The Miami Korotkov Water Experiment


Last Friday, I was in Florida, host to a miracle.
During my keynote speech, I planned to do another water Intention Experiment. I’d set up an Intention Experiment with the Russian physicist Konstantin Korotkov, a professor at what is now called the Russian National University of Informational Technology, Mechanics and Optics.
The plan was to see if my audience of 1000 at the World Happiness Summit in Miami could, in some way, affect a bottle of water sitting in his laboratory in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Here was the set up of Dr. Korotkov’s equipment, all of it feeding into a computer system:

The Bio-well devices were small Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) machines, capable of measuring light from living things and also various energetic properties of water, and he’d included a sensor to measure the water’s pH.
But he’d also included a sensitive device he’d created and playfully christened ‘Sputnik’, after the first Soviet satellite space launch in 1957.
His device was a bit like Roger Nelson’s entire Global Consciousness Project configuration rolled up into a single machine, as Korotkov claimed that it was capable of measuring environmental influences on human emotion.
Measuring the environment
Sputnik had been developed as a specially designed antenna for his GDVs, which Korotkov liked to refer to as an ‘integral environment analyzer.’ Coupled with the information delivered by his GDV, the purpose of this highly sensitive device was to measure any changes in the atmosphere relative to any changes in the people occupying that space.
Korotkov claimed the little sensor could pick up the capacitance, or ability to store charge, of the environment through its extreme sensitivity to changes in environmental electromagnetic fields.
As human emotions are related to the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, any changes in that system also change blood circulation, perspiration, and other functions, which consequently change the overall electrical conductivity of the body.
Changes in the field
Aware of the vast body of evidence demonstrating the effect of solar activity, tectonic disturbances and tensions, and the ambient electromagnetic field on human health, Korotkov maintained that the reverse was also true: when a person experiences a change of emotion, it will affect the electricity of the environment, which in turn will be picked up by his Sputnik sensor.
“Changes in the functional state of the human body leads to a change in . . . the field distribution around the body, the chemical composition of the ambient air due to exhaled air and emissions of endocrine substances through the skin,” he wrote in a paper about his invention. It was his theory that his Sputnik was capable of picking up even the most subtle of these environmental charges.
Korotkov had spent a number of years testing the device during expeditions to Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Myanmar, Siberia and elsewhere before becoming satisfied that the device was sufficiently sensitive to assess local environmental conditions and their idiosyncrasies after discovering sensitive sensor signal variations during sunrise and sunset or prior to a thunderstorm. In 2008, he’d taken a series of measurements with it in a variety of spots in Russia – Novoskibirsk, Berdsk, Irkutsk and Abakan – using seven independent Sputnik devices during a total solar eclipse.
All seven devices showed similar curves of activity before the eclipse, with all stabilizing similarly after the event was over.
Measuring people
His most intriguing claimed effect was the ability of the device to measure the subliminal psychological and emotional reactions of groups of people.
He’d tested this during a vast variety of group gatherings – religious ceremonies, yoga exercises, group meditation, musical performances and even public lectures – and discovered statistically significant changes in the device that correlated with the duration of the events and the group’s collective emotion; the higher the changes in his Sputnik signal, the greater the emotional charge of the room.
During two workshops of mine, when Konstantin was present, he turned on Sputnik and also measured some of the participants before and after our Power of Eight® groups.  In both cases, stress levels had dropped considerably in the individuals and a change of charge in the room had clearly been registered.
The effects of the Power of Eight® groups were affecting the group members but also radiating out, sending out waves of good will.
Love to water
And now in Miami, for 10 minutes beginning at exactly 4:30 pm our audience sent intentions of love to the water, imagining it becoming more alkaline like a mountain stream.
Dr. Korotkov was blinded to the time we were sending intention until we’d finished, but had turned on his equipment at 2:16 pm Miami time (9:16 pm his time in Russia), and after I’d texted him that we’d finished, he turned off the machines at exactly 5 pm Miami time.
After analyzing the three types of measurements, he sent the results a few hours later.  The water’s pH hadn’t altered, although that may have been because it stood at 7, a good pH for water. The GDV equipment had some issues with parameters, making it impossible to note meaningful changes.
What had changed – hugely – was the electrical charge in the entire room housing the little bottle of water.  Here’s the chart he produced showing the changes.

The green bars show when my talk started, and the red bar shows the time during our intention.  The lowered position of the red bar represents a smaller signal, which indicates essentially a calmer environment with less charge.
The implications of our collective capacity to create calm in our environment are enormous.
With all the terrorist activity on our doorstep, a collective intention for peace could be our strongest weapon.

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14 comments on “The Miami Korotkov Water Experiment”

  1. Good work!
    Thank goodness there is some release from what Rupert Sheldrake called The Ten Dogmas of Modern Science!

  2. Lynn, I was in your Intention Masterclass in 2012 to help me develop an Intention to keep New York FREE from "fracking"... well we did play a part in that! And now I have been working on an Intention for "Global Peace and Oneness". Please advise if you approve.
    "Our INTENTION is that ALL of humanity acknowledges the harms of conflict and division and that we are living FREE with LOVE and compassion for each other in co-operation, respect, support, and celebration of our diversity. We also INTEND that Earth is FREE from ALL resource exploitation, and that ALL practices of renewable energy, organic agriculture, and holistic healing ARE implemented to sustain her and humanity while humanity IS focused on growing in a unified lifestyle of thriving and LOVE in every aspect of our co-creation."

  3. This is such good news!. I look forward to the publishing of the publishing date of "The Power of Eight®".

  4. Fascinating. I have for a long time believed this is possible. And have felt it my relationship with other people an as an observer of group dynamics; but is so difficult to put into words it's such a subtle thing

  5. Wow! Dr korotkov is one of the most inspirational scientists alive! Always amazing to hear about his work- and its implications.

  6. That's amazing so many things now highlighting energy both negative and positive.
    Shows by how alternatives such as Homeopathy and acupuncture work, just what big pharmacy don't want to see

  7. On the 22nd of november 2009 I had the chance during a seminar in Amsterdam to meet Dr. Korotkov, together with Dr. Eric Pearl and Lynne Mc Taggart. Of course "we " talked about energy. Besides this I met Lynne Mc Taggart 3x for attending her seminars in Maarsen-Holland. We did some interesting "testings" with water. 10 people were invited to do an experiment with water in a jar. I was one of these 10 persons.We also did experiments in a circle, with very interesting results as well. Since decades I practice distant healings on a dayly basis. That's why I believe that a collective intention for peace could be a strong weapon indee.

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