Read all about COVID-19 – at least what we want you to hear

Lynne McTaggart

Am I the only one who is totally horrified by the appalling lack of journalistic inquiry about COVID-19? And the media’s shutting down of any voice that might question the official lines?

Of course, this new coronavirus represents brand-new medical territory. Medics and scientists are feeling their way to an understanding of the highest risk factors and the probable progression of illness. Of course, we all need to take care.
But universally, the press has just gone to sleep. Almost no members of the press, in my view, are asking the right questions.
Here are the biggest questions in my mind:
One: how do the current death rates overall compare to the overall daily death rates in prior years and prior months? Are more people dying or are all people who die just assumed to die from coronavirus?
Some evidence shows that our death rate hasn’t changed, but that many deaths, particularly among the old, are automatically being recorded as a COVID-19 death.
Recently, a British paper wrote, in an offhand remark, that most care patients dying are automatically being recorded as a coronavirus fatality, without a shred of evidence, because care homes are not given testing kits with which to confirm diagnoses.
Two: How does the death rate from COVID-19 compare with the death rate from ordinary flu? Figures and graphs just a few weeks ago in the Daily Telegraph showed that many more people die from seasonal flu. No one has picked up the story and really investigated further.
Three: Why aren’t we clocking up the actual death rate from the virus, compared to the total number of cases, in all the countries with rigorous testing facilities as the more accurate indicator of the fatality rate?
Four: Why are we setting up more hospitals when many hospitals are about one-third empty, at least in the UK?
Five: Why, when private companies offered to provide millions of testing kits, to organizations like  Public Health England, which makes decisions on behalf of the NHS, turn them down?
Six: In the absence of any medical solution (like an effective anti-viral or a vaccine) why are doctors not experimenting widely with substances like intravenous vitamin C? A few doctors in China, New York and private practice have had encouraging results. What have hospitals to lose if they give it a go?
And let’s say they don’t believe it would work. All of medicine understands the power of the placebo effect.
Placebos have been shown to work 60-70 percent of the time. So if patients were told they were getting medicine intravenously, even if it wasn’t especially active, it would undoubtedly improve outcomes.
Seven: Why are few journalists not only NOT investigating many known virus killers like vitamin C, ionizers, iodine, NAC, ginkgo biloba and more, but actively discrediting them?
This lack of information is symptomatic of an enormous shift in the press’s notion of its role in society. When it comes to health, newspapers, news agents and now even social media seem to believe that their role is to ‘protect’ the public by censoring information that departs from the standard medical line.
And today’s journalists have mostly forgotten their weighty role as the Fourth Estate to delve behind the lies and the pap of industry and governments.
They have forgotten that it is their duty to question authority even when it is inconvenient or deviates from party line.
These days, with national newspapers hemorrhaging readers, they increasingly rely on advertising from powerful industries like the pharmaceuticals. The media itself has now become the party with powerful vested interests to protect, with journalists largely just a mouthpiece for the Establishment.
And of course, search engines and social media have now got in on the act. Google has changed its algorithms, so that information about alternative health has virtually disappeared.
Facebook and other social media are actively removing proven information about holistic substances like vitamin C as a preventative or treatment for COVID-19, calling it ‘fake news.’ Like most of the major newspapers in the US and Britain both Google and Facebook have major ties to pharmaceutical companies.
Controlling how its readers should treat their illnesses is emphatically not the media’s job, particularly when influenced by its own financial considerations.
But it is the media’s job to stop taking dictation from governments or the drug industry and to ask the hard questions, now more than ever.
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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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14 comments on “Read all about COVID-19 – at least what we want you to hear”

  1. I agree with you 100% about journalists not asking the right questions so I agree with many of the commenters about what do we do about it. I also would like to know what we would need to do to protect ourselves is we are forced to have a vaccination since many places will not grant you an exemption. Also, if I did get really sick with this virus, who would help me or mine out? I would not trust going into the hospital in the US to treat a severe case of this.

  2. You're absolutely right on all counts, Lynne. It's actually rather terrifying, the increasing stranglehold on information.
    The one thing we used to be able to count on was that we could find and share info via online searches and social media.
    I don't know which is worse. That information is being overtly censored to generate wealth for the pharmaceutical industry which is A) not helping people particularly in this circumstance and B) actively harming people when there are safe, natural treatments available. Or that people aren't even aware this censoring is occurring on a mass scale!
    Well, this is one of many reasons I won't use Google as a search engine. Coining the verb "to google" was a brilliant marketing ploy. But I'll stick with DuckDuckGo, which completely protects my privacy and doesn't censor.
    Now if we could only get a good and ethical alternative for Facebook!!

  3. I tend to agree with you ( I subscribed to Wddty from its beginning ,so always leaned towards the ‘alternative’ view. However, being over 70 with a lung disorder - I’m doing as I’m told as I’m frightened not to! So much doesn’t add up. Regards Patricia South

  4. So true Lynn. What has happened to free speech? Makes me feel so powerless. It's the same if one speaks out about worries around vaccinations. We have had public figures resign and a priest publicly apologise because they spoke about those that had adverse, lifechanging effects from the swine flu vaccine. And we're supposidly living in a democracy.What can we do ???

  5. I just read this to my physician husband and he said everything you say is right on.
    I think it’s horrendous that it has come to this and thank you for being one of the few telling the truth and waking us up.

    1. Sylvia, I have links to eminent doctors and professors, throughout the world, who state the same as this article. The scaremongering is dangerous. Indeed, it is causing fear within some people which is detrimental to their health.

  6. When 5G begins to bite, with a frequency disrupting blood's ability to carry oxygen, then the resulting "respiratory distress" and/or death can be conveniently blamed on the "Second Wave" of COVID-19!

    1. AbsoLUTEly, Rick!! And Wuhan had just been blanketed, in very short order, with 5G towers, just before people took ill there. Coincidence?? I'd guess not. And that's another thing people can do -- sign petitions, write letters, protest against the wholly UNPROVEN-as-safe 5G, everywhere you can!

  7. Ok, it is an over exaggerate manipulation, and is an attempt to track and vaccinate everyone. But, if the end result will be more sick people than well, and health care breaks down and we all are living lives of fear and back breaking work to support the few in the world with mega wealth, how silly a scenario will that be. Ultimately, if you look to history, everyone wants a better life for their children and comfort for themselves. This enforced shut down has enabled millions to re connect with their families and to question the value of the 'rat race'. They have re discovered the value of sleeping till you wake up and that , life, does indeed go on.
    On mass, if 'the people' say no to any of this scary 'could be, might be' stuff and remember united we stand, divided we fall, then we can still create lives of health and happiness for all.
    I'm not saying the options for slavery and destruction for the masses are not there. Just it's up to us to use our abilities and discernment to find the way through. When someone uses fear to try and convince you of something, check everything about it first before you jump off the cliff.

  8. How about looking at the death rates in India where the official government advice is to take the homeopathic remedy Arsen Alb 30c as a preventative? on the 18th April Indias death rate was 452 in a population of 1.3 billion compared to 14000 in the uk (66 million population) and 34000 in the USA (340 million, nearly 1 billion less than Indias population)
    Some of it may be down to under reporting and insufficient testing but I have seen no reports of overflowing mortuaries or Mass burials in India

  9. At least Mother Earth is recovering. Does it need to get rid of us parasites too?
    People have time now to think and reflect what's important in life.

  10. I do recognize what you are saying Lynne about the current powers that be. I think we are in a pivotal time where those powers are actually breaking down. Things will probably get worse before they get better, but I recognize that our challenge is to step up to the powers within us, that you so valiantly promote, to create a new manifest reality from our ability to envision a better world. There are many who are now understanding that innate power - you yourself being one of the spearheads of that realization.

  11. Further to my comment of a few minutes ago when I mentioned this corona scam and gave links to thetruthseeker site and Richard D Hall's video - I wish to clarify that I do not deny there have been deaths but there is more to all this than many people know.
    Thank you

  12. Feed your brain. One of the most important, yet strangely most overlooked factors seems to me to be the bogus-ness of this "testing" to begin with, with which *any* slant can be spun. The test is really a "*manufacturing technique* that is being abused...What are the best applications for PCR? Not medical diagnostics. He [referring to Kary Mullis, it's inventor] knew that and he always said that." - David Crowe.
    If people read nothing else, they ought to read THIS article...even if you ignore the lengthy yet base-setting preamble, see where the PCR test and Sayer Ji's interview with David Crowe, a Canadian researcher, biologist and mathematician begins and read that. The attached video also details the "pandemic exercise/simulation conference" put on by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Johns Hopkins Center For Health Security, and the World Economic Forum, only 6 weeks prior to the news out of Wuhan.

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