A new development on the cause of Type 2 diabetes

On April 27th, 2018

Join Bryan and I in the latest episode of the WDDTY Podcast. In this week’s episode we take a look at an exciting new development that identifies the underlying cause of Type 2 diabetes and the supplement that has been found to fix glucose metabolism. Researchers are beginning to look at the underlying causes of this disease rather than the manifestation of the disease itself.

You’ll also hear how new research states not to use conventional toothpaste. Studies show that brands with natural substances that don’t contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) have proven to prevent plaque.

Bryan and I also take a look at the latest disease that has been linked to the gut - Polycystic ovary syndrome. Women who suffer from PCOS have less diverse gut bacteria compared to women who don’t.

There is also the latest drug alert which includes Floxin, Levaquin and Cipro, used to treat urinary tract infections. Finally, we discuss the benefits of the amazing natural anti-inflammatory spice, Turmeric.

And if you’d like more information about cutting-edge ways to control your own health without drugs or surgery, check out:



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