The Israeli-Gaza Intention Experiment - an Interim report

Lynne McTaggart

Since the killing of 1,400 people in Israel on October 7, and the bloody reprisal in Gaza, I have held two live Peace Intention Experiments for peace and justice in both Israel and Gaza and that entire part of the world.

Our intention requested an immediate return of all hostages, that both Israelis and all Arab organizations engage in an immediate ceasefire, and that peace and justice prevail in Israel and Gaza for all.

In a situation like this, with a country at war, it is not possible for us to get reliable data to prove that our intention had a demonstrable effect, but at this writing, with the exception of the release of some hostages, the bombing and killing carry on.

There is more work for us to do.

However, our Peace Intention Experiment created another peaceful effect: the peace experienced in each of the hearts of participants by just engaging with the Intention Experiment, a peace that broadcasts out into the world – and continues to be heard.

Some 26,000 people viewed or took part in two experiments on October 17 and 26 plus thousands more taking part on Facebook and other social media).  As always, I surveyed the people who took part to find out what happened to them during the experiment if anything significant had changed in their lives.

Many reported that they’d experienced extraordinary changes and altered states during the experiment itself. More than 21 percent were crying or even sobbing, and 24 percent felt heat and tingling throughout their bodies. About a third said they experienced intense visualizations, and 54 percent – more than half – said that they felt they were ‘part of a higher network.’

Here’s a sampling of what they reported back on the survey:

I felt the existence of another realm.”

“Immediately, I felt a powerful field.”

“I felt a VERY STRONG emotional surge.”

“I experienced goose bumps throughout my body.”

“I cried all the way through, to my surprise.”

“I noticed a heightened sense of connection, love and oneness.”

“I felt my heart expand across the world and beyond, as it never has before.”

Some 47 percent felt more peaceful than usual, 37 percent ‘more compassionate than usual’ and a whopping 52 percent ‘more optimistic that world peace is achievable.’

Two days after the first intention, I had a moment I find difficult to put into words.  I arrived at work like a normally do,but was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of love and compassion and a wonderful sense of happiness and love was all around me.  I felt like I was able to send my love and loving energy to the world.  This lasted for several hours and was total bliss.”

Intention Experiments, and Peace Intention Experiments in particular, always appear to have a rebound effect, creating peace in the lives of the participants.

And it spilled out in every direction. Some 59 percent felt their relationships had improved, with 34 percent declaring that they feel more love for their loved ones, including spouses (27 percent), children (22 percent) or friends (36 percent).

But the greatest change, as always, was that 47 percent ‘felt more love for everyone they come in contact with,’ with 36 percent experiencing improved relationships with strangers.  Some 26 percent the experience made them more tolerant of people ‘not like them.’

Overwhelmingly, the participants felt changes in the way they behaved towards others:

“My youngest sister in New Zealand came into my mind spontaneously with a wave of forgiveness and tears of release. I didn’t know I felt so strongly. We are now connected again and I can accept her behaviors toward my middle sister in New Zealand and myself here in the UK. We chose not to be vaccinated and subsequently were not treated well by our families. My youngest sister banned non-vaccinated from her dance classes before it was mandatory, so I pulled away from communication as I felt a rift in our core values. I see now she was acting from a place of fear, and I understand that now with compassion.” 

‘I have family in and outside Israel, and there is a certain level of political disagreement between us. I notice that I am more committed to sending them love and joy, and not trying to change their minds. I am more accepting of their choices as a path in life, even if they are very different from mine.’

This change in the participants also appears to create a field of love and tolerance around them, and people they were regularly in contact with begin to change as well:

“My boss, especially, was really cheerful & happy this week, even though his business is going out of business and he has a lot of serious health problems. I've known him for years and he's never behaved that way before.’

“I have had a bad relationship with my dad. Now it is like a new birth, and it feels so homey.”

“My son and I are communicating more. He replies almost immediately to messages, whereas before it could be days or not at all.”

“My partner and I have been living in the same house but barely communicating. However, since the experiment we've been amicable and able to hold a civil discussion, which is amazing.”

In the main, as I discover every time, participants become more tolerant of other points of view:

“I am more tolerant and don‘t react  when somebody is harsh or insulting to me.”

“I try to be less judgmental, listen more and be more present with people.”

That love and compassion also spilled over to themselves. Nearly a third of people experienced heightened senses – the grass is greener, the flowers smell sweeter – 41 percent said they felt more loving toward themselves, and 39 percent said they ‘forgive things about themselves or their past actions they regret.’ A full 49 percent said they feel ‘more loving about the world in general.’

And that has resulted in many small and large improvements in their lives:

“The very next day after the first experiment I received prior approval for a mortgage to buy my partner out which I didn't think I would get or be able to afford. The night after the first experiment I had the best sleep of my life, bliss! Won a $50 voucher the same day.”

An extraordinary one-third of the audience experienced mental or physical improvements or full healings:

Blood glucose levels are better controlled [Type 1 diabetic].”

“A re-wiring of my brain was occurring / is still occurring.”

“I have had no to little pain in my right hip or lower back even without doing my daily stretching.”

“Having been in a deep depression, I’m starting to see improvements.”

“My mental health towards the world is improved. I can see the world more neutral. No more conquer and divide. No more choosing on which side I’m on.”

“Emotions are easier to accept and ‘go through me’ - I feel them and move on.”

I see these extraordinary changes in my participants in every single Intention Experiment I do.

Something about coming together in a secular prayer that we can all participate in without the divisions artificially created by separate creeds or arbitrary political divisions enables us to finally experience the oneness that is our common humanity.

From a biological standpoint, these group intentions affect our vagus nerve, activating the ‘connection’ and ‘safety’ portion of this longest nerve of the body, releasing oxytocin, the love hormone, and making us about 50 percent more trusting of others.

And it is that experience – plus those intense bodily changes – that enable the heart to readily leap across the fence. We become more peaceful and tolerant in our own lives, which in itself can radiate out into the world.

And those big changes carry on – in many instances, for years.

“After the first Intention Experiment that I participated in -- the Ukraine/Russia one – I had PROFOUND life changes that gradually happened. Relationships that I thought were destroyed were revived and flourished. I am closer than ever before to my youngest. Everything I visualized about relationships manifested and continue to do so.”

And from one person who participated in my 2017 Jerusalem Peace Intention Experiment, involving both Arabs and Israeli Jews intending for peace in Jerusalem, is still feeling the effects:

“In fact, peace has been with me since the Peace intention we did in 2017. That Intention profoundly changed ME.”

The point is not the action but its reaction – a ripple effect of peace in the hearts of the participants that eventually could extend out to the entire world.

Register here to join me for the next Peace Intention Experiment for Israel and Gaza on November 15 (9 am Pacific/ 12 noon Eastern/ 5 pm UK/ 6 pm Europe) and experience that peace in your own life as well.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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