What would Jesus do?

Lynne McTaggart

Over the Christmas period, we both had Covid. We didn’t die or go to hospital, despite not being in the first flush of youth. It was a flu/cold by any other name, and we both got fully better within a few weeks without much more than vitamin C, vitamin D and a salt pipe with iodine.

It being Christmas, we were both fascinated during our convalescence to witness two wildly different interpretations from clergymen about the pandemic and what Jesus might have made of it all.

There was first, none other than the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who managed, in one extended ITV News soundbite, to both suggest that those who refuse to get jabbed were 'immoral' and that he was taking his cue about whether to get a vaccine from Jesus.

Jesus would have gotten his own booster shot, implied Welby. ‘It’s not about me and my right to choose. It's about how I love my neighbor.

'Go and get boosted, get vaccinated. It's how we love our neighbor. Loving our neighbor is what Jesus told us to do. It's Christmas: do what he said.'

Then there was the Catholic priest from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma called Father Daniel Nolan. Nolan, a former marine who served in Iraq and has a degree in engineering from the US Naval Academy, is one of The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, a band of some 300 priests who perform the mass and all sacraments in traditional Latin.

From such a strict constructionist, we get a very different view of Jesus on Covid and what Jesus might have thought of it.

Father Nolan for instance calls it: ‘One of the world’s greatest human rights violations of human history.’

In one 20-minute fiery sermon he enumerates the ‘untruths and contradictions’ we’ve been told: first we’re told that masks won’t help, then we’re told they will; first we’re told that millions will die, but then we find out they didn’t; thousands of cases labeled as Covid deaths were from some other cause; doctors in America are financially incentivized to pronounce deaths from other causes as solely Covid-related; the vaccine side effects are being hushed up, and more.

To Welby’s idea that we have a ‘moral obligation’ to get vaccinated, Father Noland simply says, ‘Our moral obligation is to resist participating in a delusional version of reality. People are being denied medical treatment for not being vaccinated. How is that about health? That is about power.’

Father Nolan sees the pandemic providing corporate and political elites with an opening not unlike that recognized by former Vice President Dick Cheney while in the White House situation room with other government officials, waiting for updates about the planes that had just hit the Twin Towers on 9/11, as depicted in the movie Vice:

‘By all accounts what people saw in that room in that terrible day: there was confusion, fear, uncertainty. But Dick Cheney saw something else that no one else did.

‘He saw an opportunity.’

I’m always uncomfortable when people say they know what someone who lived more than 2000 years ago would do nowadays (particularly as records about his life were written decades after his death and underwent multiple translations).

But the emerging evidence is on the side of Father Nolan.

Although the Food and Drug Administration is resisting Freedom of Information requests for the 329,000 of pages of documents used to approve Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine, the 91 pages that have been released have shown that Pfizer ignored the 42,086 reports of side effects, including 1,223 deaths, in two and a half months after its release.

To put this in some sort of context, when the swine flu vaccine was rolled out in the mid-1970s in America, it was withdrawn after causing just 25 deaths.

And when a research scientist named Spiro Pantazatos at Columbia University Medical Center studied data from 21 European countries by the European Mortality Monitoring database, he concluded that the vaccine fatality rate is 10 times greater than estimated – or 0.04 percent.

New statistics also offer a few other inconvenient truths.  When Italy’s Higher Institute of Health studied the supposed 130,468 deaths caused by Covid, they concluded that only 2,783 of them had been directly caused by Covid. Virtually all the rest of the people who died had co-morbidities, such as arterial hypertension, irregular heartbeat and heart failure. Many had more than one condition.

Some of the latest evidence demonstrates that the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from passing on the virus. In Massachusetts in July, for instance, 469 new COVID-19 cases were identified. Of those people, 346, or 74 percent were either fully or partially jabbed, and 274 (79 percent) were symptomatic.

And in Germany, 55.4 percent of symptomatic COVID-19 cases in patients aged 60 years or older have occurred in fully vaccinated individuals – a proportion that is increasing with every passing week.

I’m always uncomfortable when people say they know what someone who lived more than 2000 years ago would have done about a modern situation had he lived today.

But I think we’re on safe ground with one idea. Like us, it’s clear that Jesus lived in a time of corrupt power brokers.

And one thing he might have insisted on is just this one thing: the people in power should start telling the truth.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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29 comments on “What would Jesus do?”

  1. That said- I don't think business as usual was working either. So as you know more fully than I. Something new and better needs to be born. And that is about changing consciousness and a return to love.

  2. Old Testament Scripture tells us not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That’s what got Adam and Eve into trouble. And that duality still holds humanity hostage.
    Jesus brought us the New Testament, Oneness. One Power, God.
    He has already shown us what he would do when he fed thousands and raised Lazarus from the dead. He looked beyond appearances, gave thanks to God and took no credit for the accomplishments…”It is not I but the Father within that does His works.”
    He also said “These things I do, you will do, and even greater things.”
    Jesus wasn’t the exception, he was the example of the Divinity in man. He didn’t say worship me, he said follow me.
    Intend His message, be the change we want to see and bless humanity.

  3. There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus would find out the facts first - and he'd be firmly on your and my side of things Lynne - and he would NOT have RNA from aborted babies injected into him either, nor unknown ingredients! According to Sayer Ji, VAERS now has over a million side effects reported (this could be only the tip of the iceberg which could be up to 40 or 100 times bigger than this, according to a well respected Harvard study) and over 20,000 deaths thought to be as a result (it could also be 40-100 times greater). This really is terrible. In the past VAERS and the Yellow Card Scheme, and Eudra have protected us - vaccines or medicines being pulled from the market when there were only 25 or 50 deaths associated with them. The sky's the limit at the moment it seems. And there are zero long term safety studies.  

  4. Thank you for this, Lynne! It is nice to finally see someone who is awakening to the truth! (There are ten's of thousands of others also awakening to the truth, but they have all been censored & cancelled!). Because of your high profile in the world of science & the respect you garner, I truly hope what you have to say in this blog will make some head way in allowing the light to shine some truth to the world - especially the mainstream media!

  5. I think Jesus would say, "Gather thee into Power Groups of Eight, build a globally united dream."

  6. I read When Society Becomes an Addict by Ann Wilson Schaef. My biggest take away was that society becomes an addict when lying becomes the rule in institutions, certainly including politics and journalism, medicine, I could go on. I think we're there. I think we were a long time before now. I think very few people know who or what to believe. Even though we look anywhere besides ourselves, as we have been trained to do.
    I don't think anyone really knows what Jesus would do. But being a healer and a way shower, I expect that's what he would do. He would see the truth and speak the truth that would set us free, if we were to listen.

  7. I rarely post, but when I do there is generally great passion and clarity around it. Both the medical and media industries are just that, industry. What does industry need to survive? Consumable product and profit. The present state of what should be the most ethical, truthful and transparent modalities in existence, have become quite the opposite. We can no longer depend upon "people in power" to do the truthful and ethical thing. Money is synonymous with power and those who have amassed great amounts of it, have likely compromised truth and ethics somewhere along the way. Greed and power are the addiction we must resolve. We need a system the rewards truth and ethics, quite the opposite of what we have currently. Those who are addicted need help and should never be placed in positions of power. Some folks have addictive personalities, some are genetically pre-disposed, but all have a choice. Most dangerous are those "in power" today, those that choose to deceive and manipulate in exchange for feeding their infinite appetite for more power. We don't issue a simple driver's license to someone who cannot responsibly handle a motor vehicle, but we allow any addict, sociopath, narcissist or worse to govern our most cherished beliefs and institutions. History is loaded with examples of where we are today and the inevitable failure that follows. How far we let it go and allow damage to be done is the real question. We all know, even those "in-power", that it is designed to fail. This is why Lynne's work is so important. It proves that we have the choice and the power to implement corrective action, we don't have to wait for the ship to sink before acting to save it. Truth and Love always triumph over fear and hate, pro-survival vs counter-survival. Focus support and energy (dare I say intention) toward Love, Truth and most of all Healing... it is needed today more than ever. Thank you Lynne!

  8. Jesus would love all and heal all. Jesus would not divide or create conflict. Let us all keep healthy by living right, eating right, thinking right and working toward a pollution free planet to sustain our health. I am doing my best and wish the best for others.

  9. i like this. jesus was awakening the people. let humanity wake up. open your eyes. clear your mind. think for your self. why is there censure in the media. what happened after that in history?!

  10. Hi Lynne
    I want to thank you for your courage for standing up and stating what is being hidden from us . I have read enough and listened to many Dr, Scientists, Researchers and investigative writers in the last few months. It is clear that there is a system of brainwashing and we are being hoodwinked into loosing our freedoms. This is not about health but about taking our freedoms away.
    Wake up and study read don't listen to the media ... FOLLOW THE MONEY
    Mary Weber

  11. Vivian,  you are right, maybe we should leave the podium to those who are specialists, doctors, virologist, those who
    have knowledge and proven performances on their side, years of experiences and recognition by their pears, and without any financial or censorship constraints. I wonder why you do not see or hear them on the regular news channels? I wonder why one after the other, those who speak the truth , they lose their licenses to practice real medicine, just because they are making an to share what they have discovered, either in their labs or practices as the world renowned specialists, like the inventor of the RNA vaccine technique Dr. Robert Malone, or one of the most published cardiologists in the world, Dr. Peter McCullough, or even the most knowledgeable world expert on graphene from Germany, Dr. Andreas Noack, found dead just a few weeks after exposing in a video from his lab, the proof he found Graphene Hydroxide in vaccines. I could name thousands of courageous health care professionals who came forth to inform us, to present cures, to the peril of their lives and livelihood: maybe only with these 3 examples, counting for over 100 yrs of dedication of research in medicine, could it be sufficient to explain why it's not all over the official news? This could be why you seem to have swallowed the falsehood of those who have managed to chloroformed many, like an hypnotic state, riddle with falsehood, to take the jabs, no question asked? I am glad to hear you are OK after 3 jabs, the beginning of your trip in jabland, but for many, the trip stopped after the first one or for the majority they are crippled for life and left to themselves? But I guess you had no idea either?
    This is the reason many of us have chosen LIFE, natural immunity given to us by the Source. Than we we can help those who are kept in the dark intentionally. It's also the first time I post, but you are in need of a different kind of love to help you waking up to your new reality? An opportunity we can all thank Lynne for. At 82 I have yet to be jabbed for anything and I never take medication except for natural remedies!

  12. Lynne thank you for your article whether it is "opinion" or "facts" I enjoyed reading it. I find the comments from individuals who want to criticize what you wrote to be interesting. I know this to be a fact about the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated. I caught Covid from a vaccinated person who had Covid. I have two friends who caught Covid from a vaccinated person who had Covid. I know many people personally right now that have Covid and are vaccinated. Being vaccinated is not going to stop a person from contracting it nor stop them from spreading it. Therefore, I wish all these opinionated people who feel their "option" is the correct one would just support each other in whatever decision people choose in vaccination or not and just spread love and light instead. Clearly sometime in the future we will all learn if there will be any lasting repercussions from taking a vaccine with limited data.

  13. Wow!! Is there a character limit on this because I have so much to say! You could not be more on point with what you have said here. I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years and was in an out of just about every biotech company there is as my territory was New England. I am horrified at what is going to come out when the FDA or whatever governing body ends up doing it, looks into how this vaccine was approved. Moderna is by far the worst run company I have ever set foot in. Their workforce turned over more often than a 7-11 hot dog! I used to work in protein purification labs as service engineer. It’s funny because in 2018 remember sitting in their main office in Cambridge watching the flatscreen TV that played a loop about their technology, thinking that this company would either take off or tank but it was going to happen very fast.

    I happened to have a near death experience in 2020 and came back with a purpose related to Christ consciousness. I was given the choice about whether to come back and to be honest, my initial answer was actually “hell no!”. Nobody wants to leave heaven and during my life I had suffered from mental illness, had 15 back surgeries and was an alcoholic/addict. Since I have returned from that experience I’ve recovered from an auto immune disease that I was told is in curable and I would need thyroid medication for the rest of my life, Hashimoto’s disease. After being pulled out of my body during the NDE the first thing I heard was “your suffering is over. You’ve learned the lessons you’ve needed to learn. Going forward you will experience pain differently.” The first thing that was explained to me was exactly why Jesus died on the cross and it was not what I had been taught in Sunday School at my Episcopalian Church growing up! I’m not surprised the archbishop was propagating fear and ignorance under the guise of love…for thousands of years, that’s been a large part of the job description!
    There were a number of things I needed to do after I came back to my body. I was guided to read/study A Course In Miracles. It taught me first that all I need in this life is to have a connection with God. I learned that all illness is dis-ease of the mind. My NDE’ was in June 2020. In December an old surgical bone infection reactivated and I was forced to have all the hardware taken out, it was a big surgery. In March 2021 all of the pain that I had suffered from for 25 years disappeared. Even the osteoarthritis pain-I felt like a kid again! I learned about the Schumman Resonance and saw that the major life events I had experienced matched up with the patterns of when it spiked over about a period of a year and half and it is still happening! I’ve been going through the ascension process physically and really for the first time feel like my body is just a cell of the Earth. I am living in 5D and seeing how magical this life is! I stopped watching the news a year ago and what a relief. I don’t stay up to date on what is going on with the vaccine. I got vaccinated initially because I was on 2 months of antibiotic therapy and was worried about my immune system. Since then the list of things that I have recovered from has grown to include Hashimoto’s disease. I even recovered from the inherited lactose intolerance I was born with. I’m making up for it-I’ve gained 20lbs in Hagen Daz! I have done nothing to make these changes happen except inform myself, changing my belief system. I really had to cognify the fact that our bodies were not meant to break down. We are only conditioned to believe that. I briefly saw a headline about the new variant when South Africa announced it. What I saw was 0 micron variant. All I could think of was how can there be a 0 µm variant? That means it has no size. I thought about how even the smallest mycoplasma’s have a size of 0.2 µm. Then I realized when the newscaster pronounced it Omicron. Fear is not part of my life because I understand it can only exist if I create it. I see through different eyes now. I’m sure other people saw it too. My guess is that the fallout from the vaccine many years from now or maybe not that many, will be what takes down the pharmaceutical monster. Two generations ago my grandmother and 2 of her sisters lived until their late 90s and they never took medication. How is it that in such a short period of time we need so many medications to survive? I took Wellbutrin for 20 years because of childhood trauma and a belief system that told me I was worthless. In three months and probably four sessions of hypnotherapy my belief system was changed. Depression was one of the illnesses I’ve recovered from and I no longer take the Wellbutrin. I don’t take levothyroxine for my thyroid anymore either. The most overwhelming part of what I experienced in Heaven was the unconditional love of God or source or our creator, it doesn’t matter what we call it. This pandemic is happening for a massive reason. I know it’s not news to anyone here! Last week a friend of mine came down with Covid. A day before she got really sick she had knocked on my door bursting into tears as I opened it. I had hugged her/ had close contact with her. I quarantined for a week and then tested negative. I have not had a booster and will not get one. I recently spent some time with someone who was PhD level scientist, working for a large, well known company I spent some time at. We had a lot in common because she had switched careers and started doing auditing work. When I first graduated I worked in QC microbiology and QA and was involved in many FDA related activities. In order to get a biologic approved it took years after filing the initial BLA. The FDA would come in, make recommendations and maybe finally there would be an approval granted. I was always very careful what I signed my name to because it was thoroughly explained to me that I could serve jail time for a mistake. This new acquaintance told me that during Covid her company started asking her to sign off that she had inspected facilities that she never set foot in. At first she said it was a difficult thing to do but she got used to it to the point that she didn’t even think about anymore. She was not working for Pfizer or Moderna but it was a well known company. I already knew this kind of thing was happening. The corruption and greed has gotten to a point that it seems like anything goes. This is really a time to take a stand and take our power back as the free, powerful, limitless creators that we are! If you are going to live in any kind of fear you better decide which you are more afraid of: Covid or what will be the fallout of everything that was hidden to produce this vaccine in a short period of time. After 20 years of working in drug research/production I would say your chances are better betting on the former! Thankfully my NDE showed me that I can spend the 2nd half of my life doing what I love! I’m still waiting for God to tell me what that is but I’ve learned the law of attraction works both ways so now I only attract wonderful things!

  14. I should also add, for someone my age I have spent a lot of time in the hospital. There is NOTHING left in Western Medicine for me. Unless my guts are hanging out and I need a surgeon, you will not catch me in a doctor’s office again!

  15. It will be two weeks to flatten the curve. I never got the memo, did you? Don't need a mask / Need a mask Why are healthy people being quarantined? We are soon reaching herd immunity. Did it ever happen or are we still waiting? I didn't get that update either, did you? If you have certain symptoms get PCR/COVID tested. Test is positive, go home and call us when you can't breathe. No early home treatment to intervene or stop the progression of virus wait for the vaccine. Vaccines developed at WARP SPEED _ no informed consent _ no data on long term effects _ EUA to avoid liability _ take at your own risk. Censorship against those with opposing views about the so-called vaccine. No Mandates / Mandates. Why are health care professionals, scientists, Phds being censored? Why are we being led by the nose by the opinion of just one side? Mail-in ballots due to pandemic's new variant _ opportunity for election fraud?>is there going to be a repeat for mid-term elections. VAERS underreported _ deaths, adverse permanent injuries, heart health issues due to injection _ no couldn't possibly _ no study or investigation into that possibility_ healthy babies, toddlers, children, young adults are the population with the highest survival rate _ Why are they being targeted for this injection? Our president is losing his patience with those who choose not to be injected_ when will he finally unite the people of this country? The censored reports state that the vaccine is not effectively preventing COVID in those who received the injection(s) and are transmitting the virus. Is that the job of a vaccine?_ it only minimizes the symptoms / no hospitalizations _ but the censored reports of the scientists, doctors saving lives in the transparency and truth camp say
    the injected are being hospitalized_ What??? _ People WAKE-UP _ do yourselves a grand favor and own investigations as to what is really happening in this country _ or one day it will be The Divided States of ?????? _ Prayerful for Much LOVE to be injected into Our World _ Our Planet 🙂

  16. There is so much polarity and division in our world today.

    Perhaps the wisest approach is to say, "I don't know."

    Otherwise we perpetuate the reality of "We are right, and they are wrong."

  17. Thank you again Lynne McTaggart for a great blog. What you say I have 'felt' though without the detail. I also feel it will all, i.e., the truth, come out - do you see that?

  18. Why is it that science in its infancy thinks just because it has the genome information all it needs to do is tweak this, that and voilà. Gene therapy. Thousands of years of creation messed up by the arrogance of man. This is a biblical war. The treatment contravenes the laws of nature. It's just not OK to be injecting cells of other creatures into humans. This is frankinscience. Never has there been a more important time to connect with Spirit, Source, Christ.

  19. Thank you, Lynne! It is so good to hear sincere "upright" words in this time of frenzy and deception. I am eternally grateful for every person who speaks with sanity, reason and common sense. This is like rain in the desert.

  20. I am reading quite a bit of this and appreciate that people are trying to make sense of things or intuit or pray their way through...Key ideas about Who Can We Trust (and is that the WHO and CDC or other recognized leaders and why or why not...based on what ideas, data and track records...) Some have noted Jesus or other spiritual leaders and people today would likely factor in facts before making decisions. I explore a lot of "What IF" questions on my blog and hope to hone in on what concerns and info is shared here. Many with expert scientific training are sharing that people with the appropriate credentials and thorough understanding of balanced information (pros and cons, cases of those who've gotten vaccinated and not and across a wide spectrum) be factored into any 'opinions' or recommendations.
    That makes sense and yet it's important to hear from many around the world on the aspects of the root causes of the illness, the remedies, side effects, risks and much more. Mainly I'm summarizing to keep the conversation going in a way more people will join in and be open to exploring many points with a sense of care and wisdom. Maybe Lynne would like to review her post or work with others since she is highly influential.

  21. Thank you for this extremely helpful article. I find it incredible when you wrote that Justin Welby implied that if you didn't have the vaccine you were being immoral. How disappointing in a public figure who is a representative of the Church of England! It beggars belief.
    And thank you so much for describing Father Nolan's views which were very helpful in describing what has been happening, especially his statement: "Our moral obligation is to resist participating in a delusional version of reality."

    I also really appreciated that you described your and your husband's experience of Covid, in a straightforward and honest way and described the treatments that you used successfully.
    Best wishes to you both for a very happy new year!

  22. The long term effects are the most worrisome. People signed blank checks in their future health. Early returns as reported by doctors like Ryan Cole and the rise in excess mortality are not good.

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