Keep on truckin’ – together

Lynne McTaggart

If you doubt your own power as a single individual to make a giant difference to the state of the world today, take a look at what a group of truck drivers have managed to achieve.

Organized by Canada Unity, a group that opposes COVID-19-related restrictions, the members of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ – all truckers who routinely cross the Canadian-U.S. border to bring back goods into Canada – object to the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for cross-border drivers imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party government on January 15.

The protest started with three convoys, all heading east through British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

En route, thousands of supporters lined British Columbia’s Highway 1 and other roads and overpasses, holding signs of support aloft and even offering to feed the drivers in their homes or restaurants.

The three strands plan to converge in Ottawa in Ontario in time for a protest on Saturday, January 29, expected to be attended by many thousands in general protest to Canada’s restrictive new laws on vaccine mandates.

The Freedom Convoy is now believed to be the world’s longest truck convoy – an estimated 70 kilometers in length – about 10 times longer than the Guinness Book of Record’s world record (formerly held by a 2020 convoy in Egypt).

By Saturday it’s expected to be made up of some 50,000 trucks from all over Canada and the US.

Aside from making a fairly gigantic traffic jam, that many truckers protesting instead of working could severely disrupt supply chains of food and other goods in Canada and the States.

But it doesn’t end there.

Freedom Convoys are being organized all over Europe with plans to converge on Brussels, and they’re forming in America, Australia, Finland, Czechoslovakia – all places that have imposed harsh Covid mandates.

Will this relatively small band of revolutionaries do any good in loosening Covid restrictions?

Let me tell you my own experience about the power of a small group.

About a decade ago, with no warning, Orange, at the time one of the leading British telecoms companies, announced its intention to install eight cell towers in our community, with one planned right on our block, directly across from our younger daughter’s bedroom window.

The majority of members of our town – in particular our immediate neighborhood – were alarmed about the potential detrimental effects of a cell tower on our health, especially that of our children, plus other worries about property and aesthetics.

Ten of us met at our house one evening. Over tea and cookies, we put together a comprehensive plan to form what we teasingly dubbed our ‘housewives’ brigade to protest Orange’s plans.

One of the businessmen took it upon himself to study the law, to see which grounds we could use to protest. Several neighbors scouted around and eventually located sparsely populated sites in the area where phone towers could be placed as a reasonable alternative.

Another neighbor approached the headmistress of the public Catholic school on our street and the ministers of all the other local churches for their support.

Our next-door neighbor built and painted a giant luminous orange box, in the dimensions of the proposed tower, and parked it on the proposed location to give the neighborhood a visceral idea of the sheer dimension of this proposed tower and how much of an unsightly and cumbersome impediment it would present on our sidewalks.

As owners of a publishing company, my husband and I volunteered to produce posters, fact sheets, letters to our local council and petitions for Parliament.

We parceled up the area and took turns leafleting. Some of the women stood outside school gates and knocked on the doors of every unit in every apartment building; others contacted our MP.

One of the families with a distant link with Orange organized a meeting with a company representative, and invited our MP, during which we discussed our objections and proposed a reasonable alternative.

Orange’s slogan was: ‘The future’s bright – the future’s Orange.’

Our posters had printed a child’s drawing of a little girl standing next to a cell tower looking green and decidedly unwell.

Using the same typography as Orange, our poster read: ‘The future’s bright – the future’s irradiated.

We showed the Orange rep our poster. We told her that if they refused to take our concerns on board, we planned to paper Orange centers around London and a good deal of this section of town with these posters.

Within a few weeks, Orange withdrew its petition.

Several years later, they were back – this time, most cynically, they’d made their bid over the summer months when most people were on vacation. We were only alerted to their renewed campaign after my husband noticed a small poster that had fallen off a tree across the street.

Nonetheless, within a few days, we’d resurrected our local email list, updated and reprinted the petitions and the fact sheets, and this time enlisted the teenagers on the block to pass around the material.

Within a month, after hundreds of letters of protest had been sent to our local council, they again turned Orange down.

Although Orange appealed, ultimately the company decided all the effort against this well-organized resistance wasn’t worth it.

What was largely a tiny rabble of neighbors chased away one of the giants of British industry permanently.

In an excellent essay in Harvard Business Review (November 30, 2016), author Greg Satell analyzed what successful movements have in common.

As he wrote: ‘While we usually notice successful movements after they have begun to attract large crowds and hold massive demonstrations, those are effects, not causes, of successful mobilization. It is when small groups connect — which has become exponentially easier in the digital age — that they gain their power.’

I see this every day with my Power of Eight® groups.  Recently I heard from a group that took my Power of Eight® Masterclass in 2020 and have been meeting every week for two years.

“During our two years together, once a week, we have witnessed medical miracles, professional opportunities, financial windfalls, and a wide range of personal accomplishments,” wrote Kristen Stephen, on behalf of the entire group.

“Yet, when we met over Zoom to bring in this New Year, what we were moved to speak about went far beyond the outcomes of our intentions.

“We devoted two full meetings to share with one another what each participant has meant to us.

“Many were moved to tears, their voices welling with emotion as they spoke of the gifts each individual brings to the group and what the group itself means to us.

“With overwhelming agreement, each of us stressed how our group has made a profound impact in our lives.

“Tasked with writing a summary, I wondered how to convey the magnitude of appreciation we each expressed.  Then, by chance, I came across this quote from your book, The Power of Eight:

         ‘Find your truest self and your greatest power in numbers." 

“Only a short while ago these words were a promise and required our trust.  Now, however, they resound as the most accurate description of our current experience.”

Every successful movement – every kind of important change, individually or collectively – can start with a small group.

The ‘Daytrippers’ now call themselves the ‘Lightworkers.’ When a small group come together in common purpose – whether for the group members or their community –  they can light up the world.


If you’d like to call upon the miraculous power of a small group to heal your own life or the world around you, join my forthcoming Power of Eight®  Intention Masterclass, which kicks off February 5.  But act now! There are only eight days left!

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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1,267 comments on “Keep on truckin’ – together”

  1. We are all in this together friend, great article and insights and a letter from one of our Canadian truckers. I can not stop crying tears of joy watching this as I have been doing my best over the last 18 months to expose whats going on and now so many free humans are waking up:)

    A letter from a trucker in our convoy in Canada...

    Hello everyone. We made it to Thunder Bay today. I have a hard time finding words to express the momentum on this convoy. The convoy is 100kms long and growing all the time. The support people have is overwhelming. Coming into Winnipeg yesterday was pretty emotional the com radios went pretty quiet because no one could find words to express what we felt. There was people packed on the shoulders of the streets. Cars parked and people for miles and miles on the ring road around the city. The horns never stopped honking! On the four lane going out of Winnipeg. We thought it was hammer down time but ended up driving 5 to 20 km/hr for hrs and hrs. People had camp fires going in the ditches, fire works, a sprayer with booms out with big Thank you! Signs on the booms. Crane trucks with the booms up with signs, lights flashing, and flags. The shoulders of the four lane packed with people and cars. Overpasses packed with people. Tons of families little kids all bundled up. Everyone was jumping, dancing, waving signs, flags, and flash lights. All in -30. Seeing how happy kids are, their smiles makes you a little emotional at times. This is how Canada is suppose to be. This morning going into Ontario, the support is amazing. The laneways, cross roads, little towns same things happening. Contantly speeding up and slowing for groups of people. I feel like I am cheating with adaptive cruise . When we came to Thunder Bay they had a big area plowed Off. Tents put up, big fires and a insane amount of food. Beef on the bun, spaghetti, sandwiches, coffee, donuts and you name it. They brought pallets of windshield washer fluid for everyone. Very humbling how kind everyone is. This is what freedom feels like. I felt normal for once not alone like the last two years. Thanks for all the support it is much appreciated!! Well I hitting the hay. Cheers. Thanks

  2. Small correction: Czechoslovakia doesn’t exist anymore. Czech Republic and Slovakia.

  3. FACT - about 90% OF CANADIAN TRUCKERS ARE VACCINATED; the convoy is not endorsed by the Canadian Trucking Association. It is the American government that put the restrictions on truckers that are crossing the borders, that the Canadian government was required to respond to. This convoy has been co-opted by extremists groups with malicious intentions, that could be listed as domestic terrorists groups in Canada, and have nefarious agendas far outside the norms, that only seek to disrupt and destroy democratic societies and governments - some 'leaders' of the convoy have openly stated that they are aiming to have a "January 6" just like in the States - that is now set as the standard first step for fracturing apart democracies - the GoFundMe page is at an amount over $5 million, since there is no accountability for donors, likely most of the money is from sources outside Canada, nothing to do with, nor respectful of Canada at all; that this 'dark money' is for the purposes of destruction, not discussion, for hateful angry polarization not solutions, even to persist long after the convoy. What the convoy is is evidence of Canada being infected by the ill-will, the closed-mindedness, the ignorance, the lack of critical thought, the selfishness, the delusions and fact-less propaganda and gaslighting from the States, and the gluttony and greed for only money, for only the individual person at the expense of the wellbeing and welfare, without any regard for equality of whole society - that's the real pandemic that is making democratic societies sick, each person believing that they exist only in their own "Me-World", and it was manufactured in the States and has been exported to the world for the last 6+ years. And there is plenty of food on the shelves in grocery stores in Canada. This article is shallow and narrow, and should have been written only from legitimate Canadian journalism sources, with facts. If anyone participating in the convoy thinks the democratic municipal/provincial/federal Canadian governments are so terrible, go live in a country that is under authoritarian rule - rather then appreciation, adjustments, accommodations for overall how Canadians have been supported through such unusual and trying times, for the whole public welfare, for the Good-Of-All, not one, that such angry, hateful convoy is celebrated is far below the nature of this group; they are not protesting, they are acting to overtake the care of everyone to impose what is only in their own self-interests - living in a democracy has rights And Responsibilities to all of your local/regional/national neighbours as well as to yourself, democracies shall continually seek to have fair, balanced and just regulations and laws for everyone in the country, based on values and principles. It is very irresponsible to post this article, without facts, and knowledge of what you really are endorsing.

  4. Thank you, Larissa, for so well articulating a much more accurate description of what is happening in Canada. I was shocked and saddened to see this unfortunately quite uninformed article posted on this page.

  5. Wow, I cannot believe how far and wide the stories of the Freedom Convoy are making around the world! I'm seeing this popping up everywhere. For the record, I live in Ottawa. For the first time in a long time, I can say I feel proud to be Canadian.

    Sadly, the mainstream media does seem to be misreporting and misrepresenting what is going on. It doesn't match what people are seeing and experiencing around the city. As far as I understand, the predominant aim of the Freedom Convoy is to lift covid mandates for ALL Canadians, not just for the truckers, by means of a peaceful protest. (Albeit a very loud one!) The majority of truckers themselves are stressing this intent, and are fully co-operating with local authorities to keep it peaceful, and do not support any behaviours/acts to the contrary. They just want the freedom of choice and dignity restored for Canadians. They are tired of the hatred and segregation, and just want Canadians to stand together.

    As they roll into the city, the unity energy is amazing. So many Canadians, after two years of isolation and lockdown and restrictions, are coming together. Those participating in the convoy, and those cheering them on, are all reporting similar sentiments. It's a beautiful energy. You just won't find it reported this way in mainstream media sources, as I guess they are so used to fear mongering, they don't remember how to report anything else???

    I don't know what the final outcome will be, but I just hold every intention for a peaceful protest and the most benevolent of outcomes.

  6. Please disregard those comments from the woke crowd. The point you make is not political, it is an illustration of the power of eight. The power in numbers. I get it. But know this: I personally am in favor of NO mandates, masks, vax requirements. I have followed the scamdemic since the start and have known for a long time that it's a giant money and power grab, with the added benefit (to the "rulers") of reduced expenditures on Social Security and Medicare expenses because they've killed off so many elderly. We now know that the treatments and vax that the "rulers" demand are killing people, while the true treatments are withheld and doctors are threatened if they try to use true treatments. I hope you're aware of FLCCC, AFLDS, Pierre Kory, Simone Gold, Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, and thousand of others that have pulled back the curtain on the Wizards of Death. Anyway, damn the torpedoes, girl. Full Speed Ahead.

  7. Thank you for sharing and spreading the word about the Freedom Convoy. I encourage people to check out Instagram and other platforms that have not censored vidoes. The power and beauty of what is happening here in Canada is inspirational

  8. Whose facts? Yours?

    My word the arrogance of people like yourself is truly breath taking.

    If people want to take this vaccine let them, if people don't want to, you don't take their jobs away and banish them from society.

    Wth is wrong with you????

    I would be interested in knowing why NOTHING else is prescribed for coldvid besides experimental gene therapy vaccines that were in trial for exactly 4 months, never tried on humans before that AND they are exempt from liability?

  9. Thank you for posting this! I am a Canadian that just took part in a portion of the convoy with my daughter. The love and unity that surrounds this convoy have given me hope and light that I haven’t felt in 2 years! Our PM spreads lies, division and FEAR!!! With our positive light, love, forgiveness we will overcome. Please continue praying for us ❤️

  10. Mark, I so appreciate your post because I had the same qualms and questions when I saw the article from Lynne. I believe in the power of group consciousness, so I guess this is an illustration of how it can be used for good or ill (no pun intended). I hope Lynne will respond to your query.

  11. Hi Mark, with or without the Confederate flag. Doing nothing is not an option, if you have a better idea let hear it

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