Backward glances

Lynne McTaggart

How do premonitions occur? And a bigger question: why are there so many good studies of retro-intention, as I wrote about in my blog Changing what Already Happened?

We are used to a world of cause and effect, of order, of certain laws and limits. Things are not supposed to go backward or forward in time.

Nevertheless, physicists no longer consider retro-causation inconsistent with the laws of the universe. More than 100 articles in the scientific literature propose ways in which laws of physics can account for time displacement.

Several scientists have proposed that scalar waves, secondary waves in the Zero Point Field, enable people to engineer changes in space-time. These secondary fields, caused by the motion of subatomic particles interacting with the Zero Point Field, are ripples in space-time – waves that can travel faster than the speed of light.

Scalar Field waves possess astonishing power: a single unit of energy produced by a laser in such a state would represent a larger output than all the world’s power plants combined.

Certain technologies, such as quantum optics, have made use of laser pulses to squeeze the Zero Point Field to such a degree that it creates negative energy. It is well accepted in physics that this negative energy, or exotic matter, is able to bend space-time.

Many theoreticians believe that negative energy would allow us to travel through wormholes, travel at warp speed, build time machines and even help human beings to levitate.

When electrons are packed densely together, the density of the spray of virtual particles that are constantly created in the Zero Point Field is increased. These spray densities are organized into electromagnetic waves that flow in two directions, and so may be going ‘back and forward’ in time.

Physicist Evan Harris Walker first proposed that retro-influence can be explained by quantum physics if we just take account of the observer effect. Walker and later Henry Stapp, an elementary particle physicist at the University of California at Berkeley, believed that a small tweak in quantum theory, making use of ‘non-linear quantum theory’, could explain all cases of retro-influence.

In a linear system such as current quantum mechanics, the behavior of a system can be easily described: 2 + 2 = 4. The system’s behavior is the sum of its parts.

In a non-linear system, however, 2 + 2 may equal 5 or even 8. The system’s behavior is more than a sum of its parts – by how much more we can’t often predict.

In Walker and Stapp’s view, turning quantum theory into a non-linear system would enable them to include one other element in the equation: the human mind.

According to Stapp, the physical universe exists as a set of ‘tendencies’ with ‘statistical links’ between mental events, dividing into a number of channels of all possible outcomes.

When a person is making a decision, say, his intent will select out a particular channel, and ultimately ‘collapse’ the channels into a single state. Human will – our intention – creates the reality, no matter when.

The other possibility is that all information in the universe is available to us at every moment, and time exists as one giant smeared-out present. The late psychologist William Braud speculated that forebodings of the future might be an act of backward time displacement – a future event somehow reaching back in time to influence a present mind.

If you simply reversed presentiment and call it backward influence, so that all future mental activity influences the present, you maintain the same model and results as the retro-causation studies. All precognition might be evidence of backward-acting influence; all future decisions may always influence the past.

There is also the possibility that at the most fundamental layer of our existence there is no such thing as sequential time. Pure energy as it exists at the quantum level does not have time or space, but exists as a vast continuum of fluctuating charge. We, in a sense, are time and space.

When we bring energy to conscious awareness through the act of perception, we create separate objects that exist in space through a measured continuum. By creating time and space, we create our own separateness and indeed our own time.

What appears to be retro-causation is simply evidence that the present is contingent upon future potential conditions or outcomes, and that non-locality occurs through time as well as space. In a sense, our future actions, choices and possibilities all help to create our present as it unfolds.

This suggested one final intriguing thought to William Braud. Time-displaced human intention somehow acts on the probabilities of some occurrence to bring about an outcome and works best on what Braud liked to call ‘seed moments’ – the first of a chain of events.

So, if you applied these principles to physical or mental health, it could mean that we could use The Field to direct influences ‘back in time’ to alter pivotal moments or initial conditions which later bloom into full-blown problems or disease.

Future intention might influence one neuron being fired and not another, setting off one or another chain of chemical and hormonal events that may or may not result in disease.

Braud pictured a seed moment where a natural killer cell might exist in a 50–50 probabilistic state to kill or ignore certain cancer cells. That simple first decision might eventually make the difference between health and illness, or even death.

There may be a score of ways that we could use intention in the future to change probabilities before it developed into full-blown disease. In fact, even the diagnosis itself might influence the future course of the disease and so should be approached with caution.

If the disease had developed, it wouldn’t be that you could undo it. But some of the most harmful aspects of it might not have been actualized yet and might still be susceptible to change. You’d catch a disease at a point where it could be swayed in many directions, from good health to death.

Braud pondered whether any cases of spontaneous remission had been caused by a future intention acting upon a disease before the point of no return.

Which suggests the most radical idea of all: we are constantly being influenced in our present actions and decisions by our future selves, and every moment of our lives is influencing every other moment, endlessly forward and backward.


Lynne has developed a method of using intention to ‘time travel,’ a new technique that not only heals issues in the present but also those of the past. Joined by her husband Bryan Hubbard, originator of the revolutionary ‘Time-light’ method of healing the past, Lynne is offering a Heal Your Past retreat at Broughton Hall in Yorkshire September 5-9, 2022. Find out more or book your place.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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141 comments on “Backward glances”

  1. Thank you for this most interesting article. I’m not a very ‘clever’ person and find many things like quantum physics totally out of my realm of understanding. However, as I read this I found myself in certain places understanding what you’d offered. I think what continually kept throwing me off track, was that, although you’d said ‘a giant smeared out present’ you then frequently followed on by referring to our future selves! Help! If it’s one smeared out present, then surely we do not have a future self at all.

  2. Fascinating! I trust that my future self knows how to do this because I’m intrigued and want to discover more. I appreciate your forward thinking ❣️

  3. I love having my mind blown! Thank you Lynne for distilling this (new to me) research and potential for using the power of our intention for healing in different ways. No doubt this was all known to the ancients. Personally, I enjoy having the science as well, as you’ve given us here.

    I wonder about the role of human consciousness in all this. As someone who has manifested health issues, taking responsibility for this has been a crucial part in my awakening. At which point the health issues seem to resolve. There seems to be a link between the two from my current level of awareness. I wouldn’t have had it any other way, even though it took a while!

    I love that anything is possible beyond space-time, and that our intentions are so powerful when aligned with universal intelligence. Thank you again for bringing this to my inbox as a reminder and inspiration!

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