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       Intention of the Week - Emily Kate Saunders
                     May, 03 2009 - 5pm GMT



Emily Saunders, 31, who lives in west London, in the UK, has cancer in her small intestine, which has grown 
to grapefruit size, and now encompasses the area around 
her pancreas, spleen, and organs positioned between her solar plexus 
and spine. 


It is inoperable since it is attached to too 
many organs. She is about to initiate chemotherapy next week to attempt to 
reduce the tumor so that it will become operable.


At present, she’s unable to eat, owing to the blockage, and vomiting


“We are very grateful that she is to be included in the intention 
experiment,” says her friends and family, “and giving her that information has already helped to 
raise her spirits, so many thanks for that.”


Please take 10 minutes this Sunday to send intention to Emily at 5 pm Greenwich Mean Time. For details of that time in your time zone, please consult our website front page and click on Intention of the Week.



Please join in on Sunday, 5 pm GMT 
Other times:

10 am PDST
11 am MDST
12 noon CDST
1 pm EDST
6 pm British Summer Time
7 pm rest of Europe

At that time, please come together on the site and send a 10-minute intention:

“My intention is for all of the organs and cells in Emily Saunders’ body to return to normal and for her to be healthy and well in every way.”  


Please also include your comments to Emily, below:




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