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What makes for true happiness

A survey just got published last week showing that the biggest regret expressed by an overwhelming majority of people on their deathbeds is that they didn’t live what they considered a life of purpose and meaning. Since I’m speaking at the World Happiness Summit today I thought I’d look at what a life of meaning actually means and what about it makes for true happiness.
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The worst of times, the best of times

Last week, I read an article by Timothy Egan in the New York Times International edition which convinced me that all the political upheaval presently in the Western world is an incredibly good thing. Egan headed off to a ‘Search for Meaning’ festival at Seattle University in Washington state, convinced that he’d be among a ragtag handful of overly earnest attendees. In fact, the event was sold out with standing room as people crammed on top of each other listen to keynotes on finding meaning in a time of change and disruption. ‘Face it,’ wrote Egan about America, ‘We have
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The miraculous rebound power of group intention

It started, by accident, with Don Berry. Don was a US Army veteran from Tullahoma, Tennessee, and he’d written into my Intention Experiment website forum in March 2007, offering to be our first human Intention Experiment. In 1981, Don had been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and his spine was fused, making it impossible for him to move from side to side. Even his ribs seemed frozen in place, making it difficult even to move his chest. Over the course of the years, he had had both hips replaced, and he was in constant pain. He had numerous x-rays and other
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