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Lynne McTaggart

As you may have realized, in this chest of mine beats the heart of a disruptor – an activist for change. Change in the way we view the world through the New Science. Change in the way we access our own innate human capacities and our incredible ability to heal each other, ourselves – even the world.

And for 32 years, my husband Bryan Hubbard and I have been activists for change in medicine and the tools that practitioners use to heal.

Back at the end of 1989, we launched what was then a newsletter called What Doctors Don’t Tell You.  I had experienced a remarkable healing by a forward-thinking doctor – then a frontier pioneer of nutritional medicine – and I wanted not simply to tell my friends, but tell the world about the new ways to heal that I’d discovered during my own healing journey.

Over the last 32 years, that 12-page newsletter morphed into a glossy magazine. Bryan and I still believe there is a huge story to tell about new ways to heal. Now, in this time of media censorship particularly concerning medicine and healing, that story has become ever more necessary.

During Covid, we were one of the few news sources to offer the truth about the true origin of the virus, the true casualty rates, the truth about the vaccine and its side effects, the truth about numerous prestigious doctors who’d found simple cures for the illness but were being silenced. We weren’t peddling conspiracy theories – we were reporting on the science that was emerging, but that did not appear in any standard newspaper or publication.

The media had shut down its role as the fourth estate – holding the feet of government to the fire.

We understood that as journalists, that was our necessary and important role. And we never stopped holding medicine, pharmaceutical companies and governments to account.

But we also believe our role is to make public all the non-drug methods of healing that are having remarkable success and also being censored.

Recently, we’ve published stories about people who have healed stroke in two weeks or advanced Lyme disease without drugs. We’ve published vital information about the best alternative ways to heal cancer, to reverse Alzheimer’s or diabetes, and much more.

And this week, I’m thrilled to announce, we have launched a new website for WDDTY, as it’s known. Aside from being able to access every article published in WDDTY, you can take advantage of a range of offers and events that are available only to subscribers.

We know that supplements and holistic products are expensive, so we wanted to offer our subscribers discounts. High-quality supplements and minerals are available at a big 20 percent discount—and that matters as we all look more carefully at our spending.

We’re also mindful of the fact that information about alternative medicine never gets an airing in the general media. With this new website we’re also launching a new series of live webinars. Our first webinar—on November 10th—is with Michelle Slater, whose remarkable healing from chronic Lyme’s disease is our cover feature in our November issue.

The new site also heralds a change in the way we publish. We’re becoming a ‘web-first’ publisher which means that articles will be placed on the site before they are published in the magazine, and that’s another reason why it’s worth revisiting every so often.

So, please pay us a visit soon: www.wddty.com. And if you’re not a subscriber, consider becoming one. We may be the only source of the real story about medicine and alternative treatments that work.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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