Bad day’s sunshine

Lynne McTaggart

Despite the devastating effect it has had on most sectors of our economy, our social connections, our leisure activities and even our sanity, we’re locking down, wearing masks and socially distancing in the firm belief in that most basic tenet about viruses: they get spread by human contact.

But Dr. Tom Jefferson, a senior associate tutor at the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, is the latest in a long line of outliers to disagree.
Rather than spreading from person to person, claims Jefferson, viruses are latent microorganisms, ever present in us and other living things, a sleeping Frankenstein that gets sprung into life by some change in the environment that makes conditions ripe for their emergence.
But what’s the trigger? Various researchers have put forward ideas about frozen food or water or even human feces.
A field effect
Dr. Edgar Hope-Simpson, a general doctor in the UK responsible for the discovery that shingles is caused by a reactivated chickenpox virus, became convinced that the answer lay not in anything remotely earthbound, but by sudden spikes in the sun’s radiation, as did a Danish physician named Johannes Mygge after tracking pandemics over the years and discovering a close correlation with sunspot activity.
The sun is a furious star – essentially a cluster of unimaginably hot hydrogen and helium the size of approximately one million Earths crossed with a layer of unstable magnetic fields.
Not surprisingly, this volatile combination results in periodic volcano-style eruptions, propelling gas into space as vortices of concentrated fields – the dark blobs on the sun’s surface that we call ‘sunspots’ – pull apart and reconnect in new arrangements.
Despite this potentially anarchic combination, the sun carries out this activity according to a fairly predictable timetable; regular solar cycles consist of 11 years, during which time sunspots build up, discharge and begin to wane.
During the waxing stage, the sun begins to hurl its gaseous explosions our way.
This activity causes extreme geomagnetic storms in space, which, during moments of intense solar activity, create a powerful effect on the Earth’s magnetic field.
The Earth is essentially a giant magnet, with its North and South poles the two poles of the magnet, surrounded by a donut-shaped magnetic field.
Up until recently, scientists discounted the idea that this faint magnetic field (a thousand times weaker than a standard high school horseshoe magnet) had any effect on basic biological processes, particularly as all living things on Earth are now exposed to much stronger electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields every moment of our modern technologically dependent lives.
Nevertheless, the latest discoveries have unveiled that living things have a small window through which subtle geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields, such as those generated by the Earth, rather than the artificial kind generated by technology, have the most profound effect upon all cellular processes in living things.
Changes in this faint charge profoundly influence virtually all biological processes in living things — particularly the two major engines of the body, the heart and the brain.
Magnetic fields arise from the flow of electrons and atoms with charge, which are known as ions. When magnetic forces change direction, as they often do on the surface of the sun, they shift the direction of the flow of atoms and particles.
As all living things--including us humans--are made of the same basic material, any change of magnetic force will alter our own internal atomic and subatomic flow.
Heart of the matter
Of all the systems in the body, changes in solar geomagnetic conditions most profoundly disturb the activity of the heart.
When geomagnetic activity increases, the blood gets much thicker — sometimes doubly so — and the bloodstream slows down— a recipe for a heart attack, which can occur in susceptible people.
Heart attack rates and cardiovascular death swell whenever there are increases in solar cycle geomagnetic activity, with the largest number of sudden deaths from heart attacks occurring within a day of a geomagnetic storm.
Let’s start joining the dots.
First: microorganisms are highly sensitive to changes in solar activity. Old and new evidence shows that certain levels of solar radiation or changes in concentrations of ions can change microbial activity (Front. Microbiol., 22 November 2016),
When Russian scientists at the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences explored the effects of space weather on cosmonauts being sent into space, they discovered that protein synthesis in bacteria cells is highly susceptible to changes in geomagnetic fields.
So attuned are plants and micro-organisms to these changes that the Russian researchers made use of them as a sensitive barometer for geomagnetic disturbances.
Second dot: Dr. William Li, president of the angiogenesis Society, and a host of other doctors now believe that COVID-19 is not a respiratory illness at all, but a vascular disease, one reason that doctors treating it see widespread clotting and damage to the heart.
The final dot: the sun is behaving weirdly at the moment. It began its new 11-year cycle last year, where sunspots slowly build up, but for 100 days in 2020 our sun has also been in lockdown, evidencing no sunspot activity at all 76 percent of the time.
This is the second year of a record low in sunspot activity – the last time the Earth experienced this phenomenon was 1645-1715.
Furthermore, last year NASA predicted that in 2020 during this especially deep solar minimum of no solar flares or sunspots, coronal mass ejections will tear through the sun’s magnetosphere, releasing vast amounts of charged particles and solar radiation toward Earth — a billion tons worth of gas and magnetic fields with the force of billions of atomic bombs, all made airborne and aimed toward Earth through the electrified gas of the solar wind, traveling some five million miles per hour.
So: COVID-19 is a disease of blood vessels. The sun’s activity has a profound effect on the heart and circulatory system – as well as on microbes. The sun is behaving weirdly.
Does that mean that the sun is responsible for this pandemic? We’ll never know until we take off our masks and ask the question.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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13 comments on “Bad day’s sunshine”

  1. I decided on the grounds of old fashioned immune building sunny breezy lifestlye health to move to grand canary!
    Whats the way forward with this info? sun or not
    or irrelevant xxxx thank so much xx

  2. What a BRILLIANT article, Lynne. That is fascinating. It also ties in quite neatly with Dr Thomas Cowan's theory of blood circulation. That it's not the heart that pumps blood around the body but negative and positive electro magnetic charges in the cells attracting and repelling which shunts the blood. The heart is just not strong enough, he hypothesises, to force blood through the minute capillaries at the 'end of the line' as it were! the fact that the Corona Virus(?) could be linked to 'coronal mass ejections'...........

  3. I’m reply to Sally Rosloff.
    You may want to consider that
    healthy individuals harbor viral communities that do not cause directly known pathologies. These viral communities are known as the human virome (Rohwer et al., 2009).
    Similar to bacteria, resident viruses modulate the immune responses (Freer et al., 2018). Enteric human virome has also been linked to diseases. ... Changes in the intestinal virome are significant in AIDS and HIV enteric disease pathogenesis.
    Dr Felicity Lillingston.
    Ps thank you Lynne McTaggart - how refreshing to look out side the box! As we know so little about this virus, we should consider all possibilities with an open mind.

  4. It’s not either-or. Absolutely all conditions including viruses lay dormant within us. Even our genetic predispositions are there and the conditions trigger them to manifest or not. So yes entirely possible and likely a virus is dormant within us AND indisputable that a virus spreads from person to person under close conditions. Masks and distance without doubt lessen the risk of the virus being passed. I am so tired of polarized thinking. This can be true AND that as well. For instance we need freedom and an economy that functions AND we need to be smart and wear masks and distance and wash hands to minimize risk!

  5. Is the sun responsible for the covid-19 pandemic? This is a very weird question. Responsibillity is something owned by consciousness. Does the sun have consciousness? Is the sun a higher being then the human being?
    If you believe in quantum field theory, and having read your book the field, I assume you do, then it is not a very big step to say that the sun has consciousness. Because if the Unified Field is the groundstate of the whole universe, then it must also be the source, the groundstate, of all consciousness!
    So, is the sun reacting to the collective consciousness of our world, by producing more or less solar activity?
    If we look back into the last four months and see how the climate has reacted to the worldwide lock down, would it not be surprising to see that the climatechange seems to have calmed down? And is the sun not the main energy source responsible for the climate on earth?
    Also on the level of individual human life, who are the ones having been struck by covid-19 the most? Yes, those with weak immune systems, with overweight. This also is an expression of ones individual level of consciousness.
    In general we can say that human life should be lived on a level that is in tune with the laws of nature. That is what health means. The last 50 years haven't shown much awareness about living a healthy life. Healthcare does not make people more healthy, WDDTY is the reflection of that statement.
    So my conclusion is that it is human consciousness, individual and collective, that is responsible for any good or bad overcoming the human race. I see Covid-19 as the timely wakeup call to become conscious. Live in tune with the laws of Nature and survive or else it could be the end?

  6. I think the sun may heighten the immune system of all humans around the globe. When mixed with the emergence of a virus, the results can be devastating. Regarding covid specifically, the geographic distribution pattern and temporal lethality pattern, as well as the simultaneous emergence of 2 varieties, it has the feel of a bioweapon.

  7. This theory does not explain why countries like Taiwán, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, New Zealand have been so good at keeping the virus activity down with simple measures like isolating the virus infected population, using mask and contact tracing. While countries that have not been good at these measures have suffered countless infections and dead. Even do I am not saying the Sun is not to blame, it is only one side of the problem.

  8. If electromagnetic radiation is can cause this effect, then one potential culprit is 5G, no? Wuhan was the first city to have complete 5G coverage, and of course we know 5G is being installed in lots of places. I know this is a "conspiracy" theory, but there is also some historical evidence that plays this out. The Spanish Flu pandemic of 1917 apparently happened right after radio was introduced, then there was apparently another really bad "flu" after radar was introduced. Has anyone looked into this?

  9. Why am I not receiving "Intentions of the week" now? Last one I got was June 24th's for Sunday, June 28, 2020. I'm new to this website, but I thought this was an every Sunday thing....

  10. It’s because of theories like this and other pseudo- scientific ideas, plus the total absence of leadership by Donald Trump and a seemingly pervasive determination by Americans to behave like lemmings, that the US has by far the world’s highest incidence of infections and deaths from this virus, whereas places like New Zealand and Tasmania where I live - who have followed conventional wisdom to minimise contact transmission - have no active cases of infection. Yes that’s right, zero.

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