The Holy Instant: the American Peace Intention Experiment

Lynne McTaggart

I’m studying the thousands of our participants in the Peace Intention Experiment who answered my survey thus far (keep ‘em coming), and what’s clear is that the experiences of our participants mirror those of all our earlier experiments.
The participants in the American Peace Intention Experiment are talking about experiencing a unity consciousness, plus healings, rejuvenation, amazing renewals in every regard.  And that all has to do with the intense mystical state they get placed into when they do group intention.

Major physical effects
They experienced overwhelming physical effects; 45 per cent felt they were part of a bigger network, more than one-fifth felt an overwhelming sense of energy, more than a quarter felt that their body was ‘tingling and felt warm.’
Ten per cent of our participants were crying, sobbing even, 44 per cent felt warmth or energy and 19 per cent experienced intense visualizations.
In total, 70 per cent felt a major sensation of some sort.  Many reported physical sensations that were overwhelming: hands tingled, heads ached, limbs felt heavy or painful, emotions felt raw, a powerful, infectious energy seemed to emanate from the computer:
“I felt like I was plugging into a huge flow of energy when I initiated the intention session.”
 “I started sobbing as soon as the intention started.”
“A strong surge of energy that started in my sacrum bone area to the top of my head, stopping in my heart before traveling up to my head and staying their for a few minutes.”
“A sense of connection to Spirit during the sessions. A vibrational ‘energy’ kind of flooded my being.”
“I’m still feeling lighter like I have lost weight. I felt expansion in existence and space.”
“An intensified version of my Yoga Nidra meditations where my body and my I become unimpeded receiver / transmitter for life force.”
“A deep sense of love and then my heart started beating very intensely. It felt like the whole Universe was beating through me, boom, boom, boom.”
“Every time I finished the intention sentence my entire body would have a goosebump reaction from my toes to my head and I'd shiver and then it would stop as quickly as it came until I said it again.”
Participants are also reporting strange, highly detailed visualizations, almost like hallucinations:
“A visualization of the grocery stores in that area donating $25 gift cards to every person hand delivered by police officers! Local businesses donating food for a block party, neighbors working together donating time to setup tents, recycling/trash containers, etc. Some band playing fun music for dancing in the streets of St. Louis!! And ‘The Gangsta Gardener’ coming to St. Louis to transform the boulevards and empty lots into fruit/vegetable gardens.”
 “A clear visualization of a light matrix that connected other participants around the globe, with a laser-like beam of light streaming down to the target area from the matrix. I felt the collective energy flowing through myself as part of this matrix. Very powerful.”
I began to "see" this part of St. Louis with good street lighting, residents beginning to help each other, and residents opening businesses to bring economic opportunity to the neighborhood.
“Angels walking among the people in N. St. L, then spheres of golden light flowing among them, touching hearts. I saw people looking up, smiling, opening arms and holding each other. On Day 5, I saw small balls of golden light again moving with the intention over the street and among the people. People there were looking at each other and seeing the essence in each other. They touched each other in Peace.”
“As the week went on, I felt more and more that I was on the streets of St. Louis.
Universal love
When describing how they felt when sending intention, more than 60 per cent thus far have felt peaceful themselves.  More than a third felt a surge of compassionate love, and a fifth felt overwhelming sense of unity with the other participants.
“I was intentionally connecting with 7 others during the meditation process. When I started that on the first day, I felt their hands take my hand and in my mind’s eye, I saw when they were all present and the circle was complete. Then we started the intention. There was a vortex of energy in the center of us and we transmitted the intention as one source. Interestingly, someone from the online connection contacted me and asked if they could be part of the intentional 8 group that I had virtually connected with, so I actually had a physical virtual person to connect with from the second day forward in the experiment. It was quite wonderful.”
“I felt completely full of love for everyone and everything. I was filled with compassion, peace, calm, well-being, etc. I looked forward to the intention every day, and I was surprised how important the intention experiment became to me.”
“Rather than ‘felt like,’ I Knew that I AM simply a part, (a ‘quanta’, if you will) of ALL that is (& awakened, a very powerful one at that).”
Psychologist Abraham Maslow studied these ‘peak experiences’ toward the end of his life and wrote about how your senses are almost permanently altered by them. This is “the way the world looks if the mystic experience really takes,” he wrote. “If you’ve gone through this experience, you can be more in the here and now than with all the spiritual exercises that there are.”
Our participants have been reporting that sense of looking at the world anew:
“I felt energized and yet very calm, peaceful and hyper-aware. It seemed like I could see much clearer. It seemed brighter.”
“On 4 hour drive which on the 5th day, everything I passed seemed to have so much more intense color. Lakes were a vivid blue and the color of the leaves changing seemed more intensely beautiful than usual. I also wondered why I hadn't noticed some objects and buildings until this drive, objects which had always been there, before that drive. It was kind of like I was noticing the world for the first time.”
Psychologist Arnold Ludwig once defined characteristics of an altered state of consciousness and mystical ecstasy: alterations in thinking; disturbed time sense; loss of control; changes in emotional expression; visualizations and hallucinations; changes in meaning or significance, like a eureka moment; a sense of the ineffable; and feelings of rejuvenation.
Most of the Peace respondents had experienced most, if not every single one, of these states.
The effect on Peace Experiment participants was something more
than the power of suggestion. This was like entering a different dimension.
Next week: how our participants’ lives are changing.
Where you part of the experiment?  Please take the time to fill out our survey and aid our vital scientific research into this extraordinary phenomenon:

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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