A salutary lesson: never again

Lynne McTaggart

We in the West are horrified to discover that most people in Russia don’t know that their military are raining bombs on Ukrainian civilians, including maternity hospitals and psychiatric wards, preventing them from leaving or even gaining access to food, water, heat or shelter.

A Russian protester identified as Olga reportedly said that some 70 percent of her friends completely buy the information from the official government-controlled Russian media that Ukraine’s ‘Nazi, drug-addicted leaders’ are bombing their own citizens and that Russia’s operation in the country is only as a savior to rid its people of these fascist dictators.

Information broadcast on Russian state TV and fed to children also claims that the Kremlin is always on the side of the good, which is why they should love their president and leader, Vladimir Putin.

‘My sister knows the truth, one of my girl friends knows the truth, her mother knows the truth. But my mum doesn’t,’ Olga told the Independent newspaper.

In fact, her mother is convinced that Olga and her friends have been brainwashed by the foreign media as she herself grew up on a steady diet of state-controlled information convincing her that the US and the rest of the West were the enemy of Russia.

We are horrified by how this totalitarian state is controlling the narrative, banning outside information and muzzling any protest with threats of 15 years’ imprisonment for anyone daring to say anything against this war.

The horrors of these Russian actions are not only a call to all of us in the West to help Ukraine, but a salutary lesson to all of us – ‘some hint,’ as Joan Didion famously put it, ‘at the monstrous perversion to which any human idea can come.’

As we shake our heads over the suppression of and access to free information in Russia, I point you to what we’ve all recently been through in terms of state-controlled information.

Take, for instance, those few doctors, nurses and scientists on the frontline of Covid, who wished to let their people know that the virus wasn’t as bad as we were being told, or that there were effective treatments out there that they were prohibited from using, or that the vaccine didn’t work as well or wasn’t as safe as we were all led to believe.

My husband Bryan Hubbard got in touch with one of these brave souls and discovered that this is what he received from the General Medical Council, which licenses doctors in the US.

It’s a letter triggered if the GMC ostensibly claims to get a few complaints from the public. The letter allows that ‘all doctors have a right to express their personal opinions about the Covid-19 vaccine,’ but that ‘we ask that you consider what implications this complaint might have for your practice.’

So after that veiled threat, the doctor is told that he’s to get a visit from the GMC’s ‘Responsible Office’ (I’m not being euphemistic – that Orwellian moniker, incredibly, is its name) and that he’s to engage in further ‘reflection’ before this visit.

During said visit, the Responsible Office is given the extraordinary power to decide if the doctor’s sin was grave enough, or if he wasn’t contrite enough, to warrant taking away his license to practice medicine, not only in his own practice but anywhere in the world.

In fact, the Responsible Office has the ultimate power to do this without a hearing, a trial or anything resembling due process of law.

They did just that to the extraordinary Dr. Sam White, an integrative British doctor, whose videos questioning the safety of the vaccine and the effectiveness of mask wearing got taken down by the GMC, claiming that they were a danger to the public and discredited medicine.

The GMC also took away his license, but gave it back a month later, while continuing to ban him from posting his critical videos. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, Dr. White took them to court for violating his free speech and miraculously prevailed, with the High Court of Justice agreeing in part that the GMC had failed to demonstrate that Dr. White’s views were wrong.

Nevertheless, in the legal commentary that followed, however, he was referred to as one of those medics who engage in ‘Covid-19 denial activities.’

Sam White wasn’t in denial over Covid. He was just expressing the educated view that what the government was telling people about the best ways to stay safe from Covid wasn’t the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, and that there were better ways to prevent or treat the virus.

But Sam is an exception. In another recent ruling after a woman took the Office of National Statistics to court to release data on the number of children who have suffered adverse reactions to the Covid jab, High Court judge Jonathan Swift denied the application on the premise that parents do not have the ability to accurately interpret the data.

‘We have no information,’ the mother, only identified as ‘EF,’ said. ‘They can’t tell us if the jabs cause cancer or blindness and until we know, how can we make a properly informed decision?’

On both sides of the Atlantic, our mainstream media, lauded over their brave reporting on the Ukraine front, were utterly silent when it came to questioning or investigating the official Covid narrative.

However, information is now seeping out, bit by bit, as the scientific analysis begins. Recently released analysis of 24 studies from Johns Hopkins and Lund University in Sweden has concluded that lockdowns prevented just 300 deaths and may even have contributed to the increased death rate by keeping people indoors to pass on the virus to other family members, preventing people from getting medical help for other health issues, closing businesses and much more (Studies in Applied Economics, 2022, 200).

And even none other than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now admits that Covid vaccines increase the chances of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) by a whopping 133 times in boys up to age 15 (JAMA, 2022, 327, 331-40).

So in our own Covid war, we’re beginning to pick apart the government’s version of the correct response to Covid. But during that time, so many of those doctors and scientists who disagreed with the official narrative were suppressed, ridiculed or worse – and many by the media itself.

People like Dr. David Brownstein in Michigan, who was successfully treating the sickest of patients with a cocktail of intravenous vitamin C, D and the like; or the MATH+ critical care doctors, who produced effective treatments for patients in the hospital and those well enough to be home; or even Oxford University’s Sunetra Gupta, banned from talking against lockdown and in favor of just protecting the vulnerable on the BBC and demonized as a right-wing crazy (she’s politically left wing) for suggesting that lockdown just isn’t going to work.

What we have – what we still have – is the right to post this blog, and to engage in a lot of after-the-fact soul-searching over our response to Covid.

But what we must never allow to happen again is to suppress information for the ‘public good.’ One of the most fundamental pillars of democracy, the very thing that will continue to distinguish us from Vladimir Putin’s Russia or any other totalitarian state, is our right to openly disagree.

Protect it with your life.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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19 comments on “A salutary lesson: never again”

  1. Thank you Lynne!
    The information regarding the benefits of preventative medicine and the healing potential of vitamins ,
    minerals, herbal remedies and other non toxic forms of treatment,
    has really been lacking for the public consideration. I believe many people could have avoided the illness if they knew more.

  2. Thank you Lynne!! You certainly hit the nail on the head! We've been "bamboozeled" on both sides of the Atlantic! Every day, more and more evidence is found about the collusion of all parts of government, including the CDC, The FDA, NIH, health agencies and the paid media to spread the phony stories for the last two years. Now, as the truth is coming out, the wrongdoers are having us focus on a made-up war that benefits no one. It just makes us turn our heads and look away from what happened all over the world. People need to be very much aware, that this is not the last atrocity they have in mind for us. They've got a list for economic collapse and death and dependency planned to get us in line.

  3. Thank you,Lynne, for telling it like it is. The veiled and unveiled drive to suppress dissent or even discussion has come to the forefront of all societies. And we need to protect our right to tell the truth as we see it and opening real dialogues as opposed to propaganda. Many throughout the world are paying the ultimate price to protect these freedoms.

  4. So wonderful, Lynne, to see you share this analogy of information control/propaganda machine realities with your practice group and fans. I have been supporting two of my three children, now in their forties and living in the west, in their stance that none of their children will receive the COVID jab. They are parents to five of my eight grandchildren, ages 8 to 17. In that supportive process, I have been following the daily emails of Dr. Mercola plus listening to hours and hours of testimony from Dr. Peter McCullough and many others whose international reputations in the fields of cardiology and virology and internal medicine cannot be overstated. When my sister, 68, and her husband, 77, got COVID a couple of months ago, I assisted them in accessing Dr. McCullough's early-intervention medications (first three days of symptoms) through Text2md.com where, through telemed, they were able to procure medications through their own pharmacy paid for through their own health insurance. They recovered at home. Keep up your great work on this front and your Intention Program. Thank you so much. P.S. I don't know where you live, but I feel that I must share with you what's happened in Berkeley, CA . My son and his family live there - three boys, ages 13, 15, and 17. Berkeley's frame of mind has flipped a complete 180 degrees from the Berkeley you and I heard so much about in the 60's and 70's, that campus of free speech and open minds. They have swallowed the gov't line so intensely that my son has not been allowed to serve as a parent chaperone/coach to the 17-year-old's mountain biking team even though the team has all of its activities outside. Furthermore, just last week, his 15-year-old suffered a concussion from an attack by an 18-year-old high school student because of my grandson's non-vaccinated status. Both boys have been allowed to continue with their sports, the older one in mountain biking, and the younger one in off-campus karate. My son has begun to appear at school board meetings to present the facts such as, in January, 80% of the district's students testing positive for COVID, were fully vaccinated...and the same percentage was represented by the staff's positive test results. My son discovered these stats through a FOIA request to the school district administration and presented them in letters to the editors of neighborhood and city papers and they were not published. Neither have they been shared with the school 's parents. He continues his campaign of attempting to wake people up, but he's finding those open to the idea that we've not been told the whole truth to be few and far between. The youngest of the CA grandsons has not had any negative experiences that I am aware of. My daughter-in-law, an OB/Gyn advice nurse, got the first two jabs, but was excused from taking the third. Her best friend since middle school died in her sleep just days after getting the first shot. Sabra submitted a VAERS report on behalf of her friend and, in the process, discovered that 141 people had died after receiving the jab from that particular Pfizer 'lot' of 'vaccine juice'. My son and his wife have taken in her friend's daughter to live with them for her last two years of high school. I am grateful that my son has found some people with whom to share his point of view. It's been such an emotional ride for us. My daughter and family in Denver, two boys 8 and 11, have not had as difficult a time. My daughter keeps enrolling the boys in after-school activities such as swimming and the usual 'ball' sports and, so far, neither of the boys has had any difficulty in continuing these activities. The only 'can't come in' was experienced by my son-in-law when he could not enter the chalet when he took the boys skiing. OK, just felt I wanted to share these additional family experiences with you. It does give a flavor of the situation in two parts of the country. I hope and pray that more and more of the 'real facts' will be coming to the general public soon so that no more children will get the jab.

  5. Our intention is for all nefarious government people to now be immediately, completely, and permanently eradicated for the good of humanity!

  6. Surely the past two years particularly, though not exclusively, show us OUR media is not reliable and is funded by nefarious sources and heavily biased to those source's preferred narratives. If they have lied about all things Covid-19, and we know they have, why would they suddenly be telling the truth now? They have simply replaced one fear push with another.

  7. Dear Vincent,

    LOL! Clearly, you did not read the above blog! So, that naturally leads to a question - are you a troll? Troublemaker? Lonely and looking for any response, good or bad? Vincent, I truly hope you find what you are REALLY looking for. Have a great day!

    1. Dear Kathy,
      I don't think Vincent is a troll. He is simply pointing out the discrepancy with Lynn's comment sfrom Western Media about Ukraine potentially being truthful. I think he is absolutely right. There is a recent article on LifeSiteNews.com by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano that gives an historical perspective on both Ukraine and Russia, and the present circumstances culled from independent media that contradict the mainstream narrative. If you are at all open to having your perspective challenged and to see another perspective, read it and then see what you think.

    2. Dear Lynne, always so nice to read your pieces. I feel that Yes, Putin isn't right, the nazis in Ukraine aren't right either (the bombing of the women's hospital could be staged they say, so we don't know for sure... the same people in the pictures appeared several times in different victim situations it seems), the Pentagon isn't right, the Nato isn't right anymore, our governments aren't right, WEF isn't right, the WHO isn't right, the chemtrail - men aren't right. None of them respect the intrinsic beauty of humans, the planet and all life on the planet. So you are right, and Vincent is right too maybe (since so much information is a manipulating lie these days?) . All of us try to seek the truth in the middle of all this very traumatic events. I so hope we will all stick together since it is people like you and your followers who might (or WILL?) become the metronomes of a fresh and newly born consciousness.

  8. Thank you, Lynn! Our media is way better, but that doesn't mean we should be patting ourselves on the back for being "better". There is MUCH room for improvement and that improvement needs to come when life is the most confusing and stressful! Which is often the very hardest time - but we need to keep trying!

  9. Hi Lynn
    I totally agree. Our country is in the Communist mode. It's scary, sad, and yet an opportunity for enough people to wake up to the truth-- our government lies, the vaccine and virus are tied to the Cabal take over of the world, even our currency. I work with The Guardians, a neo shamanic group led by Christof Melchizedek with the express intention of shifting balance of power back to us. It's working. Thank God. Thanks for your blog. Amber

  10. A very balanced article, but I have sent it to a surgeon I know at Addenbrookes hospital. I just know he will totally poo poo it as total rubbish.

  11. Thank you for the thoughtful blog. The United States Government could have easily prevented the Russia war on Ukraine if it wished to do so. Please watch the movie "Ukraine on Fire" by Oliver Stone which was released in 2016. The US Government doesn't want people to see that movie, but it can be watched for free at Banned.video. No www in front of banned.video

  12. Hello everybody, I agree with many of your comments that the mainstream media in the west is as untrustworthy regarding the current crisis as it was with the pandemic. They say that in war Truth is the first casualty, and it was already pretty injured even before the war broke out. Furthermore, I think the major media outlets are not making things any better, adding to the hate, hysteria and fear already out there, driving peoples apart. Now more than ever we need cool heads, clear thinking and togetherness, wishing to have our own house in order before accusing others. As well as praying for lasting peace in that region (and freedom from threat to all sides involved), I would want us to focus on increasing truthfulness in reporting, mutual understanding and an end to the ‘information war’.

  13. Yes, I agree with you whole-heartedly. It is the western media that portray the Ukrainian situation as an unwarranted invasion by Putin and I suspect that, to a certain degree that kind of reporting now seeps through into Russia as well in order to influence the Russian people against Putin. On the European Continent, they are starting a hate-campaign against ordinary, perfectly nice Russian people, who have been living there for years. I can clearly see what the intention of the "powers that be" is - they are driving a further wedge between people. The vaccinated versus unvaccinated was not enough, and of course the "evil Russia, Russia" narrative is extremely useful for NATO preparing the way for them to forcefully enter the Ukraine as "protectors". NATO is an aggressor, not a peace-maker. Just look at all the wars they have started by first splitting nations: "divide and conquer" is the most successful tool in their hands - tried and tested. I commented with more detail on the cruel 8-year period from 2014 to 2022, where the criminal Ukrainian government bombed, killed and maimed the people of the eastern part of the Ukraine who are Russian speaking. I don't think that Lynne reads any of our comments, since there is no feedback from her except the continuance of this farce, this Fake News. NOBODY mentions the suffering of the people of the Donbas region until now and that this is the reason Putin entered the Ukraine - why?

  14. I am perplexed that you pointed out in this article how the media reporting on the vaccine topic might be highly suspect. And how officials took actions to suppress the true. Yet in the same article you are assuming that the same officials and media sources are 100% correct about what is going on in the Ukraine and the Russian media sources are 100% incorrect. I find this fascinating. Could it be in time we will learn that the opposite is the actual truth about Ukraine?

  15. We do not know who is right or wrong... who is telling the truth and who isn't... we do know that 10's of millions of people have been vaxxed injured and millions have died. Fauci and the CDC lied to the public about the safety of the covid jabs, the media lied, and sm lied, and they all kept pushing the vaccines, and still are pushing them.
    Lynne, you have a gift that was given to you that WE could use right now to help stop the evil people in this world from continuing with their depopulation plans. This is not a time for fear to get in your way. Step up to the plate, and start hitting home runs with your large group of intenders.
    We can make the changes necessary to stop these evil people from ever hurting another person or millions of people. And then usher in peace.

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