Just do the math

Lynne McTaggart

As you know, I’m a research junkie and not much of a conspiracy theorist when it comes to COVID-19 or anything else.

But I have to wonder why, faced with a worldwide pandemic, that governments and the media are all ignoring solid scientific evidence from doctors of treatments demonstrated to lower the incessant mortality rate of COVID-19.
I bet you’ve never heard of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance.
When the pandemic struck, a number of doctors from major academic medical centers, with some 200 years’ worth of combined experience in critical care medicine, plus about 1000 published papers in scientific journals under their belts, called an emergency meeting after noticing that the vast majority of critically ill COVID patients given the standard treatment recommended by national and international health care organizations were dying.
The greatest mystery of all, to their minds, was why so many patients were dying of acute respiratory failure.
They decided to form a working group to find a treatment protocol for COVID-19, particularly for patients going into intensive care units.
The group specifically sought out Dr Paul Marik, professor of medicine and chief of the division of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfork, Virginia.
Marik is expert in treating ICU patients with severe infections like bacterial sepsis, and it was he who first developed what he called a ‘HAT’ treatment – a mix of Hydrocortisone (a steroid), intravenous Ascorbic acid (high dose vitamin C), and intravenous Thiamine (vitamin B1) for such patients. Published studies have since shown that this treatment can achieve high survival rates.
Dubbing themselves the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, Marik and his colleagues met extensively, studied all the clinical and pathological data about COVID, and began discussions with a number of frontline intensive care unit experts working in some of the early outbreak areas, like China, Italy and New York.
To Marik and these other concerned doctors, COVID seemed to be behaving a bit like sepsis. They figured they could get better results with the sickest patients by tweaking Marik’s initial protocol.
After comparing notes of what was working with what wasn’t, they formulated the MATH+ treatment protocol, specifically for hospitalized patients, and launched it in March 2020.
The MATH part of MATH+ stands for intravenous Methylpredisolone (another steroid), high dose intravenous Ascorbic acid, high dose Thiamine and Heparin (to prevent blood clotting).
The ‘plus’ stands for optional further interventions: melatonin, zinc, vitamin D3, a statin, famotidine (an H2 blocker used to treat indigestion or stomach ulcers) and intravenous magnesium.
Here’s the full protocol:  https://COVID19criticalcare.com/math-hospital-treatment/pdf-translations/
In their research, the FLCCC Alliance discovered that when given intravenously in these emergency situations, steroids like prednisolone and vitamin C work together synergistically to improve survival in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome.
Thiamine helps the body optimize its ability to use oxygen and can protect the heart and immune system, and heparin is a well established anti-coagulant –  useful in this instance because critically ill COVID patients show excessive levels of blood clotting.
The other ‘plus’ interventions all have been shown to help with specific symptoms.
Although the Alliance created a website and published the MATH+ protocol in many languages back in March, as of this writing only two centers have systematically employed it to treat hospitalized COVID patients: the United Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas and Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia.
Nevertheless the Alliance has been keeping careful track of those hospital patients under this regime, and on August 5, revealed a case study of the results: of more than 300 patients treated early on with the MATH+ protocol, average hospital mortality was about 5 percent, compared with an average mortality of nearly 23 percent of patients in hospitals in the US, Italy and China who were given the standard protocols
So this begs an obvious question. Here you have a team of eminent specialists, who devised a system to treat serious cases of COVID that reduces mortality by at least five times - from nearly one in four patients to one in 20.
Why is this not being adopted by every hospital and every government around the world? By the Centers for Disease Control, by NICE in the UK, by the World Health Organization?
If you want to figure out why, just pull out your calculator. The UK has just signed a deal for six experimental vaccines with Belgian pharmaceutical company Janssen and the US biotech company Novavax, for a total stockpile to 340 million doses – enough to vaccinate every British man, woman and child five times.
In America, the US government has spent about $10 billion over a deal with  Moderna, Inc. to manufacture and deliver 100 million doses of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate.
With this deal, the US government has turned into a pharmaceutical company, owning (and presumably profiting from) these vaccine doses.
It’s also made a separate deal with drug giant Pfizer for a total of nearly $2 billion in investment – ensuring that Pfizer will have a market for its drug, even before it has been created.
Overrall, after splitting its revenue with its partner BioNTech, Pfizer is due to make an estimated $13 billion by the end of next year –  about the same as its all-time bestselling drug Lipitor during its most popular year.
Big Pharma, in turn, has been showering the US Congress with some $11 million in campaign contributions thus far this year. The PAC for Pfizer sent some 548 checks to lawmakers – more than any other drug company.
Now compare the gigantic money at stake here with the kinds of profits these drug companies will make with what’s used in the Alliance’s protocol: a few out-of-patent drugs and some intravenous vitamins.
You want to know why you haven’t heard about the Marik and his alliance?
It’s simple. Just do the math.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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20 comments on “Just do the math”

  1. Wow! Our government for sale, yet again. People are dying and the greed is incomprehensible! I'll share this email far & wide, but am wondering how we, you in particular, Lynne can get it out so much farther. You have a name & a huge platform. Can you get it on the news, social media, Oprah?

  2. Yes indeed. Corruption at the deepest level as well as persistent government & media psychological brainwashing techniques with an insidious agenda. There is no genuine science or medicine which supports the current dominant global fear- mongering, manipulative narrative and attack on our fundamental human rights. Sadly the brainwashed, of course, cannot see any of this.

  3. I too had wondered what had happened? I was following you during the early days when you were talking about and saving lives! Several people wrote in to acknowledge that the intravenous Vit C had saved a loved one! Then hearing reports of all these ventilators that had been ordered weren’t working! How can we make our voices be heard???

  4. Hi Lynne
    Yes I've been following this information since March. Time to wake up. Thanks for spreading the word. Do the research on Ivermectin now added to the cocktail. Game changer for all phases of COVID, prophylaxis, exposed and late. https://www.facebook.com/groups/3595465843801899
    Ivermectin MD team on fb. This needs to get out too:)

  5. Yes, it's shocking, as it should be, that Front Line doctors and other caring doctors across the country who share successful recovery solutions are censored. Humanity might benefit to take a course in how to see the wolves in sheep's clothing, or just do the math.

  6. Patients in hospitals do not benefit from vaccines (they already have the disease), so why kill them by denying a proven treatment? Unless -- the treatment used is more profitable for the hospital operators.

  7. I generally mistrust big companies which will put profit before much else. I know from actual experience as a co-owner of a small company which got rolled over by the "big guys". I believe that Pharma companies are highly predatorial and have a highly developed network to influence all levels of medical professionals, so that apparently low tech solutions are discredited wherever possible. So no surprise to read many of the themes in this edition.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Please send these news to Swiss Propaganda Research
    they have very good informations about Covid 19 worldwide...

  9. This country needs a big protest against lockdowns, masks, social distancing and brainwashing to make people live in fear. My experience is those of us who are not abiding by those rules are healthy and nobody is getting sick. It is the ones who are following those stupid rules who are getting sick. Don't people see that. Of course the numbers are totally exaggerated to keep more people in fear. I have been living my life normally with many other friends and we are all doing great. Vaccines are poisoning people yet so many can't wait to get one. Are they crazy? not me or my friends. Big pharma owns this country now which is so sad. Most of the commercials on T.V are for drugs and they wonder why so many people are becoming drug addicts. The doctors are the biggest drug dealers in this country and I am sure all over the world. We must stand up for our freedoms of speech, meeting together anyplace we choose and breathe fresh air.

  10. I am a neonatologist. I belong to multiple MD/DO ( or international equivalent) only Facebook groups for Covid. The group is intentionally very private. Everyone is aware of and using these protocols!!!! Just because the MSM isn’t aware doesn’t mean it isn’t happening! The majority of critical care type doctors go in to that field because they want to save lives! They are not getting kickbacks or making extra money- many have had their salaries cut!!! People have been sharing these approaches for months! Not everyone is involved in research or publishing. This summary above does not reflect my personal experience. Dr Marik’s protocol has been on my ipad for 2 weeks!
    I wish people would get the politics out of this. Doctors are dying too 🙁

  11. Yes, the Marik protocol has been around for a few months, and the data shows it to be much more effective than conventional interventions.
    However, since only a tiny percentage of people get to this severe stage, the focus should be on those early in the disease, and particularly those at high risk.
    The combination therapy of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin is being used by frontline docs in many parts of the world, and early data is showing huge success. Then there is ivermectin single dose and budesimide, the inhaled corticosteroid, that have both anecdotally at least, shown great promise.
    The downside of all these treatments-they are not patentable and cost only a handful of dollars to keep people out of hospitals and save lives. The trillion dollar vaccine wave stands in the way. Dr Bob

  12. And the CDC in May 2020 says masks aren't effective in stopping a viral caused disease.
    Volume 26, Number 5—May 2020
    “In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks (RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.51–1.20; I2 = 30%, p = 0.25) (Figure 2).”

  13. No surprise that the drug companies are going to make a mint out of this disaster
    It is criminal but then politicians are generally such a bunch of slime balls

  14. i'M definitely with you Lynne, the desire to cure this has been under=regarded and over-ridden by powers that rule. These are scarey times eh? We must not choose vaccine, and resist. time the truth got out!!!

  15. As a semi-retired functional medicine doctor who treats the cause not just the symptoms of disease and illness, I have put friends and family and myself on sufficient Vitamin D to reach a blood level between 60-80 which reduces inflammation, 40-50 mg Melatonin at night to prevent the cytokine storm which destroys lung tissue, enough Vitamin C orally...usually 3-5 grams 4-5 times daily if sick, lower doses for prevention, and 20-50 mg Zinc chelate 1-2 times a day to kill the virus and quench the free radicals from the damage from the virus. I hope I got an asymptomatic case of the virus. It will give me much greater protection against the next coronavirus than any vaccine.
    Hydroxychloroquine, which I have used for years for parasites and autoimmune disease without any complications, works by enhancing transport of zinc into the cell where it shuts down the machinery that the virus uses to replicate itself...make more viruses.
    It must be started earlier and continued longer. If started when patients are going into the ICU, it's not going to work very well. If patients are low on zinc, it won't work.
    The real problem is that the USA has a much higher death rate than other countries. Is this because doctors are doing too little too late, or are there other factors? I suggest that our having the largest number of overweight and/or obese people almost all of whom have some degree of insulin resistance, or prediabetes, which causes inflammation, sets these people up for more severe illnesses.
    So does the poor diet of the poor, not enough fruits and veggies. Too much cheap, calorie and toxin laden snack food. Too many toxins in the environment of communities of color who frequently cluster in the poorest, oldest part of town where lead in water is a staple as is lead in old house paint as is the dumping of many industrial toxins.
    This is a travesty for our country and hopefully once we get through this initial wave of the pandemic, maybe, just maybe people will begin to explore the real, and fixable contributors to why this is really happening.
    Taking a vaccine is not going to correct the underlying causes.

  16. I’m not a doctor but I’m am a retired fraud investigator. I’ve been studying ivermectin since Monash University in Australia announced its 48 hour in-vitro results. I studied trial site news. I watched Dr. Satoshi Omura and Dr. Campbell accept their shared Nobel prize in medicine for their work with ivermectin. I followed the senate hearings and now take ivermectin twice per month as a prophylaxis. I met my doctor who prescribes it on the Trial Site news site. I am no longer living in fear for my own self but for everyone else who doesn’t take it and doesn’t research Covid treatments, trials or side effects. I was happy to see a family take their right to for their mother to take Ivermectin to the Supreme Court. I wanted to add that when I look up the IMask protocol I see a face mask called IMask but not one word about the IMask protocol. Even their name has been robbed. I private messaged 20 friends about ivermectin but my 20 messages were immediately censured and removed in two seconds.

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