On celebrating freedom of another kind

Lynne McTaggart

Today, on the 75th anniversary of VE Day, we are striking one small blow for freedom of another kind. And the freedom I’m talking about, that is in danger of a type of suppression with the potential to be every bit as tyrannical as the fascist takeover of Europe, is the subtle collapse of freedom of speech.

We’ve experienced this firsthand, and, in our own small way, we’ve decided to do something about it.
The reason goes to the very heart of who we are as editors and journalists, and what we stand for.
Censored content
For years, as newsstand title, our magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You was being censored in all sorts of subtle and not-so-subtle ways by a retail trade that chose never to support press freedoms.
In early 2019 a store chain in America banned us because some individual in charge of magazines had misread a story of ours about essential oils and decided that it was ‘dangerous’ advice.
Last December we’d run a story about Karen Thomas, a craniosacral therapist who spent 14 years developing a multi-factoral method of treating her son Jacob, who had autism, Asperger’s syndrome and the worse case of ‘oppositional defiant disorder’ that several therapists had ever seen.
Karen’s eventual treatment proved so successful that Jacob is now fully recovered, completely independent and away, studying at a university. Karen has written a book about her protocol and has personally helped hundreds of children overcome autism. One of those children is now studying at Harvard.
A story about a woman reversing autism in her son and other kids with autism is a story worthy of being told, you would have thought. There wasn’t even anything especially controversial in the piece, as Karen wasn’t claiming that Jacob’s autism was kicked off by the MMR.
Nevertheless, after a small Twitter storm in the UK from a few irate parents insisting that their autistic children didn’t require ‘fixing,’ some of the stores got jittery and began essentially asking for our cover story images before we’d be ‘allowed’ to use it to sell our magazines.
Another chain wanted information about our magazine’s contents before deciding whether to permit us to pay for prominent marketing placement in their stores.
We were finding it increasingly difficult to maintain our editorial independence and please our sales venues.
These decisions weren’t driven by economics. Many of these stores were places where we numbered among its top-selling magazines.
Of course the irony didn’t escape us: store chains that are content to sell magazine featuring semi-nude women in seductive poses chose instead to focus their efforts on censoring proven evidence about holistic health.
In Australia, as I mentioned last week, Coles is happy to feature magazines with cover lines like ‘How Kim really got that bum’ (with a giant picture of a scantily clad image of said Kardashian posterior), but to ban a magazine that offers information about non-surgical methods of treating back pain.
This, to us, represents yet one more dangerous new development in our so-called free press. These days, the press – far less ‘free’ – is now largely owned by enormous corporations with major ties to industry (The son of Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox news and the London Times, for instance, was on the board of one drug company).
Amazon (which is now planning to get into the mainstream health care industry) now owns the Washington Post.
The supposed mouthpiece of the people is transforming into the party with powerful vested interests to protect.
Getting censured by the stores proved to be the final straw for us. We’ve been observing the mainstream press and social media not only become less and less vigilant about the status quo but to attack any dissidents who dare to question current policy, say, on vaccination.
Determining what is fit for public consumption, or indeed how its readers should treat their illnesses (particularly when there is a financial stake in that position), is emphatically not a newspaper’s job.
Presently when it comes to health, even sales venues seem to believe that their role is to ‘protect’ the public by censoring information that departs from the standard medical line.
When we launched What Doctors Don’t Tell You in 1990, the London Times called us a ‘Voice in the Silence.’ Thirty years later, that silence has become deafening.
Freedom by stealth
So we’ve decided to go it alone.  From July, we’ve made the conscious decision to pull our magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You off the newsstands and return to being a subscription-only publication.
The June edition of WDDTY, which will be on sale in a few weeks in the UK and the US, is last issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You you’ll be able to buy in a store in the UK and the US.
From July, it will be only available by subscription.
Our decision does not represent a contraction of our business. It is just one part of a major program of multi-media expansion.
Our magazine is presently sold in some 18 countries around the world. Last February, we held our first and highly successful Get Well Show, a major holistic health exhibition, which introduced thousands of people to a wide range of highly prestigious alternative therapists. We will be holding the Get Well show in Los Angeles and again in London in 2021.
We have begun webinars (see our latest on COVID-19 at http://getwell.solutions) and other multimedia channels to get our message out to yet more people searching for proven holistic health solutions that work.
We are planning regular webcasts, to provide you with the truth behind the  information you’re hearing from the mainstream media – stories from informed and educated voices with no ties to the drug industry, who really can offer unbiased evidence of the truth about health matters.
Is it possible to create a safe and effective vaccine against COVID-19? That’s just one of many questions we think you deserve an answer to.
But we’ve got to become like Jedi knights, operating by stealth to foment a secret revolution. Because press freedom, like political tyranny, is one revolution we believe is always worth fighting for.
To subscribe to What Doctors Don’t Tell You:  https://www.wddty.com/magazine/subscribe

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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14 comments on “On celebrating freedom of another kind”

  1. Dear Lynne McTaggert Team,
    Heartfelt thanks for WDDTY and all the other life and health and sanity-saving tools you provide us with !!!
    I am subscribed to the Dutch version of WDDTY. I have always wondered if it is an exact translation of the original version. Is it ? Because if it is not, I might considering subscribing to the English version.
    Love and serenity to you.

    1. Hi Hilda, thank you for your supoprt. What Doctors Don’t Tell You, which my husband Bryan Hubbard and I have published in some form in the UK and the US for 30 years, is also licensed by foreign publishers for release in 16 other countries, including the Netherlands. They are obliged to publish at least 80 per cent of our content. If you would like to subscribe to the English version, please visit: https://www.wddty.com/magazine/subscribe.

  2. Hi Lynn, I am originally from Mexico, I am a psychologist, psychotherapist and holistic healer. I started reading What Doctors Don´t Tell You in 1990 when I lived in Scotland. It helped me make important decisions for my health and that of my familie´s. Thanks to WWDTY I did research on vaccines 26 years ago and decided not to vaccinate my kids who are 26 and 23 years old now, very healthy and doing great things for the planet. I totally support free speech and free press. I admire your work and will keep supporting and promoting more people to make informed desicions about their health and wellness. I admire yourwork, thank you so much! Fernanda

  3. Genuinely heroic. All our love and continued support.
    Let's all keep working for a kinder, more compassionate and connected world.
    Thank you and best wishes

  4. Clearly it's not enough that our basic freedom of movement and social contact has been restricted. I am sickened by the attempts to curtail free speech both here in the UK and in the US, let alone in China where every movement is monitored.. Apparently it's our fault for "having too much time on our hands spent surfing the net" and reading "misinformation". I think we are all grown-up enough to use our gut instincts and our hearts as to whether information resonates or otherwise with us. Our freedoms are continually under bombardment; Governments (democracies?) are passing laws without public consultation and big brother is breathing down our necks telling us we must do as we are told otherwise we threaten the lives of others. Tosh and nonsense! In my opinion, we are being manipulated big time - Covid, social distancing, 5G, vaccinations, destablisation of world economies - all specifically designed by the monsters who have power and control. Fortunately there are many bright beacons exposing the dark agenda. Light and Love will prevail - I have no doubt. Lynne and Brian, please keep up your wonderful and enormously valuable work. I have been an avid reader of your magazine, blog and books, and have attended some of your conferences too. No-one should be silenced for telling the truth - even if it sticks in the gullet of those who are out to suppress and destroy everthing good in the world.

  5. Hi Lynne I hope you change your mind about pulling your magazine from the news stands. It is amazing how one complainer can get something that is good for you, removed from the public and cause so much grief for others.
    It use to be the same here in the United States, but good people are coming together for a bigger voice against the one person causing the trouble and winning!!
    We have to unite for what is right!! Your voice matters and as long as you are speaking truth, then the bullies need to be put in their place.

  6. I so appreciate and value your work and this magazine... we need this kind of information now more than ever. I will keep sharing your work with my community.... it is a light in this world.

  7. Hello Lynne,
    First of all, thank you very much for all your work on promoting holistic health to the general public.
    I am a portuguese health coach and recently I've written an "open letter" on my facebook personal page (not the business one) questioning why while during lockdown people were not given wellness empowerment tips on how to take charge of their own health instead of just letting people closed at home, being afraid, waiting on a vaccine.
    I also questioned if flu vaccination could be the culprit to push viruses to mutate into these agressive strains (as antibiotics do to bacteria).
    Surprisingly as a reaction:
    1. I just got a nasty comment (I don't even bother to reproduce it)
    2. I got 88 shares from this post and 135 likes
    3. Maybe the reason this post was not censoured by facebook was because it was written in portuguese (more difficult to detect by censoring protocols).
    I thought about sharing this experience as a (perhaps) positive one.
    I also would like to quote Martin Luther King on the speech “Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution”:
    “On some positions, cowardice asks the question, is it expedient?
    And then expedience comes along and asks the question, is it politic?
    Vanity asks the question, is it popular?
    But Conscience asks the question, is it right?
    There comes a time when one must take the position that is neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must do it because conscience tells him it is right.”
    thank you for your excellent work!
    best regards
    PS: link for the portuguese facebook post:

  8. That is a great shame as I used to buy the magazine in Health Food shops in the UK and they used to always sell out at all the shops. When people saw it on the stand by the counters, they would be interested and it would help to spread the world. Problem with going subscription is that you only reach those already converted and not new people. Understand that the hassles with supermarkets being forced to take it off shelves by those that wish to break the alternative world. But you must continue to advertise it so that new people will find out about it. Any articles on vaccination need to be strong though - don't agree that there can be a safe Covid vaccine. We do not want one anywhere, ever. Don't give the vaccine makers ideas. Good luck in your venture - we are all behind you.

  9. If it was just the UK that would be wrong but as it is World wide that is deeply worrying. What is coming down the tracks?

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