Some animals are more equal than others

Lynne McTaggart

Carrying on with my dystopian reading list, I’ve devoured Animal Farm, George Orwell’s satiric novella of Stalin’s Soviet Russia. Even if you haven’t read the book, you probably know the story.

It’s about a group of farm animals, who, sick of their ‘laborious, miserable and short’ lives of mistreatment and subjugation at Manor Farm, plot and carry out an overthrow of their neglectful, alcoholic owner, Mr Jones, so that they can create a new utopian community and a ‘golden future time’ of freedom, happiness and equality for all.

Promising plans are made for plentiful food and comfortable living conditions,  and a seven commandments is drawn up (‘No animal shall drink alcohol,’ ‘No animal shall kill another animal’), with their most important commandment – ‘All animals are equal’ – emblazoned on the side of the barn.

This utopia proves very short-lived. Imperceptibly at first, the pigs, led by a pig named Napolean, assume power over the other animals.

Although the farm becomes highly profitable, thanks to a windmill, all profits are siphoned off to the pigs, the rest of the animals given just enough food to stay alive, dissenting animals mysteriously disposed of, the Commandments quietly rewritten.

The animals are told that they are best off living ‘simple lives,’ and the farm’s motto is changed to read: ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.’

By the end of the novella, the alcohol-swilling, card-cheating pigs are indistinguishable from the corrupt and greedy humans they originally rebelled against.

Orwell wrote the novella to highlight how Stalin had perverted the original Marxist ideals of the Russian Revolution.

Besides Orwell’s extraordinary foresight, what interests me most about the book were the facts surrounding its publication.

Orwell initially had trouble selling this book; four publishers turned it down. One of those, which had been  ready to accept Animal Farm, was advised against it by Britain’s then Ministry of Information.

This had nothing to do with matters of national security. At the time (it was published in 1945), Russia had assisted Britain and America in defeating Hitler, and the MOI claimed that the book would ‘give offense’ to the Russians.

‘The English intelligentsia,’ writes Orwell in the original preface to Animal Farm, which was omitted when the book finally got published, ‘had developed a nationalistic loyalty towards the USSR, and in their hearts, they felt that to cast any doubt on the wisdom of Stalin was a kind of blasphemy.’

That attitude of glorifying all things Russian (the BBC celebrated 25 years of the Red Army at the time) seems astonishing from our 21st century perspective, given everything that subsequently came to light about the Soviet Union and Stalin himself, who was responsible for the deaths of an estimated nine million people from starvation, deportation, murder or Gulag camps.

But look at what is happening today about what can and cannot be aired and more importantly what constitutes the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to think and act.

I’m thinking, for instance, of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, who recently wrote on social media that she was going to ‘de-friend’ any friend or acquaintance of hers who refused to get vaccinated.

And CNN’s presenter Don Lemon, who remarked on various occasions that people who are unvaccinated should not be able to come into an office, go into a gym, get on an airplane, drive or even shop in a store for food.

Variations of those statements have been championed by writers and newscasters throughout the West.

This is not a blog about the merits (or not) of the Covid shot. It’s a blog about, as Orwell noted elsewhere, ‘how easily totalitarian propaganda can control the opinion of enlightened people in democratic countries.’

With all our talk of the need for acceptance of diversity and diversity, it has become fashionable these days for the media and public to censor, condemn and now even ostracize people who, for one reason or another, hold any opinion other than the ‘correct’ one.

Although this occurs in many areas, it’s most evident with respect to those who, for any reason, disagree with or cannot follow the official line about Covid.

People like my eldest daughter’s mother-in-law, who went into anaphylactic shock and was rushed to hospital after her first Covid vaccine and has been told by her doctor that she should not get it.

Is she supposed to be prevented from or ever stepping foot in a store or an airplane again?

The manipulation of information to fit the right narrative according to prevailing belief and the attack on dissenters was certainly true in Orwell’s time. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

When Animal Farm was released, astonishingly the English press and literary intelligentsia of that day were more prone to attack Winston Churchill than Joseph Stalin.

‘There was a . . . huge and . . . dishonest stream of pro-Russian propaganda, and what amounted to a boycott on anyone who tried to discuss all-important questions in a grown-up manner,’ writes Orwell. ‘You could, indeed, publish anti-Russian books, but to do so was to make sure of being ignored or misrepresented by nearly the whole of the highbrow press.’

Does that sound familiar?

So often history proves a current prevailing morality wrong. Think of how Britain and America’s view of Russia has twisted and turned over the years.

First the Soviets were applauded during World War II, then utterly condemned in the McCarthy era 10 years later in the US, when anyone who was even suspected of having left-wing ‘Commie’ views was blackballed from society – until McCarthyism and the McCarthy hearings themselves were condemned as a ‘scoundrel time’ of witch-hunting.

The problem comes down to claiming the moral high ground over a particular position and attempting to eliminate all dissenting voices to the contrary.

The most disturbing aspect of morality, Joan Didion once wrote, “seems to me to be the frequency with which the word now appears; in the press, on television, in the most perfunctory kinds of conversation. Questions of straightforward power (or survival) politics, questions of quite indifferent public policy, questions of almost anything: they are all assigned these factitious moral burdens.’

As George Santayana famously said: ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’

I may just send Jennifer Aniston a copy of Animal Farm.


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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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7 comments on “Some animals are more equal than others”

  1. Hi Marilyn
    Actually, it is YOU who obviously missed the point of the message - if the only people exempt from OSTRACISM and discrimination are those who cannot be vaccinated for MEDICAL reasons - you are confirming what Lynne is saying about MEDICAL Totalitarianism (I do not use Facebook as I refuse to be tracked by them) .
    Several people of my acquaintance have had severe side effects, some have actually DIED from blood clots after being vaccinated - this lady was lucky that she was close to a hospital, but many are not,
    These so called Vaccines are EXPERIMENTAL genetic manipulations and many researchers and doctors have risked their careers saying this... Obviously you believe some are more equal - those who agree to run the risks and BE "vaccinated

  2. Indeed. And what baffles me about the public discourse is the apparent lack of regard for the fact that fully vaccinated people can still catch and pass on covid! The only benefit to the public good in being vaccinated is maybe to free up medical facilities. Being vaccinated will not stop you passing covid on to a fellow shopper or flyer. The main benefit, if the vaccine does not harm you, is to yourself: you may be less likely to become very ill or die prematurely due to covid. Yet a smug self righteous attitude of saving the herd is being promoted as appropriate for all who are fully vaccinated.

  3. P.S. Sadly, perhaps both you and your readers need to be aware of what is here:
    Perhaps there is no gap between what you discuss above and what is being shown in this article. The last paragraph says it all. And my feeling is that any intention experiments might be best focused on this. Individuals are parts of a whole. When the whole is utterly perverted, no individual can thrive.

  4. Ms. Schramm,

    Gibralta had a 106% vaccination rate in April this year. They were so gung-ho on vaccinations that they vaccinated some people living near their border. Two doses: Pfizer

    LOOK it up.

    They are now on CDC's highest RED alert for do not travel because of COVID. Are antivaxxers to blame for that.

    I will speak for myself. I will never vote for any DEMOCRATS again, and I have always been a liberal. The virus will mutate. It will destroy. I won't vote to be marginzalized any further.

  5. Thank you for sharing!

    Take only what resonates and let go of the rest… even if that means all of it.

    I stand by my knowing that I know some things, I don't know some things, and that I am not all knowing... and... I may later learn that what I thought I knew was/is wrong... : )

    I strongly believe that everyone should be informed and educated in a way that they can understand, from an honest place, the pros and the cons and have true understanding and be able to give or withhold informed consent. I also strongly believe that I/we continue to be respectful of each individual's choice and share unconditional loving kindness without attachment, compassion and love with and for all. I hold the intention and pray often that everyone will be blessed with health and wellness and love and financial and food security and safety and support.

    The great divide among people and the conflict is deeply troubling. The fear mongering that the only way forward and out of this current situation is through everyone being vaccinated, and the blame that if you are not vaccinated, you are harming others, and putting others' lives at risk, is all very disturbing.

    The lack of information about deaths, disability, and injuries caused by the vaccinations is appalling.

    There is no long term side effect data available for the vaccines as they are all newish.

    All medications and vaccinations and many other things have side effects.

    Most, if not all, of the Covid-19 vaccinations have Bell’s Palsy as a potential side effect. Bells’ Palsy can in some cases be permanent and cause some hearing loss and facial drooping.

    People should be informed and understand and have the opportunity to give or withhold informed consent without being ostracized or persecuted for their choices.

    Freedom of choice about what one puts into his/her body!

    Medical freedom of choice about what one puts into his/her body!

    Let’s end the threats, manipulation and enticement for people to get vaccinated!
    For example: get vaccinated or lose your job or lose your ability to go to school and potentially more…

    Let’s end the discrimination and persecution against the unvaccinated now!

    This fear and conflict and more is not good for people’s health and well-being, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

    Let’s unite in kindness, compassion, and love!

    Let’s educate and offer natural options to increase one’s immune system and health and well-being! To all! And may it be paid for as are vaccines and testing.

    As more information becomes available and is shared about people’s injuries, disabilities and deaths from the vaccinations, some are beginning to question their choices.

    It is very disconcerting to hear about the myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle, that has occured in young adolescents and young adults after mRNA vaccination, according to the CDC website.

    People are injured, disabled, and die from many things… diabetes, heart disease, cancer, flu, pneumonia, car accidents, violence, medications, Covid-19, Covid-19 vaccinations, and more.

    People are injured, disabled, and die from Covid-19.

    People are injured, disabled, and die from Covid-19 vaccinations.

    Some people have no or minor symptoms or basic flu like symptoms from Covid-19 and from Covid-19 vaccinations.

    Each individual is unique and their body will respond differently to everything, Covid-19, Covid-19 vaccination, medications, food, air, water, and everything.

    I don’t know. I don’t have answers. I can’t say what is right for anyone else. I strongly respect each individual and their freedom and right to choose what they do and do not put in their bodies.

    People who have witness loved ones and friends suffer and/or die and/or having lasting negative effects from Covid-19, may choose to be vaccinated. That should be a freedom of choice for them.

    Covid-19 is a virus and viruses mutate. This means on a very basic level that it is constantly changing. Additionally, a particular vaccine may or may not be effective against the changed Covid-19 virus.

    Additionally, it is unknown how long vaccine protection lasts, and what protection the various vaccines provide against new Covid-19 mutations. Some say that those with weakened immune systems may have a lesser response to the vaccine and with that less protection. Some say that those who are vaccinated may be asymptomatic and spread the virus.

    I have heard that the Covid-19 PCR and other tests may be inaccurate, leading to false negatives and false positives.

    Some who are vaccinated may have a false sense of security.

    Those who strongly believe in the vaccines and the protection they provide should not force their beliefs on others, and visa versa.

    Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for statistics to be manipulated or misused to demonstrate what the author wishes to demonstrate.

    People should be informed and understand and have the opportunity to give or withhold informed consent without being ostracized or persecuted for their choices.

    From Merriam Webster online…
    Definition of persecute
    1 :to harass or punish in a manner designed to injure, grieve, or afflict specifically: to cause to suffer because of belief
    2 :to annoy with persistent or urgent approaches (such as attacks, pleas, or importunities): pester

    Persecution is occurring now! For anyone not vaccinated and/or anyone choosing not to vaccinate their children.

    What happened to do no harm?

    Educating and informing and supporting people in strengthening their immune systems and increasing their health and wellbeing could be a wise choice, again with freedom of choice what one puts into one’s body.

    Everyone is a unique individual and their body responds differently to everything.

    What about Vitamin D levels, Vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium, maybe quercetin, and other supportive nutrients and herbs?
    What about testing Vitamin D levels? And providing high quality Vitamin D to those who could benefit? And retesting Vitamin D levels?

    Medications and vaccines and nutrient and herbs all have potential side effects, yet the more natural typically have fewer side effects.

    I do not know enough about Ivermectin or Hydrochloroquin to help with Covid-19, and other potential preventatives and treatments.

    The fact that those who for whatever reason choose not to be vaccinated or who are unable to be vaccinated may have to choose between risking their current health, risk disabling side effects, and/or death OR get vaccinated so that they can have a job, earn a living, feed, shelter, and clothe themselves and/or their families, is shocking. For some the choice of not getting vaccinated could lead to homelessness and hunger and more... potentially persecution. It feels inhumane.

    One can’t believe everything one reads, yet…

    Many nurses and others who worked through the pandemic without vaccination are being forced to choose between getting vaccinated and risking potential side effects and/or death OR not having a job.

    One woman got a job that required vaccination. She got vaccinated and died.

    Get vaccinated to get or retain a job or go to school OR risk death, disability, and injury from a vaccine?

    Anyone who is injured or disabled from a vaccination has little to no recourse. There is not a time machine to return them to their better state of health before vaccination.

    What happens to someone who is disabled from a vaccination? Pain, suffering, housing and food insecurity, financial insecurity, lost opportunites, suicide?

    Medications and other things can be harmful, disabling, and deadly, and they can save lives!

    What part of the vaccinations and vaccination campaigns have money as a contributing factor?

    It takes money and time and energy to research and discover and produce medications and vaccines. Some can be harmful, disabling, and deadly, and some can save lives.

    If each vaccine given provided a $1 profit, and the vaccine is administered to billions of people, that could mean billions of dollars of profit. If more than one dose is required, that could mean billions of dollars more in profit. If the vaccines are administered every 6 to 12 months, that could mean additional billions of dollars of profit.

    A long time ago, before I learned more and had more education and life experiences, I used to be a yes doctor person. Medication has saved my life. Medication has devastated my life. I do my best to weigh the options and make the best choices for myself. I encourage others to do the same.

    There are risks and benefits in life.

    Everyone should have the freedom to weigh the risks and benefits of Covid-19 vaccinations and the freedom to choose for themselves what they do and do not put into their body without persecution and potential job loss.

    Anyone who is injured, disabled, or dies from Covid-19 vaccinations, other vaccinations, or medications should be fully compensated and supported for their and/or their loved ones’ entire lives by the vaccination and/or medication companies. It should be a relatively simple process, not something that an injured or disabled person cannot do on their own and they should not need to hire a lawyer or others to make it happen. They should not have to be reliant on minimal government support and the massive amounts of paperwork and continual supporting documentation requirements. They might qualify in the US in 2021 for US Federal SSI monthly benefits of $794 max per month, maximum SNAP food benefits of $204 per month, maybe some no or low cost health/dis-ease insurance providing mostly medications and/or surgery, and maybe if they are fortunate some housing program. Maybe they could survive on $998 per month. It can be challenging to find housing in the US for $794 per month, let alone pay for utilities such as phone, gas, electricity, heat, air conditioning, transportation, clothing, shoes, and internet. It can be challenging to eat healthy and especially organic foods for $204 per month, which could contribute to more dis-ease and illness. It could severely impact their mental health and increase the risk of suicide. They should have the freedom of choice to seek or not seek western allopathic and/or other supportive care and the vaccination and/or medication companies should pay for it without questions. They should also receive support to pay for care and support for activities of daily living and grocery shopping, food preparation, laundry, house cleaning, and transportation from the vaccination and/or medication companies.

    I have learned over the last decade that Bell’s Palsy is also a known potential side effect of the flu shot. I know someone who got Bell’s Palsy after getting a flu shot. Two other people in his work group of 30, 3 out of 30, 10%, got Bell’s Palsy. It was devastating for him. He got surgery to decompress the facial nerve, however, that surgeon has retired, and the surgery was extremely expensive, around $200,000. He permanently lost some of his hearing in one ear and sometimes some facial droop is noticeable. People would avoid him and his girlfriend left him when he got Bell’s Palsy. His co-workers did not fare as well as he did.

    The regular flu shots may or may not protect people from the seasonal flu. They too have potential side effects, including Bell’s Palsy.

    Everyone should have the freedom to weigh the risks and benefits of Covid-19 vaccinations and the freedom to choose for themselves what they do and do not put into their body without persecution and potential job loss.

  6. The beauty of all of this is that we are more magnificent than all of this - we just don't know it yet, and the magnificent subtle energy that we are is more than capable of dealing with any G that may come our way. These are all just humanities way of trying to create some version of what we already are. So my only advice would be.... focus on knowing who you really are, live your life with intension - knowing and trust,... that we are awakening to who we truly are and as we do this we will understand our Universe from a place of expansion and abundance instead of one of protection survival and lack.

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