The Intention Experiment

Since 2007, Lynne has worked with teams scientists from prestigious universities and thousands of international readers from more than 100 countries, creating the world’s largest ‘global laboratory’ to test in some of the first controlled experiments on the power of mass intention.

Periodically she invites her audience to send a specific thought to affect a target, after which the team scientists calculate the results to measure any possible change.

In the 39 experiments Lynne has run to date, 35 have evidenced positive, measurable, mostly significant change.

No pharmaceutical drug has achieved that kind of consistent track record.

Thus far, the Intention Experiment has shown that collective thoughts can change subtle properties of plants, make seeds grow faster, purify water, lower violence in war-torn areas or ghettos, and even heal a patient with severe PTSD.

But the most powerful effect of group intention, which participants experience as a profound state of oneness, is that it reflects back on the intenders themselves. 

After participating in peace Intention Experiments, the participants’ lives become more peaceful and loving; in healing experiments, they themselves get healed.

Thousands of attendees in Lynne’s Intention Experiments have healed long-standing serious health conditions, mended relationships, discovered a renewed life purpose or left workaday jobs for one that is more fulfilling.
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