Why Diane Boone’s stage 4 lung cancer spontaneously healed

Lynne McTaggart

Diane Boone’s situation looked pretty hopeless a year ago. She had stage 4 lung cancer, she was unable to have medical intervention, and yet she healed – seemingly overnight. What was responsible for this spontaneous reversal?

Diane’s lung cancer had been going on for 10 years and getting steadily worse.

By the beginning of last year, her cancer was stage 4, with five tumors, three of which had been growing steadily for a year.

To any doctor, it  looked like the only thing that could save her was a miracle.

When Diane joined my Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass in February of last year, she was hoping that against all odds group intentions could help her to overcome what medicine had failed to do.

Doctors had tried chemotherapy, but without much success. They tried immunotherapy but had to abruptly stop it when Diane experienced some serious side effects.

Nothing seemed to be working, and the cancer was just continuing to spread.

Running out of options, Diane’s doctors decided to try chemo again. She was scheduled to begin in August and had surgery to insert a port in July in preparation.

Then, disaster struck. Diane contracted a bad case of pneumonia before she was due to start her treatment and had to spend three days in the hospital.

By August, Diane was still suffering with what turned out to be pneumonitis (general inflammation of lung tissue), so the chemo treatments had to be postponed.

All this time, Diane’s Power of Eight® group were doing intentions to heal her lung cancer.

Soon after, Diane went in for a routine CT scan. It was then that she – and her doctors – discovered, to their astonishment, that all the tumors in her lungs were completely gone!

Diane’s doctors officially pronounced her NED (no evidence of disease). 

In fact, Diane no longer needs to have chemotherapy. All her doctors plan to do now is periodically monitor her.

So, the only form of ‘medicine’ Diane had were the intentions of her Power of Eight® group.

Why was it so powerful?

Some of the effect has to do with a little-known nerve in the body called the vagus nerve. This master nerve of the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system –the longest of the body – originates at the top of the spinal cord and wanders (‘vagus’ means ‘wander’ in Latin) through the heart, the lungs, the muscles of the face, the liver and the digestive organs.

The two main strands of it – the dorsal and ventral nerves – control many of your body’s functions, supplying nerve to your heart, lungs, your major blood vessels, your gut and regulating your heartbeat – even your entire GI tract.

It’s also a powerful superhighway of two-way information, constantly sending messages between the brain and the rest of your body.

But here’s where it gets interesting. 

Scientists are beginning to understand that the vagus nerve has a third response, which is inextricably involved in social engagement. And good social engagement has an amazing rebound effect on our bodies.

Barbara Frederickson, a psychologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a pioneer in the positive psychology movement, has been instrumental in studying how the vagus nerve is hugely affected by social interaction.

She’s discovered that connecting with other people, even when fleeting, can create a ‘resonance’ that ultimately has a powerful effect on the vagus nerve and a healing effect on the rest of your body.

Someone is said to have good ‘vagal tone’ when their stress levels are under control. And what usually creates good vagal tone is social connection and compassion.

In one study, Frederickson’s team asked participants to practice loving-kindness meditations – which include altruistic thoughts and feelings of love toward others – and also to keep track of their social connections.

At the end of six weeks, she discovered something amazing: the participants’ vagal tone continued to go up the more their social interactions increased.

The higher your vagal tone, the lower your blood pressure and heart rate, the lower your inflammation and pain, the better you manage mood, stress and anxiety, the better communication between gut, heart and brain, and much more.

We also know from many studies that social isolation does the reverse: people who are isolated, for instance, are two to three times more likely to die from heart disease.

As I wrote in The Bond, our biological responses to stress – the “fight-or-flight” mechanisms of our autonomic nervous and endocrine systems  — are subdued even when we just believe that support will be present.

There are a lot of reasons why Diane Boone healed: yes, the power of the group’s intentions themselves. But that amazing reversal of cancer likely started with the connection she had developed with her Power of Eight® intention group: the certainty that they had her back, that they were sending intention to her regularly, that they were loving, supportive family.

And as the science shows, that kind of connection can work miracles.

If you’d like to call upon the miraculous power of group intention to heal every aspect of your life – whether health, relationships, finances, career or even life purpose –  join my forthcoming Power of Eight®  Intention Masterclass, which kicks off February 5.

But please don’t delay. There are only two weeks left to book and we’re more than three-quarters full.

A year from now, like Diane, you could be talking about your own miracle.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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3 comments on “Why Diane Boone’s stage 4 lung cancer spontaneously healed”

  1. A truly amazing recovery and inspiring story. I wonder if the infection and presumably the fever associated with it could also have played a role in the healing.

  2. The Polyvagal Theory, to which Lynn refers in this article, is completely recasting the understanding of trauma and illness in psychotherapy. Dr. Stephen Porges, https://www.stephenporges.com/bio is its author. He also designed an auditory intervention as a result of his 40 years researching the vagal system, called The Safe and Sound Protocol. It's used primarily by certified psychotherapists and occupational therapists to gently retune the autonomic nervous system for greater safety and social engagement simply through listening to specially filtered music. This in turn opens a portal to deeper psychological & physiological change. As a certified provider, and a participant in last year's PO8 masterclass, I'd be happy to share any information on this groundbreaking topic!

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