’t say for sure that we had any effect on racial tension because unlike my usual experiments, this was an intention without a specific target.

But we did demonstrate that even though we were all apart, in front of our individual computer screens, we have a giant collective energy that can be ‘heard’ by a tiny piece of equipment thousands of miles away.

But that wasn’t all.  On Wednesday, during my workshop with most of the conference attendees, we also did some collective Power of Eight® healing for several of the participants.  And several weeks later, I sent out a survey to all those who attended.

Their responses show that Sputnik wasn’t the only thing affected by the experiment and the Power of Eight® groups.

Healing the healers

Of the respondents, more than 45 percent felt an ‘overwhelming sense of unity with the other participants, 55 percent felt a surge of compassionate love, and 57 percent felt peaceful during both the Intention Experiment and the Power of Eight® groups.

People felt extraordinary energy, with 62 percent feeling as though they were part of a higher network.

“My hands lit up with energy - I felt it pulsating through my hands and moving throughout my body and above to a higher energy source. I actually screamed (almost like in a superhero movie),” wrote one participant.

Another participant felt the same effects, even though they had not been present live but watched on replay:

“I was astonished how I could still feel the energy. It felt at one point like my heart was going to come out of my chest from the intensity, feeling tears coming down my cheeks; amazingly wonderful!”

“I felt like I was on another level - completely filled with magic and curiosity.” wrote another. “The belief that there was more to this world than what we are taught. Completely revolutionized the way I navigate and operate now.”

Two-thirds noticed these physical effects lingering on, after the Power of Eight® groups, and they began noticing changes in their relationships with others.

As I’ve usually discovered with group intention, the greatest change was feeling a sense of universal love. Nearly 44 percent said they “felt more love for everyone they come in contact with,” 27 percent said they were getting along better with people not like them – “people they normally dislike or argue with.”

And 34 percent said they felt more love for their loved ones.

“Shortly after the intention I saw my ex-boyfriend in my mind,” wrote one woman. “He is someone I loved very deeply but who had cheated on me. In that moment I felt complete forgiveness for what he had done. I cried and it was a huge release. That is not even the craziest part, though. The next morning when I woke up, I had three missed calls from him at 6:30 am. He had been wanting to reach out to me for a while, and he finally got the feeling that ‘it was safe’ to do so. We had a very healing conversation. The peace that we intended for America was reflected back to me in less than 24 hours.”
More than three-quarters said their relationships with their children, parents or friends had improved.

“My children, years after a divorce, want more contact, my mother is more open to me!”

“I have experienced some unexpected good communication with some of my nine children who aren't connected as closely to me. That happened almost immediately.”

“My strongly opinionated sister does not irritate me as much.”

“My partner has stopped fighting me on everything around the house. My stepson and I are getting along better.”

People also noticed major changes in themselves:

“I feel oneness more intensely.”

“Thinking in deeper, more expansive dimensions, sometimes on new topics or making internal connections that I never thought of before.”


“Not as anxious around others.”

“More open-minded, more willing to help, nicer towards people in general.”

“More patience with my teenager.”

“Less argumentative.”

“Some of my negative emotions that have been haunting me start to drift away, such as self-criticism, victimhood etc.”

“I FEEL an energy all the time, calm and peaceful, like I am being hugged.”

“Within hours of doing the first replay I was sitting at the dinner table and I felt a sudden and intense sense of being loved. I remembered your talking about the ‘mirror’ reflex that when we send strong intentions out, they come back to us.”

Nearly 40 percent felt an intense heightening of senses, more than 29 per cent felt more tolerance for people not like them, 26 per cent vowed to work for peace in the world.
Some 44 percent experienced physical improvements.

“More connected to the divine, my intuition and my powers. I can channel, heal and have premonitions. I tap into my own psychic powers – it’s incredible what has happened.”

“Less pain in my hand and thumb.”

“I used to feel tired easily, but now I feel more energetic.”

“More flexible with my body and walk better.”

“The swelling of my hands is no longer there.”

“My hip problem is less painful, and I can walk better.”

“Less pain in my knees.”

“I lost weight, sleep better.”

“I think I look younger!”

But perhaps the most extraordinary experience was felt by Lucinda, a woman with breast cancer who was one of the recipients of our Power of Eight® healing.

“During the healing,” she wrote, “I felt so emotional and my eyes were full of tears of joy! After the workshop, I went to see my oncologist on June 25th, which was the appointment to ‘measure my cancer.’ I felt no panic and nervousness at all, because I now actually FEEL I am fine. (I used to be extremely stressful and nervous before meeting the doctors).

“After the healing experience, I didn’t even worry about myself. The result was amazing.  The doctor said they are ‘normal breasts’ and the surgery will not be large (it used to be a 5cm tumor with 3 lymph nodes).

One thing I feel extremely unbelievable is that the trauma, which I believe is the cause of cancer, is not bothering me anymore. This never happened during the past two years! This is the most extraordinary experience in my life! Thank you for healing!”

Once again, the target may not matter. The point is not the action but its reaction – a ripple effect of peace in the hearts of the participants that could eventually extend out to the entire world. All you may need are people coming together as a group and praying as one.

All it takes is a group and a common intention for all of us to get on a fast-track to the miraculous.

If you'd like to learn more about all the most vital techniques of intention, check out my new course, Intention Essentials.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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