When a simple prayer can stop a bullet

Lynne McTaggart

On Monday, November 12, I ran another Middle Eastern Peace Intention Experiment, this time targeting Yemen, and specifically, the port of Hodeidah (also spelled Al Hudaydah), considered one of the greatest humanitarian crises in modern times.

In the last months, the port had been held by the rebel forces and consequently the focus of government and coalition forces. In the course of battle, they have been choking off supplies so that at the time of our experiment, some 80 percent of supplies and UN-supervised humanitarian aid, which passes through the port, had been held up and prevented from reaching the population.
Millions of civilians (some 14 million or more) have been caught in the cross fire, particularly with the arrival of 80,000 new coalition troops with an inability to flee the area or to get much needed food and supplies.
The UN has said that 14 million people face famine, and 22 million – three-quarters of the entire population – are in need of humanitarian aid.
Americans, Arabs and Israelis join hearts for peace
As with last year’s Middle Eastern Peace Intention Experiment, we were able to make use of SmartsWay studio, in southern England, owned by Dr Salah Al-Rashed, the Deepak Chopra of the Middle East, which has the technological capacity to create a two-way communication flow between a facilitator sitting in the studio and audiences in different locations anywhere in the world.
For this particular summit, he’d arranged for cameras and monitors to be placed in hotel conference rooms, each full of Arabs, in various cities in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia.
With Salah’s permission, I arranged with documentary maker Tsipi Raz to have an eighth camera in an auditorium filled with Israeli Jews outside of in Tel Aviv, and the ninth camera in an auditorium in Washington, D. C., filled with Americans, thanks to the help of Sister Jenna and the Brahma Kumaris, and Rev. Sylvia Sumter, of a local Unity church.
All nine rooms were displayed on my screen, and my feed was visible to all nine audiences, so they could observe me running the experiment.
Through this ingenious interactive technology each of the audiences were able to speak to me and to the people in the other locations as well as our audience around the world.
The entire experiment and its aftermath were also beamed live to other participants from all over the world via my YouTube channel, as the Arabs, Israelis and Americans shared their feelings after the event.
Our exact intentions were to lower violence and restore peace by at least 10 percent or more, but also to allow the civilians safe passage out of the area.
In my experience, it is always important to quantify exactly what you’d like to change, but to allow for a larger effect than requested.
And certainly, that is what we got.
Amazing ceasefire late on Monday
In the 24 hours prior to our Peace Intention Experiment Hodeidah had witnessed especially fierce fighting, as the government and Saudi-UAE-led coalition forces loyal to the exiled President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi began tightening their ring around areas held by the rebel Houthis.
Some 110 Houthis and 32 pro-government solders had been killed in the overnight fighting. At least 149 Yemenis, including seven civilians, had been killed during that time.
Street battles on the outskirts of the city had trapped the civilians and threatened hospitals.
However, late on Monday, according to Reuters and Al Jazeera news agencies, the air raids suddenly halted and the street battles, which had been raging for a week on the outskirts of the city, suddenly vanished.
“It seems that the shelling and the strafing and the bombing has stopped,” Lise Grande, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator in Yemen told the BBC. “We’re not sure about the implications of this, but it is very welcome indeed,” she added, especially for the civilians, who were “absolutely desperate.”
Suddenly the possibility of diplomatic talks increased, as the Saudis allowed the Houthis to evacuate. A UN spokesperson claimed the UN was even planning to resume its peace talks, which had collapsed in September.
Did we do this? Short answer, as always: Who knows?
However, what I do know is that this is the seventh major Peace Intention Experiment where the target had a reaction – a lowering of violence, a resolution of fighting – after our intention.
Maybe a collective prayer from a few people who are supposed to be enemies is all you need to stop a gun.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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17 comments on “When a simple prayer can stop a bullet”

  1. Amazing .The intention was a very emotional experience ,as always and the feeling of love and connectivity has continued all week.Namaste

  2. نعم لقد شاركت عبر استديو صلاح الراشد من مدينة جدة بالمملكة العربية السعودية وكانت تجربة جميلة جدا امتناني لجميع المشاركين

  3. Wonderful news! Thank you, Lynne, for all of your work with the intention experiments.

  4. Amazingly powerful. So important for the peace of the world to have our intentional healing prayers. It works at individual level, but so much more powerful when everybody is praying together. With blessings from Telle King

  5. Love and prayer can achieve what guns and bullets cannot. I feel very honoured to have been a part of this noble mission.

  6. This was a first experience and i am really proud.
    Lets do more good...
    After reading the power of 8, i am preparing a get together to create a group in Terrebonne, Québec.
    thank so very much

  7. Thank you for sharing these results with us so soon. Uplifting news for sure. I have been sharing with a small group of friends the thinking behind your work, especially relayed in The Power of Eight®, as well as my own (1st time) participation in this past week's global intention. We gather once a week to share our faith journey. We end of each session with creating a list of prayer intentions we have for situations and/or people (globally or locally). So I will be passing this email along to them. Thank you again for all that you do to increase global awareness of the incredible power of thought, connection and intention

  8. This is truly miraculous given the gravity of the situation. It just shows what a force for good we are if our minds and hearts are intending in loving unison. Thank you Lynne for your amazing leadership in bringing about peaceful solution for humanity.

  9. I participated in this event and the energy was palpable. It was a wonderful experience and I am happy to hear what happened later that day. Wow!

  10. What an honor and a joy to be A participant in this event and to feel connected to all of humanity ! And then to learn about the cease-fire that occurred later on in the day ! Who knows ? we are living in evolutionary and miraculous times ! thank you Lynne! thank you God!

  11. How amazing,is the power of intention and love.A joy and privilege to be part of these.Very emotional experience.Love and gratitude Lynne for all you and the team do.

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