Both sides now

Lynne McTaggart

The latest news shows that Putin’s war has escalated as the Russians have captured several Ukrainian towns and cities and have shelled Europe’s largest power plant and Putin’s frustration with the slow progress has escalated the attacks to a new level.

But besides the unspeakable war crimes on Ukrainian civilians, maternity wards, schools and now attacks on a nuclear facility, Putin is waging another kind of war on his own people in Russia.  If news reports are correct, Russia’s president is planning to pass martial law.

This would give his government extraordinary wartime powers enabling them to: turn off gas supplies to Europe (on which it relies for up to 60% of its energy); crush dissent within his own country by ramping up censorship; give the military control over broadcast and printed news; shut borders; detain or arrest foreigners; control food supplies, impose financial restrictions; and much more.

Any federal or local government activities would be kept as a ‘state secret’ and rallies or other protests would be banned.

Even now, we are seeing independent Russian publishers or broadcasters being closed down.

While this can’t be in any way compared to what is being afflicted on the Ukrainians, many of the Russians soldiers – young teenagers who have been unwittingly drafted into what they didn’t realize was an unprovoked invasion, as well as the growing number of Russian dissenters among the people back home –  are themselves victims.

Ukraine’s social media has filmed young soldiers claiming they were told they were going to defend the Ukraine only to find that after crossing the border they were fighting against ‘peaceful people defending their territory.’

‘I can tell you one thing,’ a young soldier said, sobbing on the phone to his relatives about the lies he was being told by superiors: ‘Everything they say to us is bullshit.’

It is time for both sides to take a moment to, essentially, pray. That sounds like a fanciful idea – the court of last resort for a desperate people – but maybe it’s more powerful than most tend to think.

Aside from a direct appeal to a higher power, it also has another, untoward effect.

You recall the effect of my Intention Experiment among Arabs and Israelis when a lot of violence was kicking off in Jerusalem at the end of 2017. Anger among these two sworn enemies was running high.

We had the technological capacity to create a two-way communication flow between me sitting in a studio in the UK studio and audiences in nine different locations, so we had Arabs in various cities in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan and Tunisia.

The ninth camera was place in an auditorium in Jerusalem, filled with hundreds of Israeli Jews. All nine rooms were displayed on my screen, and my feed was visible to all nine audiences so they could observe me running the experiment.

The technology was interactive; I could call on people from any one of the nine audiences, at which point their screen would be shown to me and the other eight locations, with each group able to speak to me and to the people in the other eight windows.

The entire experiment and its aftermath were also beamed live to other participants from all over the world via my YouTube channel.

‘You have no idea how revolutionary this is,’ one Saudi woman remarked to me. ‘We have never seen Israelis. We’ve been taught to believe that they have horns coming out of their heads.’

Both Arabs and Jews were crying and laughing as they recognized the common humanity in each other. A woman from Abu Dhabi said she had seen visions of Israelis dancing with Palestinians during the experiment.

A woman from Jerusalem described her visions of Israeli soldiers hugging Arabs, and another envisioned a wedding with an Arab man dancing with a Jewish woman. ‘I love you, I love you so much,’ said Fatima from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to the Jews in Jerusalem, blowing them kisses. ‘Your God is my God.’

‘We love you, sister,’ called out people from the Israeli audience.

‘It’s so overwhelming, the possibility of being connected with you, our sisters in Amman and Damascus and in Iran and all over,’ said Lily, speaking for several Israeli women’s peace groups.

‘We are hundreds of thousands of women here, saying “Enough!” It’s a time of compassion. It’s a time of healing. Thank you, dearest sisters, we are one.’

News of the experiment broke immediately all across the Middle East. As Time Out Israel wrote, ‘While peace in the Middle East is neither black nor white, it’s the small efforts like this meditation event that slowly start to make a difference.’

And then there was the reaction of our thousands of participants on YouTube.

‘While I was waiting on YouTube and watching all the people in the chat box send messages of love, peace, healing, etc., I immediately could feel the energy,’ wrote one participant. ‘And to look at the number of people that were just there. And to see where everyone was coming in from across the planet, that was overwhelming just in itself, and I was already crying before we even got to the live feed.’

‘I first started working in that region in Saudi Arabia in 1975, so to hear Arabs from SA send love to Jews in Israel just blew me away,’ wrote another. ‘I am also aware of the restrictive cultures that … exist in the Middle East and thus the courage … exhibited by the Arabs who publicly took part in this intention – that, too, was deeply moving to me.’

‘My entire perception of the people of the Middle East really changed…. We mostly only hear about the violence there, so it truly brought it home to see faces and hear voices of people who care deeply…. And this gave me so much hope, it brought it into reality, beyond just my own hopes and prayers. I felt a part of something much larger, much more powerful than myself.’

‘When you get this opportunity to not only feel like a collective particle but to know on some level that you are one particle of trillions, it changes your perspective on yourself and others.’

Putin can steal many things from the Ukrainians and his own people:  their land, their possessions, their freedom, their voice.  But what he can never steal are their thoughts and their ability to hold them together.

Intention – a secular form of prayer – has been shown over and over to allow the heart to recognize the common humanity of the other.

And if both sides start praying together, it may well create a connection between the people of these two countries that proves to be the most powerful weapon of all.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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20 comments on “Both sides now”

  1. This is the opposite of what we are hearing in the U.S. The C1A has infiltrated all our national news stations, and is purposely feeding the People misinformation. I do know this, if the Democrats are helping anyone or country, that person or country is corrupt. They don't help anyone for any other reason than to use them for their nefarious dealings.
    Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer's children all have dealings with the Ukraine government.
    This information was uncovered in Hunter Biden's laptop.
    It would be best to say an intention for all nefarious dealings in the Ukraine, Russia, and United States governments to be revealed and stopped immediately, completely, and permanent for the good of all people!

    1. I think I agree with Jewel. I am burning to pray for all the sides involved in this conflict - Russia - Ukraine - US AND NATO. They've all been playing very provocative and dangerous games with each other for a very long time, with their citizens AND with the whole world. I would love to pray for end of war EVERYWHERE. We've come to a point were we feel ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, we can't take it anymore.

    1. Reply to Manuella
      What a shining light you are. I looked at your beautiful web site, how you help a man on death row. I may become heated on occasion but I know I have to restore inner peace right now. There has been so much polarity lately. We do not blame ourselves fthat bring us to or that but do the simple things that bring us to the love that unites us with all that is.

  2. I subscribed to Lynne at times of plandemic because I have seen she understand other side of story and doesn't believe media.
    Now I am disappointed to see it is not so, please turn off the same channels which told you about pandemic.
    Do you want to see who is behind suffering for civilians? watch this about neo-nazi

      The corrupt and criminal government of the Ukraine has been waging a war against certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions since 2014. Eight years of shelling and killing these Russian speaking people in the east of the Ukraine. There are horrific pictures of people, including children, maimd or dead, from all these years. They have been begging to be acknowleged and accepted by Russia. The Duma has finally agreed and Putin has pledged to save them. Everyone should know that wherever the NATO goes, there will be a "divide and conquer". NATO creates conflict in a country and then moves in to "save" the people. Libya is such an example. There are two videos in the media, supposedly proving that Putin bombed Ukrainian civilians, one is from 2015 and the other from 2018, both of them of incidents that happened in China! I could go on and on. I would ask Lynne to do some research herself - it is very disappointing that she has joined the gullible MSM believers. One more thing I might add - there are 11 bio-weapon labs in the Ukraine, which are under the control of the US, and I believe that Putin has destroyed them. They have also taken over Czernobyl for reasons I am not quite sure of - anyway it can only be beneficial, perhaps for clearing it up. The govt does not care about its people - period.

      1. Reply to Ingrid It is 13 to 15 US funded biolabs, I believe, scrubbed off the US site but you can still find them. on How would you feel if you were the president of Russia and on your doorstep there were biological weapons research funded by the USA. The US broke their promises not to expand NATO. What is NATO for given the soviet union does not exist? To sell weapons to poor, hapless countries and drown them in eternal debt.

  3. As the saying goes "The first casualty of war is truth." Here in the US we've been sold fallacies about every war for the past several decades. It is difficult to believe the initial accounts from the media around what is happening in Ukraine given their recent track record. Regardless of motives, or who are the actual agents of war are behind various events, the Ukrainian people are caught in the middle and need the world's support.

  4. Pray for peace in Europe! Al’so pray for my wife her heart pulse rate is up. She had open heart surgery a week and. Half ago. Pray that her pulse rate comes down also all the people in Europe!

  5. I will just quote this poem/song from the days of protest songs:-
    Last night I had the strangest dream I ever dreamed before,
    I dreamed the world had all agreed to put an end to war.
    I dreamed I saw a mighty room, the room was filled with MEN
    And the papers they were signing said they'd never fight again.
    And when the papers all were signed and a million copies made
    They all joined hands and bowed their heads and grateful prayers were prayed.
    And the people in the streets below were dancing round and round
    And guns and swords and uniforms were scattered on the ground.
    Last night I had the strangest dream. I ever dreamed before,
    I dreamed the world had all agreed to put an end to war.

  6. After listening to a soldier point out a few things about the news coming out of Ukraine like: the vehicles they are using to invade the country and the burnt up vehicles, are from 1970... the equipment the people are using are all out dated... they still have electricity, which is the first thing you knock out in a war zone, except our govs needs the electricity on to be able to surveil you with their 5G technology, the people are going about their business of the day, they still have emergency service, water, sewer, but no internet. This is not a war. This is a play....
    Go to: G A B dot com ...The only true fre1e sp1eech platform.

    1. Go to bitchute videos and watch this: Trump Tells Whole World The Truth About Ukraine In Front Of President Zelensky!!!
      on this channel: JustInformed Talk
      We are going through some very dark times... God is allowing us to see the nefarious behaviors and intents of all our governments on earth. We get to decide what we want to happen. WE do not know who is telling the truth and who is lying. We do know that we cannot ever again trust anyone in government again.
      So a neutral intention said weekly to: immediately stop, and permanently eradicate all nefarious governments acts, behaviors and intents, would certainly help the people get a grip to set the earth back on the right track to usher in peace, kindness, and love for their fellow human beings.

  7. There is more involved here than the current proposed pray/intention encompasses.
    And so Prayers must include not only Russia and Ukraine but US and NATO.and any other 'players'.
    I don't rightly know how to phrase a Prayer for this but I do know the proposed one doesn't include aspects ('sides') which it is vital are included.

    Please I humbly request please revise/update/improve/evolve the proposed prayer/intention so that it may have a more effective impact where it is needed for Peace.

  8. This is the first time I have logged into to Ms McTaggart's website and I won't again. After all the lies and propaganda we have been fed these last two years, I cannot stomach more of the same. Unbelievable that Ms McTaggart pushes the propaganda that is causing so much horror in the world! She is a journalist, isn't she? And so now we all have to set our intentions and pray for what? I will pray for Ms McTaggart and set my intention that she will tune in to what is going on, so that she can be effective in her wishes for mankind. I am impressed by the comments, however. It seems that there are people who won't be fooled - thank God for that.

  9. To all those who are disappointed with what Lynne McTaggart wrote: I believe she undertands much more about what's really happening over in the Ukraine than she's letting us know.. She may have her reasons not to go against what the majority believes being the truth. I think it doesn't make a difference here how the situation is presented, sending light is most important.

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