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Intention of the Week - Victor Hugo Osorio
Help him let go of past emotional problems, and replace the tumours in his bladder with clean and healthy tissue.

Please join in on Sunday, 5 pm GMT
Other times:

10 am PDST
11 am MDST
12 noon CDST
1 pm EDST
6 pm British Summer Time
7 pm rest of Europe
Victor Osorio, age 64, from Stockton, CA, has worked in a job that required him to use strong, industrial-strength chemicals. His son is convinced that this, combined with childhood trauma he's been holding onto, is responsible for his bladder cancer. Now he is facing surgery to remove his bladder.
The good news is the cancer has not spread beyond it. However the tumor, which has been recurring on and off for the past 21 years, has now imbedded so deep there is no available option other than the surgery. The lining of the bladder doesn't repair like other organs, so when tumors have been removed before, it has stayed raw and irritated which has caused the tumors to return.
Please come onto our website at 5 pm GMT on Sunday, October 11th, follow the Intention of the Week instructions on the front page and send the following intention:
"My intention is that Victor Osorio will release his emotional past, and the tumor will be replaced with clean healthy tissue.”
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