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Intention of the Week - The Gulf Oil Spill

Help to contain the spill from the Deepwater Horizon site

Please join in on Sunday, 5 pm GMT
Other times:

9 am PDST
10 am MDST
11 noon CDST
12 pm EDST
6 pm rest of Europe
Many of your wrote in to request that we gather together to send an big intention to stave the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, which is occurring unabated after the April 20 oil rig exploded.
Let’s send an intention for all efforts to work and contain the spill, with minimum impact on the ecosystem of the seas.
This includes sending positive intention to the 125-ton steel containment dome that crews lowered over the Deepwater Horizon site on Thursday night, plus relief wells and floating booms to contain the spill. The more that these systems work, the fewer chemicals may be needed to be pumped into the seas.
On Sunday, May 9, 2010, at 5 pm GMT please come onto our website and send the following intention:
"My intention is for the Deepwater Horizon’s oil leak to be immediately and successfully contained with no damage to the environment."

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