How you helped Sheila overcome her cancer

Last October, our community member Barbara Swetina wrote in about her friend Sheila Pettitt, a beautiful ‘musician, teacher, composer and mother,’ living in the hills of Scotland, above Findhorn Bay.
“Sheila had lymph cancer for some years, fighting it with mistletoe injections and keeping it under control,” wrote Barbara. “But half a year ago it flared up and from the doctor’s point of view she needed chemotherapy, which she had over the last months and a stem cell transplant, which is happening in the next few weeks. Sheila is courageously holding the vision of a successful recovery and we; her circle of friends is holding it with her. Please support Sheila's recovery with your intentions!!
We’ve just heard back from Barbara with the following amazing news:
“I just want to convey my sincere thanks to Lynne and all who are helping with the power of 8 groups!!!
“I submitted the case of my friend Sheila Pettitt who had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was scheduled for hospitalization.
“We formed a group of 8 via zoom and have been since then intending for her on a weekly basis.
“Last week Sheila was released from hospital as cured and free of cancer symptoms.
“Although the doctors won’t say that she is cancer free, they say the stem cell cure was successful and Sheila is able to lead a normal life, even though she is still weak, building up her strength on a daily basis.
“I am so grateful for having been part of the journey with something positive to do when I think of her instead of worrying.
“Blessings on all the team!!!”
Many thanks too all of you who participated.  Keep the intentions coming!

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