Thank you! The Power of Eight® hits No. 1 on Amazon

Lynne McTaggart

The Power of Eight® came out in paperback this week, and I am thrilled to tell you that it’s already been a great success. We were in the top 50 bestsellers in Amazon all week, right up at the top of the charts for ‘Movers and Shakers. The book was also listed as No 4 as a Hot New Release generally, and the No 1 Hot New Release for both Science AND in Religion and Spirituality categories, as well as No 1 for New Thought.

Although the paperback has only been out for four days, my publisher Simon and Schuster has already gone back for a second and third printing, as the online book stores like Amazon temporarily ran out (they all restocked now, I’m told).
So thank you all so much for contributing to the success of my launch! Please be sure tell your friends about The Power of Eight® and the extraordinary capacity of small group intention to heal.
​As for me, I carry on measuring, documenting, refining our understanding of the nuances and outer boundaries of this ancient miracle, offering the scientific proofs that are palatable to the modern Western mind. Now that we have the capability to connect audiences around the globe and allow them to interact, I have plans for larger Peace Experiments involving every continent on the planet.
New Intention Experiments planned
This year, I’m working on using Intention Experiments to help polarized groups overcome their animosity.  I have a pilot study planned in Florida, a purple state, where we’re inviting Democrats and Republicans to come together for a common intention.
In November (tentatively November 11) I am planning another Middle Eastern Intention Experiment, again involving Arabs and Jews, plus my community around the world.
And we’ll be scaling up this work with a global Intention Experiment planned for spring 2019.
At the Mile High church in Denver, where I set up the first system for having them run their own groups, the Power of Eight® groups carry on meeting—and healing. Ken no longer experiences pain in his knee; Diane, who’d felt pain in her breast for several weeks and was scheduled for a mammogram, recently got the all clear; Reverend Kay herself, who leads the group and is never the receiver, nonetheless healed her stubborn irritable bowel.
Once I left Denver, it was time to release this tool to the world. For those who don’t have seven friends nearby for their own Power of Eight® group, I have set up a place on my website ( where people can advertise for or join virtual groups in their time zone.
I am working to bring the Power of Eight® into churches, organizations, communities, healing practices of all persuasions, and businesses.
Where the healing never stops
I continue to ask our community to send Intentions of the Week every Sunday. Although many of the nominees we choose have very late-term diseases, a number experience improvement—even healing. Anni from Austria, who had advanced breast cancer, just discovered her cancer was gone; Liana Grace Palermo’s intense pelvic and leg pain after breaking her coccyx is 90 percent gone; Steven Pacheco, who’d been unable to stand for more than a few minutes at a time after multiple injuries to his back and knees, is back to work; Robert Withers’s mother, Mary, who’d become breathless after her pacemaker was installed, is now breathing better, her energy back to normal.
And even the senders are experiencing healing. Christina Wolff, an artist who’d found it difficult to paint, had been faithfully carrying out our Intentions of the Week most Sundays, each time intending for those we had selected, despite the crippling arthritis developing in her own hands.
“My fingers started to be crooked, I was in agony, they were swollen, so were my toes, when I moved my fingers they were grating, bone to bone.” A few months ago, she wrote me to say that her arthritis was gone, thanks to her involvement in the weekly intentions. “yes cured,” she wrote. Now she’s back to painting and cooking—everything she couldn’t do before.
Every so often, a reader reminds me why I do this. “You know, you are doing more than ‘research,’” wrote one participant after the Middle East experiment, “you are breaking open people’s hearts.”
I didn’t consciously choose this path. I discovered the Power of Eight® process largely by accident, but most of the time it feels as though I am a kind of amanuensis, faithfully taking my dictation from the universe.
I remain the Power of Eight®’s gatekeeper, charged with protecting its integrity, but the treasure inside ultimately belongs to the world. It belongs to you and me.
Healing in a group is a natural part of your birthright, a capacity that you were born with and that was there all along for you to make use of, not unlike finding out that all you need to do is click your heels together to be instantly transported home. Don’t squander this gift. Find your group of eight and discover it for yourself.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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7 comments on “Thank you! The Power of Eight® hits No. 1 on Amazon”

  1. I have bought the Power of 8 and would love to receive the free gifts, but so far all the links I have been given by 'Laura' lead not to free gifts but to more urging to buy the book. I'm a bit disillusioned, but looking forward to putting the Power of 8 to the test.

    1. Hi Michele, sorry to hear that. We have now updated the link. Please follow this link and fill out the form to claim your free gifts:
      Once you have filled the form in, you will be re-directed to a ‘thank you’ page and a few minutes later you will get an e-mail in your inbox with your gifts.

  2. I think this is the book I have been looking for for a very long time. Being a retired nurse I have always felt there was a better way. I am keeping my fingers crossed I can find another 7 people to join up with and get this process going.

  3. I have begun two power of eight groups, one which meets weekly as a reading group and another in a course of miracles study group at the Center for spiritual living in Saint Augustine Florida. I will be documenting the results at the end of eight weeks. I will send results at the end of November.

  4. Having healed cancer with alternative treatments, I learned about the Herxheimer Effect, whereby, after beginning treatment, you often feel much worse before you feel better, due primarily to effects of detoxification. These "bad" feelings can last days or even weeks and are actually a part of the healing process as your immune system starts winning the battle.
    So, based upon the "As above, so below" principle, or perhaps the reciprocal of that statement, and the fact that our bodies are really communities of trillions of cells, just as the earth is a community of billions of people, I was intrigued by the increase in violence during the week of Lynne's Peace Intention Experiment in Sri Lanka (Chapter 7 of the Power of Eight) followed by the decline in violence and eventual resolution of the conflict months later. The Herxheimer Effect immediately popped into my my mind as I read this. Perhaps the government surge during that intention week was the "detoxification" precipitated by the intention experiment as the "treatment".
    Congratulations on the success of your book Lynne. It is well deserved.

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