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Christine Egilson



 Help to heal her bladder cancer

March 22, 2009

5 pm GMT


Christine Egilson, 35 year old pf Winnipeg, Canada, mother of a two year old, received devastating news in January that she has bladder cancer, which has spread to her left knee, right hip and lungs.  She has been forced to close her chiropractic business, and has undergone treatment offered through the Canadian medical system.  Unfortunately, the doctors there offered her radiation but little hope. Through her chiropractic community she learned of alternative cancer treatments in Mexico, and left in late February to commence them.


Please join in on Sunday (when Britain and Europe join the US in daylight savings time):


Other times:


10 am PDST

11 am MDST

12 noon CDST

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5 pm UK

6 pm rest of Europe


At that time, please come together on the site and send a 10-minute intention:


“My intention is for Christine Egilson to be free of all cancer and to be healthy and well in every way.






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