It’s all starting to unravel

Lynne McTaggart

This week has marked a big turning point in the Covid-19 saga. What we were told, what we firmly believed – that the authorities were ‘following the science’ as the basis of every policy and restriction – has been shown to be, well, not quite the whole truth and nothing but.

The biggest revelation has come from emails, finally released this week and made available to the House of Representatives’ Oversight Committee, showing that scientists on both sides of the Atlantic shut down any public information that the Covid virus had been manipulated in the laboratory in Wuhan and had inadvertently escaped.

These emails, first ‘released’ after Freedom of Information requests in 2021, had most of their contents gutted, and it was only demands from the Congressional Oversight Committee that forced the US government to hand over the unexpurgated contents.

According to Viscount (Matt) Ridley, co-author of Viral: The Search for the Origin of Covid-19, writing in the UK’s Daily Telegraph, as far back as February 2020, Jeremy Farrar, head of the Wellcome Trust, arranged a meeting with senior virologists from Britain and the US.

Unfortunately, also present in the meeting were Francis Collins, former director of the National Institutes of Health, and Anthony Fauci, who heads up the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The emails released this week show that three of the five virologists present believed that there was clear evidence that this was a gene-manipulated Frankenstein virus.

Nevertheless, writes Ridley, the conclusion ultimately published by these scientists in a subsequent paper in Nature Medicine was: ‘we do not believe that any type of laboratory-based scenario is plausible.’

Two other scientific articles quickly followed, in The Lancet and in Emerging Microbes and Infections, also crushing the manipulated virus theory.

I say unfortunately about Collins and Fauci because Collins argued in one of the released emails to Sir Jeremy that any public announcement about a genetically manipulated virus escaping from a Chinese lab would be devastating.

As he wrote, a ‘swift convening of experts in a confidence inspiring framework (WHO seems really the only option) is needed, or the voices of conspiracy will quickly dominate, doing great potential harm to science and international harmony.

This was echoed by a Dutch virologist named Ron Fouchier, who told the group that any further public debate about this would ‘distract top researchers from their active duties’ and ‘do unnecessary harm to science in general.’

Like the Nature Medicine article, the Lancet letter emphasized that the idea of a Wuhan lab escape was nothing more than a ‘conspiracy theory.’

‘We sign this statement in solidarity with all scientists and health professionals in China who continue to save lives and protect global health,’ the letter portentously announced.

What the Lancet failed to disclose for 18 months, says Ridley, was the conflict of interest among several of the authors, including Peter Daszak, who Ridley claims ‘secretly orchestrated’ support for and publication of the letter.

Consequently, he pressured some 15 of his fellow scientists to sign the Lancet letter.

Later emails showed that Collins wanted to intensify efforts to ‘put down this very destructive conspiracy.’

Now, just follow the breadcrumbs.

Daszak is the head of EcoHealth Alliance and his work focuses on the theory that animal viruses can jump species, largely because of ecological change. His biography claims that he was responsible for ‘identifying the bat origin of SARS.’

EcoHealth’s stated objective is ‘directed by the conviction that disease outbreaks are not just predictable, but preventable.’

The idea is that if you create these manipulated viruses in a controlled environment like a lab, you can then prepare yourself for a pandemic and have a solution – like a vaccine? – readily to hand.

Daszak just happens to be a close collaborator of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Late last year, it was none other than Daszak who was chosen to head up the WHO investigation team that visited Wuhan. Daszak returned, exonerating the lab and still putting forward the ‘bat-eaten-by-a-pangolin-and-sold-on-the-wet-market’ theory of how Covid started.

By the time Covid hit, the US had poured some $42 million into this ‘gain of function’ animal-to-human manipulated virus research. It was first carried out at a facility at the University of North Carolina, but then President Obama, viewing such genetic manipulation as unethical and potentially dangerous, with the possibility of these Frankensteins escaping, closed down the North Carolina research in 2014.

After that, research was concentrated at . . . the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

With Daszak’s connections to the WIV, increasing evidence points to the possibility that EcoHealth was being used to funnel research funds to Wuhan and that the ultimate funder may have been. . . the US National Institutes of Health, with whom Daszak also has close ties.

And here’s another breadcrumb. After the Wuhan lab leak was crushed, Fauci used his powerful influence among the media to shut down any discussion of alternatives to the vaccine (such as holistic and some drug-based solutions being successfully used by doctors around the world).

This includes ridiculing scientists from Stanford, Harvard and Oxford, all of whom argued against wholesale lockdown and vaccination, and in favor of focused protection of the vulnerable.

It should be noted that Fauci holds more than 50 vaccine patents.

Both the Lancet (which now regrets publication of that letter) and Matt Ridley, a highly respected science writer who has written on genomics, feel that they’ve been had.

Based on those three original articles, says Ridley, he argued for a long time that Covid couldn’t have been started in a lab.

It was only after examining the emails and working with other scientists, who didn’t quite buy the wet-market scenario, that Ridley finally discovered the truth.

Yes, it’s a very bad day for science.

But these revelations, horrendous though they are – that a team of scientists concocted conclusions primarily to keeping a lid on a scientific calamity on an unimagined scale – are simply the natural end result of a medical system long corrupted beyond repair.

In the US, the very regulatory agencies that supposedly keep us safe are allowed to own patents of the drugs they are supposed to regulate.

The pharmaceutical industry, in turn, has been sanctioned not only to populate agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration, but also to become the media’s largest advertiser.

Two of the tentpoles supposedly safeguarding the public’s health are completely compromised.

Covid has simply exposed this vast conflict of interest in bold relief.

Stay tuned for more unraveling, as more of this evidence, at long last, begins to see the light of day.

Because once it becomes public, all of us can do something about it.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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1,019 comments on “It’s all starting to unravel”

  1. Dear Lynne, thank you so much for speaking out. I continually (and gently) send out links to articles and talks by amazing researchers and medical practitioners who are speaking up about the propaganda and deception taking place among mainstream media, government agencies, and the pharmaceutical industry. But most people do not read nor listen, nor acknowledge receipt -- or worse, write harsh responses! Ouch! Every day I pray that the truth comes out so that we can all make better health and behavioral decisions for ourselves, and for humanity! Please keep writing!

  2. Besides owning patents, & being indemnified, & the US taxpayer paying ALL for the R&D etc...another breadcrumb: Fauci et al control most research funds in the US...& media across most spectrums has been schmeared by Gates, big pharma, ...

  3. Hi Lynne, I can’t. help feeling that Phase 1 has simply come to a conclusion a little earlier than expected. I predict next we will be signing up to a new world digital currency, making us all slaves to the digital passport. My thoughts right now are that we need to be planning an alternative system of health… one that’s localised and not controlled by Big Pharma and which seeks to address disease via remedies that are safe, natural and that actually work. Let’s call it the Great Awakening.

  4. What does it mean to remain in Unity? As I experience it, the Truth is addressed beyond the polarity of right wrong/good or bad. The ego is very subtle sometimes, and it gets it's fix by making the other bad or wrong. Believe me, it is not about not bringing what is going on to the Light of Consciousness, it is however looking inside myself and seeing if there is any judgement about it all...that takes courage and a true desire for inner freedom.

    When I can truthfully know within, that I have no judgement either way, then the Power of Love has been let loose to do what It knows what to do. Authentic Love is beyond the Opposites and until I can reside there, there is more inner work for me in relation to pulling the energy out of the opposites, letting go of resistance to what is, while speaking Truth. As I admit that I may still have judgements, and wanting it to be different, when I know and accept this war within myself it begins to dissolve in the Light of my desire to know that change first comes from within.
    When the fears from within are dissolved, then the world no longer has hold over me. As I see myself as what I truly am, then I can see you as who you Truly Are. There is True Power. Power without opposite.

  5. Thank you Lynne! Yes, millions and millions of folks around the globe have known since fairly early on about this, but have been subject to shaming, harrassment, you name it! The river runs very, very deep here.

  6. Thanks for reporting this Lynne! The brainwashed need to understand that we have been lied to. This is the biggest totalitarian power grab in history. The extent of corruption is plain to see for anyone paying attention. Big Pharma's business model is to get you on drugs that have side effects requiring you to take more of their drugs. The "vaccines" are the most successful product they have ever come up with supporting that model. Double digit increases in disease are being seen in the vaccinated over baseline norms.

  7. We know this to be true but as a person not in "authority" it silenced us not to spread the truth or to not even act on it because we have no basis, but we have a deepest knowing from our heart that this is all about manipulation. It's all about human unconsciousness. It is sad and frustrating sometimes... but for now, we know that "The Power of Intention" really works, so let's focus on praying for the truths to come out. and so it is.

  8. Once again so... disappointing. Dr. Fauci has 12 patents all having to do with HIV. NONE for anything to do with Covid-19.
    The question of Lab -made vs. naturally occurring Virus is STILL not settled and may never be. THAT is why it is a distraction right now.
    The remedies like Hydroxychloriquine, which is a Horrible Uncomfortable Drug with nasty side effects, and Ivermectin the anti-parasitic, WERE studied, proven ineffective and their potential harm offset possible benefits. THAT IS NOT A SCANDAL! Whether you believe immune boosting herbs like Astragulus and Ginger can save you from a Novel Virus is one thing but spreading Slander and misinformation generating HATE and Distrust is inexcusable.

  9. Excellent article thank you Lynne. However, could you please provide footnotes when you make an assertion? It hurts me to agree with one word of Madeline P's nasty and inaccurate remarks - but on a cursory search I could only find 12 patents registered to Anthony Fauci too. Drat!!! If you'd provided footnotes she'd not have had a leg to stand on - and I'd love to know the details of the others.

    It should be noted Ivermectin has been prescribed for decades with tens of millions of doses for with virtually no ill effects (no medication ever invented has none), as has Hydroxychloroquine. And nothing in the history of modern medicine has ever thrown up such immense adverse events (including tens of thousands suddenly died or permanently crippled) as this untried and insufficiently tested gene altering medication doing the rounds at the moment - the figures in VAERS, the Yellow Card System and Eudra all support that.

  10. Yes I agree with your comments. It takes time and quiet self awareness to be non judging and assimilate the best of both sides so there is no longer polarity but more whole perspective blended by assimilating.
    Either or just doesn’t work for me. I need time to let it all simmer within while finallytasting something closerto truth.

  11. hello
    I signed in for this Masterclass.
    could you send the schedule so that I could organize my agenda
    thank you
    kind regards

  12. Very good, very interesting and very true….and yet nothing new when you open your eyes and look at history of humanity. It’s nothing but greed. Comments were interesting. Folks ask, what can we do? I will add, simply, have faith. Believe in the good and light because it shatters greed and evil. This is nothing new in humanity. In the 80/20 rule, when the 80% comes at me with fear, I don’t feed into it and turn that person around by showing faith and hope that they will question themselves with their fearful reactions to this. I’m not a very religious individual but I am a believer of the soul. Light will always conquer darkness. What’s the worse than can happen, we go home to God? No fear..Keep praying light onto humanity!

  13. Hello Lynne, and thank you for publishing this article. If the claim that Sars CoV-2 was the result of a Wuhan lab leak is accurate, it would certainly be an outrageous conspiracy. However, you and your readers might like to read an article that casts doubt about some of the claims made by Matt Ridley, and I leave it up to the readers to come to their own conclusions:

  14. Thanks for that. Good article.
    There always seems to be more to consider and I am very wary when someone insists they know what's what. Though people like that will say the Guardian can't be trusted because they are shills for the New World Order fascism, communism,..... and so on.
    What immediately turned me off about the Chan-Ridley article is that Ridley dabbles in climate denial. It's then hard for me to trust his perspective and conclusions.
    Anyway, thanks again.

  15. Thank you, Lynne. I used my HSP in January 2020 and saw already the needle and the animal it was given to in the lab... so good to have this information as a proof lately.

  16. There’s the Truth; and then there’s everything else .
    What is not the Truth is an illusion.

    I trust my intuition to show me the affirmation of what my gut already told me.

    One thing I’ve learned in the last couple of years is to always, always trust my gut. It has never failed me ( although I have failed IT at times when fear got the better of me and I tried to talk myself into something that didn’t feel right.
    The mind is the servant of the heart
    Love to All

  17. The Truth will come out and is already beginning to.
    The majority of people have no interest in the truth because it’s easier to allow themselves to be programmed so they can “just get back to normal”.
    The majority of people form their opinions based on what the guy on TV says (in between drug commercials of course; designed to frighten them even further).
    When the truth comes out a lot of people will be shocked. And hopefully that will serve to awaken them and empower them going forward. I have full faith that this is so!

    In the meantime, the truth is hidden in plain sight for anyone who has the desire to see it!

  18. Perhaps the reason why Fauci and his minions will not allow ivermectin to be prescribed to The people is because of what this and other embalmers are finding in their autopsies of the vaccinated... long white stringy looking things that are causing blood clots in the veins to develop. If you have taken the jab, then take ivermectin, even the horse paste.

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