The $64,000 Covid question

Lynne McTaggart

There’s a question that’s been burning inside me for months now about the Covid statistics we hear about on the news every night, and I’m still waiting for some journalist out there to ask it.

The question came up because I noticed something peculiar about the statistics concerning deaths from Covid.  The current death toll in the UK, for instance, always says: 43,293 deaths ‘among those who tested positive within the prior 28 days.’

So, not deaths directly from Covid.  But deaths among those who’d had a positive Covid test sometime within the month before.

And according to an increasing number of doctors in other countries, this is the measure of Covid fatalities used pretty much everywhere around the world.

The question that no journalist seems to be asking of all those governments is simply this:  why are we using this very imprecise yardstick?

People who died of road accidents, or heart disease, or cancer, who might have had Covid during that final month, are included.  People who had a false positive test, but died of something completely unrelated, are included.

Does this mean that all those people who had ‘pre-existing other illness’ actually died from the other illness and not Covid?

A few days ago for our new web TV channel Health Uncovered, my husband Bryan Hubbard and I were asking just this question of Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, former chair of Medical Microbiology at the University of Mainz, an eminent virologist who has published over 300 scientific papers in the fields of immunology, bacteriology and virology, for which he has received numerous awards, including a German Order of Merit.

So bear in mind that I am focusing on the experience of one of the countries applauded for handling Covid-19 better than most.

Bhakdi and biologist Dr Karina Reiss have just published a book called Corona: False Alarm? This small book became an overnight bestseller in Germany and has just been published in Britain and America (Chelsea Green Publishing).

In the book, Bhakdi and Reiss said the following:

‘If I drive to the hospital to be tested and later have a fatal car accident – just as my positive test results are returned – I become a coronavirus death.  If I am diagnosed positive for coronavirus and jump off the balcony in shock, I also become a coronavirus death.  The same is true for a sudden stroke.’

Lothar Wieler, president of the Robert Koch Institute, the Germany federal government agency and research institute for disease control, has openly declared that every individual with a positive test result at the time of death should be entered into the statistics.

The first ‘coronavirus death,’ they said, occurred in a palliative ward in the Schleswig-Holstein, in the northernmost state of Germany, where a patient with terminal esophagal cancer was given a coronavirus swab test just before he died.  That test turned out to be positive.  He became a ‘Covid-19’ victim.

As Bhakdi and Reiss say: ‘He might equally well have been positive for other viruses such as rhino-, adeno- or influenza viruses – if they had been tested for.’

This kind of highly elastic counting system has occurred in countries around the world. During an interview with the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph Professor Walter Riccardi, an advisor to the Italian Ministry of Health, revealed that 88 percent of so-called Italian deaths from Covid-19 were not due to the virus.

In Belgium, according to Bhakdi and Reiss, the official count has not only included actual coronavirus deaths but those where it was just suspected.

With a new disease like this, say Bhakdi and Reiss, it’s imperative that autopsies be carried out to confirm the cause of death.  Only a single brave pathologist, Professor Klause Puschell, director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Hamburg University, had the temerity to do this – against the specific advice of the German government’s RKI.

Puschell performed autopsies on all so-called ‘coronavirus victims’ and discovered that not a single one had been healthy.  All had serious pre-existing conditions – many of them multiple serious conditions – and one in three already had lung embolisms, the same problem that kills such patients when they get regular flu.

Professor John Ioannidis of Stanford University, one of the world’s eminent virologists, put the Covid figures into perspective.

Say that the official figure in one season is that 8,500 German people over age 80 died from Covid-19. There are 8.5 million people who are 80 or older in Germany, so the risk of dying from Covid would be 10 for every 10,000 people in this age group.

Now, according to Ioannidis’ calculations, every year about 1,200 per 10,000 people 80 or older die from heart disease, cancer or respiratory infections.

Even if the figures about Covid were correct, they are not significant compared to the other killers.  And if other illnesses are being blamed on Covid, the deaths from coronavirus are insignificant compared to what kills people every year.

The difference is:  you’re not seeing those statistics – the numbers of people in your country who die every day from heart disease and cancer, and embolisms and more – on the nightly news.

So the question that burns inside me every night when I’m watching the latest death figures is: why?  Why overplay the statistics when any virologist or epidemiologist worth his or her salt recognizes that they are vastly overblown?

And why, for instance, did the UK’s Public Health England downgrade this virus as not dangerous right before the government instituted lockdown?

And, finally, why is no journalist asking that question?

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t believe that Covid-19 is being staged and the victims simply actors.  I don’t believe that this is being orchestrated by some Dr Evil cabal to take over the world.  I do believe that this is a nasty new flu virus – but not anywhere as nasty as the official stats would have you believe.

But you have to admit, when you recognize that most major governments are chucking in every possible illness and calling it Covid, there are only three possible scenarios.

One, sheer incompetence in the face of a new and unforeseen enemy.  Two, politics.  Having pursued one course of action, governments can’t be seen to backtrack. Saying ‘just kidding’ would be committing political suicide.

And three:  here it all gets a whole lot darker. I don’t even want to go there.

This is the first time I can remember hoping and praying that it’s all down to  government and medical incompetence.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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28 comments on “The $64,000 Covid question”

  1. It’s a whole lot darker -Especially when you read the statistics and comments coming out of Italy, the fact that a group of German lawyers are taking the WHO /CDC and German equivalents to court for creating a non-pandemic to suit their own nefarious purposes et cetera et cetera. We are living in times where we are being manipulated, seriously manipulated. I didn’t start out as a conspiracy theorist either but the more I read articles from around the world and see information which is not being shown in MSM - I began to wonder.....

  2. Maybe there is a fourth option if we look at the broader component of who and what we as human beings truly are - spiritual beings having a human experience. We live in a world dominated by the energies of fear, scarcity, and victim-hood. Perhaps those energies are now taking themselves to their fullest extent beyond which the Metanoia will occur. Like the Tai Chi symbol, the dark reaches it apex before it turns toward the light. Perhaps, it is not even ineptitude on the part of medical establishments and governments, but just those entities playing out these energetic constructs which will eventually burn themselves out for the sake of a more sustainable world.

    1. I agree, Hannah ... everything that needs to be healed is being revealed. Until fear is released, our collective consciousness cannot move any higher.

      1. LOVE is the only real answer I believe!! Meditate, think about all we still have to be grateful for. FEED the collective from the heart. Avoid FEAR at all costs!! Forgive yourself the times when you are not able to do this!! That is my earnest intent!!

  3. This is a great question and one I would love to see answered Lynne. I hope that you help to get the conversation going so we can get the truth!

  4. The PCR test itself is totally unreliable. It was invented in the 1980s by Kari Mullis, a Nobel chemistry prize winner, who died last year. Mullis used it for research purposes and said that it should never be used for diagnosis. The test detects live, dead and tiny fragments of viruses from previous infections. These are amplified and the degree of amplification can vary the result. Under 30 times amplification not many test positive but under 60 times everyone is positive. In a person with no symptoms a positive test is meaningless yet these tests are used to indicate infectious cases. The BMJ published an article in which it said that the PCR test is not a test of infectiousness. So a person could have a false positive test and then die 28 days later of something unrelated to COVID but it would be registered as a COVID death.

  5. I completely agree with you Lynne, as to your two conclusions (don't even go there for 3!) - I agree with you for the rest of it too, I just didn't know some of the details - like the heroic Professor Klause Puschell, director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Hamburg University - God bless and protect all of these brave, intelligent and moral people!

    I hope that all of us will go and stand at their backs to protect them (with online petitions and the like if we live too far away) if their employment is ever threatened because they have spoken out. If enough of us speak out this awful situation has to end.

    Sweden seems (please God) to be out of the woods now, and their population seems to have acquired herd immunity. Yet the drive to get a vaccine for this flu (with complete immunity for ANY side effects at all) and inflict it on everyone goes on (potentially making billions for those in the company and the shareholders, like some of those making these decisions - coincidence? Surely? .... Surely it has to be coincidence.... surely?).

  6. You might not want to go where it’s darker; but doesn’t the world need to know? Please... for the sake of being forewarned... continue...

  7. All these results are total lies. The main stream media is exercising therefore abusing their power. They have become propaganda, pure and simple.
    When unused test swabs come back positive over 70% of the time, it is propaganda.
    Anything and everything to give them power over Trump here in America.

  8. I think there was so much underlying fear of a pandemic, which we had all been warned was "coming" (and was dramatized as devastating in movies and predictions) that everyone, including government officials, initially panicked. Panic causes increased death, shortages, etc., so things seemed catastrophic for a while. And then the issue became politicized when Trump took a more laid-back position and the Democrats/media dug in against him. With an election coming, there was no backing away from the Dr. Fauci-led position that Trump didn't take COVID seriously enough and more needs to be done to protect us all. Some people, older and sicker, need protection (i.e. isolation) but the young and healthy can get on with it!

  9. Lynne, I've been saying this and saying this myself! I was so relieved to read that I'm not the only one... Well, I know I'm not but... so good to hear this is being looked at seriously in other countries, and I hope here soon. I spoke to a cousin on my block whose mom died a few months back in her early nineties, after many varied illnesses. The EMTs asked if she'd had a fever. My cousin said, well, she had one at one point...but it was not covid. She wasn't even tested, b/c it was not that, clearly. And they reported it as a covid death on her death certificate anyway. Love your work, Lynne, love your books and have even started my own Power of Eight group...Keep on keeping on!

  10. I really worry about many of these comments. And it saddens me. I see the situation in more basic terms. These days there are so many people unable to access health care, or adequate healthcare, have safe stable accommodation and enough healthy food to eat that of course there are many pre-existing conditions. How could there not be? And of course they are predominantly the pople who die when Covid is added on top of all that. In this country ( Australia) it is the people in aged care who predominantly have died. Covid has exposed the appalling conditions that have resulted since aged care responsibilities were farmed out to the private sector who proceeded to destaff, casualise remaining staff and reap huge profits from the sector.
    Doesnt every human being deserve healthy food, some sort of roof over their head and adequate medical care at the very least? I believe so. Covid is exposing the underbelly of our societies and showing just how disfunctional and self destructive they have become. In the past whenever societies have reached the extremes of inequality that are accelerating today, to the point that the disadvantaged are treated appallingly, disintegration has been the result.
    My intention from all of this is for dignity and adequate care for all human beings, a halt to animal extinctions and a rewilding of our planet. Then we might all prosper and I so, so hope we all do.

  11. Lynne, you are the first person I started to learn from when I started my healing journey. It was because you were so analytical and you followed where the thread led. As a result of learning from you, healing from near death caused by Big Pharma, I truly got my mind back and started to learn what humanity is capable of. I found Bruce, Gregg and Joe as well, which has been a heck of a ride but constant learning. Attending one of Joe's week long events truly opened me to what humans are capable of and how powerful we are. All of that said, I have moved on to learning so much more and am now at your number 3, but I know I have to go there and keep learning truth. I want to thank you because without you, I may never have started this journey and might not have been where I am at least very open to learn what life is really all about and what has been kept from us. I do know that GOD WINS! Dark to Light!

  12. Well, yesterday I said 'Don't even go there for 3!' - and look at today - there is conclusion 3 writ loud and clear!
    Thanks be to God there are brave international lawyers who fight corruption - God bless and protect them (recent international events suggest they might do well to be careful of door handles and pots of tea in public! I really hope people are protecting them).

    " The German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss), launched July 10, 2020, was founded by four trial attorneys to investigate and prosecute those responsible for implementing the economically devastating lockdowns around the world, as well as using fraudulent testing to engineer the appearance of a dangerous pandemic
    "The Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee will be working with an international network of lawyers to argue the most massive tort case ever — a case described as “probably the greatest crime against humanity ever committed”
    "They argue that pandemic measures were intended to sow panic so that the pharmaceutical and tech industries can generate huge profits from the sale of PCR tests, antigen and antibody tests and vaccines, and the harvesting of our genetic fingerprints. "

    There's more - a lot more and a video too, full of facts and figures and names and places.... sit down with a cup of tea and coffee and be sure your favourite dog/cat/teddy bear is within reach for a consoling cuddle as this is far, FAR worse than anything I could ever have imagined.

    As you read, remember the millions of small businesses that have gone to the wall due to lockdowns (except in Sweden and Iceland, bless them), the reported up to 80 times increase in calls to suicide hotlines, the horrendous fate of those locked down with abusers in their own households.... the list goes on and on.

    The comments are interesting too.

  13. We unfortunately need to look at the darker possibility for the answer to this situation. Meaning, that the Dark forces are making their move for their long-planned-for totalitarian New World Order, and plan for us all to have to have their 'mark' in order to be a part of their police state, which will give them total control over us. And Pres. Trump is raining on their parade of us all into their dystopian future, and esp. with his highlighting that there are extremely successful treatments for this virus which don't require us all to have to have the vaccine supplied by our Wannabe Masters. (Think the HCQ or Budesonide or Ivermectin cocktails, known enhancers of our immune systems, etc.) So, with the elections in the U.S., things on the planet as a whole are coming to a head. Don't lose yours. Continue to listen to your still small voice within. And we will come out of this major Testing Time in fine shape - and better than ever before, FOR the Big Test, at this time of a/the Great Awakening.

  14. USA, you are in the middle of a deadly pandemic which has killed 220,000 of your citizens and is on the way to doubling that figure. Why? Because of a failure of leadership. Even allowing for a level of statistical error such as Lynne describes, you are leading the world in deaths per population. In Australia and New Zealand we have contained the virus and have very low numbers of deaths. Why? Because we heeded expert advice and followed the protocols. You should be listening to your medical experts and not following insane conspiracy theories.

  15. These are exactly the questions I've been asking for months. Is there no journalist with the courage to ask these questions or broadcast these discrepancies on mainstream TV? Or perhaps this is the most obvious evidence that all TV channels are controlled by the government agenda... I'm just hoping that as more people are waking up to the inconsistencies, misinformation and mismanagement of the pandemic (I know that Covid can be devastating for someone who is susceptible, so not denying that the syndrome exists), the more hope there is for the future.

  16. Rex, it is called the flu, hundreds of thousands of people die of it every year, it is just not whipped up into a frenzy for ulterior motives by evil people, and have you forgotten the bit about the false positives and false death certs done because they are so desperate to perpetuate the fear. You should switch off your television and radio and seek the truth.

  17. The evidence points out to it being the third option, sadly - where you don't want to go!

  18. I just couldn't go away your site before suggesting that I really loved the standard info an individual provide for your guests? Is gonna be back often in order to check out new posts.

  19. Incredible read! Your thoughts on [topic] have absolutely enlightened me in ways I hadn't anticipated. I've been tracking discussions on this subject for a while, but your viewpoint is uniquely enlightening. The way you've woven data with real-world examples is utterly impressive. Your narrative abilities are outstanding, and the examples you offered were both informative and engaging. It's rare to find a piece that educates but also delights, and you've done exactly that! I'm particularly captivated by your point about Idea. It's given me plenty to think about and has sparked a curiosity I'm keen to explore further. Keep up the fantastic work! I can't wait to see what topic you dive into next. Your blog is a treasure trove of insights.

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