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Intention of the Week

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Marco de Graaf, aged 39, who lives in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, is in limbo right now, with his life plans, his girlfriend Ophelia writes in.

He used to work on Logistic projects, for which he traveled all over Europe, and when the projects were over his working career was, too.

At first he enjoyed the time to digest everything that has happened.

Besides his challenging job he also had physical challenges (kidneys & liver, allergy from grass) and as a result of that also mental challenges. He has a hard time accepting the fact his healthy body let him down and that he still isn't as healthy as before.

For no clear reason he wakes up feeling tired, not able to get things done, because of the muscles in his legs don't seem to cooperate. This gives him stress and gets him depressed.

Ophelia writes: ‘I came into his life almost five months ago. He thinks/feels like he needs to solve all of this by himself. The fact that his future seems empty and unsure freaks him out. He lost hope and lost faith.'

‘He would love to set up his own business, helping people with food intolerance, but he dropped the whole idea when he saw that this kind of business already existed.’

Please join us on the Intention Experiment (www.theintentionexperiment) site on Sunday, July 10, 2010 at 1 pm US Eastern DST and hold the following intention:

"My intention is that Marco de Graaf be healed of all physical problems and that he find a new direction and purposeful work."

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