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Intention of the Week - Justine Van Remoortere

Help to heal her abdominal cancer

Justine Van Remoortere
Please join in on Sunday, 5 pm GMT
Other times:
9 am PDST
10 am MDST
11 noon CDST
12 pm EDST
6 pm rest of Europe

Justine Van Remoortere of Brussels in Belgium, who is just 8 years old, has been diagnosed with a malign germinal cancer in her abdominal cavity. Last year, she underwent surgery, and although the surgeons could not remove all the cancer (which is in an awkward place, behind the top of the stomach, below the sternum and near the liver), the cancer went into remission for 12 months. Now it has returned.
Justine has received chemotherapy and has entered the sterile quarters of Reine Fabiola Hospital in Brussels, where she is receiving an autotransplant of bone marrow.
In the sterile part of the hospital, patients can only receive very limited number of visitors, and doctors and nurses must wear gloves, masks and gowns at all times. Hugs or any form of touch are likely to be forbidden, as the risk of infection is too great for a patient with virtually no immunity.
As her friend Lisa McManus put it, for small child, even one with Justine’s extreme courage, ‘this is a lot to take’.
Let’s send an intention to heal both Justine and her mother Nathalie, who is nearly on her own in helping Justine with this ordeal.
On Sunday, May 30, 2010, at 5 pm GMT please come onto our website and send the following intention:
"My intention is for Justine van Remoortere to be free of all cancer and to be healthy and well in every way. I also intend for her mother to be helped and supported during this challenge."

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