An airy tooth fairy

Lynne McTaggart

A subterranean revolution is taking place in dental medicine. To date, standard dentistry has operated as though teeth are insert substances entirely divorced from the rest of the body. Like carpenters or construction workers, dentists have hacked and drilled and pulled teeth, like so much rotting wood, the theory being that once the rot has set in and a tooth has decayed, the only route is to clear out the decay and try to salvage what’s left.

The primary means of salvage are filling, with amalgam or composite, implanting, with a fake tooth or, in the case of root canals, removing the nerve, plugging it up with wax and leaving the dead tooth in the mouth.
As described in an August 10 blog (, ozone gas—that miraculous substance made of three molecules of oxygen—is transforming medicine by killing infections and helping the body to heal.
But it’s also being discovered that ozone can be applied to teeth and gums, with near miraculous results.
Regrowing teeth
When early decay is zapped with ozone, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay are immediately killed. And most miraculous of all, dentists at the vanguard of this therapy are discovering that when certain minerals are also applied to the tooth in question, it remineralizes and essentially regrows.
Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, has championed a device called ‘HealOzone,’ which sends ozone through a small suction cup over an exposed cavity on the tooth in order to halt the decay and help the tooth to heal. It’s a procedure that takes just a few minutes and requires no anesthetic, not even a drill.
A number of courageous dentists in America are even using ozone to treat infections near or in the roots, thus curing abscesses and eliminating the need for root canal treatment. Ozone is also revolutionizing periodontal treatment by being used to kill all the bacteria leading to advanced gum disease or left in cavitations—holes in the bone left when a tooth is pulled.
Needless to say, the professional dental associations aren’t thrilled with a simple and cheap substance that threatens to render most of their bread-and-butter work obsolete. Imagine what would happen if teeth no longer needed to be drilled, filled or capped, or roots pulled or plugged. Imagine if all that scraping under teeth and around gums was replaced by a quick shot of this simple gas. The vast majority of a dentist’s work would no longer be necessary.
Small wonder then that most dental associations pooh-pooh ozone as unproven—despite a plethora of recent studies showing its efficacy. It’s also not surprising that dentists using ozone are doing so without fanfare. One holistic dentist we know was continuously branded as a quack for using ozone and other non-toxic treatments in his practice.
Perhaps the most revolutionary finding is that teeth, like the rest of the body, are dynamic entities, with the ability to regenerate when dealt with appropriately.
The superhighway to the body
We are also just beginning to understand how integral they are to the dynamics of the entire body.
Recently, Evan Brand, a functional medicine practitioner in Kentucky (—a young and healthy man under 40—developed daily heart palpitations. For six months, he searched for the source of his problem, without success, until he isolated one potential source: his old wisdom tooth extraction sites.
He made contact with his dentist of choice, Dr Stewart Nunnally, a holistic dentist outside of Austin, Texas, who studied his x-rays and concluded that his jawbone was probably necrotic and needed cleaning out.
Brand flew to Texas, had the cavitation procedure done, and Nunnally was proved right. All four tooth extraction sites were infected under the gums and needed cleaning out with ozone.
When the necrotic bone was sent off for testing, it showed a variety of pathogenic bacteria present in levels that were “dangerously” high, says Brand. But the story has a happy ending.
“The first night after my procedure was the first night I did NOT have heart palpitations. Turns out my blood levels of ferritin and iron were sky high due to the inflammation caused by these infections, which was oxidizing my body (not good).”
Brand is completely better now, and there are two lessons to be learned. The first is that what happens in your mouth can affect every part of your body, thanks to the superhighway network of blood vessels in your gums, which travel to the rest of your body.
And the second is that before teeth are pulled, drilled or otherwise interfered with, all attempts should be made to keep them intact. And the best way to do so may be via this miraculous and plentiful gas.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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20 comments on “An airy tooth fairy”

  1. Where does one find a dentist who does this method and is it to expensice our not covered by insurance>

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for being in touch. If you are in the US please refer to: (The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) they have a database of holistic dentists in the US. If you are in another country I would advise doing a Google search on 'dentists who use ozone'.

  2. Having had emergency dentistry/extraction I know when you can’t think properly because of the pain, it would be so hard to research what’s best. Information about where these practicing dentists are would be helpful as flying to the above Dentist would not be an option from the U.K.

  3. Are any of these holistic dentist that use the ozone method in the Washington State area? My dentist tells me I need a root canal in one of my front teeth plus I have another cavity, I can't afford the three thousand dollars that he said it will cost.

    1. Hi Rose, thanks for being in touch. Please refer to: (The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) they have a database of holistic dentists in the US.

  4. Lynne, is there a dentist in the Washington state area who uses the ozone healing method. I'm desperate, my dentist just handed me a breakdown of charges of $3,000. for a route canal plus another cavity he found.

    1. Hi Rose, thanks for being in touch. Please refer to: (The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) they have a database of holistic dentists in the US.

  5. First time I have ever heard of using ozone! But I would think if a dentist is the first in his/her area to use it and get such remarkable results....and they advertise it.....then they will triple their patients base! Or am I being too naive?

  6. I would add my voice to those asking to know where I can get the ozone to use on my teeth and gums.

    1. Hi Mary-Lynne thanks for being in touch. If you are in the US please refer to: (The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) they have a database of holistic dentists in the US. If you are in another country I would advise doing a Google search on 'dentists who use ozone'.

  7. Lynne, first of all thank you for your work. I completed you Power of 8 live online group this past year and I am working in my assigned group and our group has done a lot of great work, so thank you!! I am so impressed with your work and reaearch, and as soon as I seen article, knew I needed this treatment desperately. How can I find a Dentist who does this work. I am in Illinois.

    1. Hi Shelly, thanks for being in touch. Please refer to: (The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) they have a database of holistic dentists in the US.

  8. Yes I have read some about ozone therapies I know of an eye doctor who is using it for healing the eyes there are devices that create an ozone water that is t taken orally andavailable to the public. I imagine YOU TUBE would be a great place to start finding something that can safely be used at home

  9. I thought I was going to have a root canal done and was in intense pain. My dentist suggested injecting ozone into the tooth as a last ditch effort. The next day the tooth was healed and almost no pain. She saved me from a root canal plus saved me lots of money. Kind of miraculous!
    Brenda Dunn, El Cerrito , California

  10. Cannot recommend Ozone enough. Whether it is used for external or internal purposes, ozone heals. I use Longevity ozone machines, they are sturdy and dependable and Dr. Frank Shallenburger uses their machines for ozone classes around the US. There is a great dentist in California if you are looking for one: Dr. Stuart Nunnally

  11. Here are some helpful resources to assist you to find a qualified dentist in your area.
    In this article, there are databases for: mercury safe dentists (they know how to remove mercury fillings safely), dentists who use ozone in their practice, as well as holistic dentists.
    For what it's worth, we also share lots of helpful information (for free) on our site. We have several free expert interviews and ebooks covering all sorts of subjects from stopping tooth decay with nutrition to how to naturally whiten your teeth without destroying your enamel.
    We hope these resources help you along your path to optimal oral health!

  12. We too are desperately trying to find a UK dentist who uses Ozone for periodontal issues in the elderly. We know it works, but have had to travel to Germany in the past - not really practicable for most
    Some UK dentists use it for dental operations, but are unlikely to broadcast this as it is not yet considered acceptable by the NHS. Hence the difficulty when googling in UK
    ALSO Most important and maybe of interest - a different ozone therapy was used to kill my Lyme Disease, swiftly efficiently and painlessly.
    Thank you Lynne for giving me the confidence to voice my beliefs - as usual doctors and dentists think I am mad and I often feel very isolated medically

  13. my face swelled up over the weekend, because of a nerve infection, so they cannot treat it until the sweeling goes down. But you'll find paracetemol or ibuprofen won't really work...I tried co-codomol too which seemed better for an hour or so but it soon came back. Colve oil or Ambesol but taste pretty horrible and really doesn't last long in the pain killing process! antibiotics and fillings are the answer!!

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