The 8 Revolution

The 8 Revolution is a powerful new movement to help you and all other potential changemakers out there develop into pioneers for a new world.

It will start with Power of Eight® groups – small groups of eight or so people who have been meeting regularly for healing among themselves and their loved ones, after reading or hearing about my work with group intention.

There are tens of thousands of these groups around the world.  Most have enjoyed extraordinary healing success.

So now I’m inviting all these Power of Eight® groups to join together and create radical holistic change in the world.

If you’re not yet in a Power of Eight® group, I’ll help you join one so that you, too, can be a powerful changemaker.

The 4

Why an 8 Revolution?

Life isn’t working the way it once did — and we all know it. As we witness the seemingly endless crises besetting us in modern times — the financial crises at home, international conflicts abroad; the life-and-death issues surrounding energy and climate change; the utter corruption and gridlock of government; the tyranny of tech giants and massive corporation; the isolation and despair of so many people, young and old; the everyday struggles of a vast majority of people just to get by — all of us sense that we have reached the end of something.

The old way of doing things no longer serves.

When considering all the crises we now face on so many fronts and the sheer enormity of the problems now before us in every sector of our lives, we feel both frustrated by the inability of our leaders to solve them and powerless to fix anything ourselves.  

Most of us throw up our hands and cry, “What can I do? What can any one person do to change anything?”

This fear grows out of the mistaken notion that the crises in our midst can only be addressed from the top down.

But the change that is necessary — the one that will truly solve most problems in our individual lives, our society and indeed our world — is not just a change of policy, a new law, a new president or a tighter regulation, but a fundamental change of heart.

The change required now must come from the bottom up — from ordinary individuals making individual changes that ultimately cause a positive contagion of change in their neighborhoods and workplaces, which grows and spreads to their town or city, their county and state, their country and even further.

This change starts with you and me, in the fundamental way that we engage with the world.

The power truly lies with you

The 8 Revolution Lynne Mctaggart

What you must realize is the incredible power that you — and each of us —already hold to make necessary change in the world.

As Margaret Mead famously observed, virtually every major historical movement has started with a small group resolving to do things differently.

It was the strategy adopted by Mohandas Gandhi, when initiating his non-violent resistance to British rule that ended up creating an independent India. 

It was the strategy behind the Prague Spring that freed Czechoslovakia from Soviet Communism without a single shot being fired.

It was the strategy adopted by Martin Luther King that birthed the US civil rights movement, ignited by a single decision: Rosa Parks’ simple refusal to sit at the back of the bus. 

All of these movements began with the recognition that corrupt, unfair and unworkable systems prevail only because we allow them to.

As Gandhi put it: “I believe that no government can exist for a single moment without the cooperation of the people, willing or forced, and if people suddenly withdraw their cooperation in every detail, the government will come to a standstill.”

The 8 Revolution emphatically is not a political revolution. I’m not advocating the overthrow of any government. I am not advocating socialism or communism.

This is a peaceful social revolution, but a revolution nonetheless.

I am creating nothing less than a vast community of changemakers, a grassroots movement of individual Power of Eight® groups, banding together to create a closer and better community and society, making tiny local changes that eventually grow into a vast contagion of change.

Your FREE tools to join The 8 Revolution

When you join The 8 Revolution movement, I will be gifting you with FREE Tools for a New World plus periodic updates and broadcasts, and access to other Power of Eight® groups around the world.

You and your Power of Eight® group will receive ongoing tools and instruction to help you relate to others differently, run towns and businesses better and more fairly, create radical change in your communities to make them vibrant, sharing, connected villages, towns and even cities.

You’ll learn how to start projects that offer alternatives to unfair institutions, including banks, utilities, law enforcement and even local government, how to lift your local economy, and how to create truly connected community again.

You’ll find out how to create collective ‘savings’ banks, with money or other ‘capital,’ how to create a posse of helpers during an individual or collective crisis.

You’ll discover that intention and the Power of Eight® isn’t just for healing yourselves.  It also works in healing your communities.

You can use as much or as little as you like.

You’ll be able to share you and your group’s activities with all the other 8 Revolution groups around the world.

And in the process, you’ll discover the greatest gift of all: how powerful a small group can be, how deep their love, how influential their changes. 

Let’s create economics, politics, community and more with a conscience. The power is in  your hands – and the hands of your group.  

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up to The 8 Revolution community, below.
  1. If you are already in a Power of Eight® group, ask all members of your group to sign up.
  1. If you aren’t yet in a group, you’ll be able to join one through our community site.

  2. Once you sign up, you’ll be the first to receive instructions about how to join the 8 Revolution community once we launch in early April.
  1. You’ll then receive regular FREE instalments of Tools for a New World. These Tools will offer step-by-step advice about how you and your Power of Eight® group can begin to use intention and group power to effect changes in your communities. You’ll receive ideas and discussion points for improving all facets of your communities, using cooperation, interconnection, sharing, helping and more.
  1. As a member of The 8 Revolution, you’ll gain access to broadcasts of mine and written information. The community and the Tools are FREE to anyone who joins.
  1. Your group will be able to communicate with other groups around the world to share and learn from each other.

Join the 8 Revolution. The power for change is in your hands.

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