Intending for the enemy

Lynne McTaggart

When I consider all the anger among our increasingly polarized society and all the hand-wringing going on about what to do about it, I’m reminded of a remarkable piece of research nicknamed ‘The Love Study.’

The Love Study was the brainchild of the late psychiatrist Dr. Elisabeth Targ, plus noted consciousness researchers Drs Marilyn Schlitz and Dean Radin of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.
The design of the study was inspired by a batch of research conducted since 1963, which demonstrated that, under many types of circumstances, the electrical signaling in the brains of people gets synchronized. The frequencies, amplitudes and phases of the brain waves start operating in tandem.
Although the studies followed slightly different designs, all of them asked the same question: can the stimulation of one person be felt in the higher central nervous system of another? Or, as Radin liked to think of it, after a sender gets pinched, does the receiver also feel the ‘ouch’?
Two people wired up with a variety of physiological monitoring equipment, such as EEG machines, would be isolated from each other in different rooms. One would be stimulated with something – a picture, a light or a mild electric shock.
The researchers would then examine the two EEGs to determine if the receiver’s brain waves mirrored those of the sender when he or she was being stimulated.
In using this protocol, neurophysiologist Jacobo Grinberg-Zylberbaum, of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City, discovered that brain-wave synchrony occurred not only between two people, but between both hemispheres of the brains of both participants, with one important distinction: the participant with the most cohesive quantum wave patterns sometimes set the tempo and tended to influence the other.
The most ordered brain pattern often prevailed.
A mirror pattern
In designing the Love Study, Schlitz and Radin also had been influenced by other research showing that, during acts of remote influence, the recipient’s EEG waves mirror those of the sender. In a number of studies of healing, the EEG waves of the patient synchronize with those of the healer during moments when healing energy is being ‘sent’.
Brain mapping during certain types of healing, such as bioenergy, also shows evidence of brain-wave synchrony. In many instances, when one person is sending focused intention to another, their brains appear to become entrained.
Any vibrating thing, including an electromagnetic wave, has its own preferential frequencies, called ‘resonant frequencies’, where it finds vibrating the easiest. When it ‘listens’ or receives a vibration from somewhere else, it tunes out all pretenders and only tunes into its own resonant frequency. It is a bit like a mother instantly recognizing her child from among a mass of school children.
Schlitz and Radin now wanted to find out whether they would achieve similar correlations if the sender were actually sending an intention to heal.
For the Love Study, Schlitz and her colleagues decided to recruit ordinary individuals and train them in healing techniques.
Schlitz and her fellow researchers decided to seek out couples with a partner suffering from cancer. Eventually 31 couples volunteered, including healthy couples who were to act as controls, and the couples were divided into study and control groups.
In every case, the member of the couple with the cancer (or one of the designated partners in a control group) was asked to sit in a black reclining chair placed in a one-ton, solid steel, double-walled, electromagnetically shielded enclosure.
The tiny chamber was separated from the outside world by two layers of steel and one of solid wood, which blocked out all sound and all electromagnetic energy. Any electrical signals were carried out of the chamber by a fibre-optic cable, to ensure that the room remained, electromagnetically speaking, a solitary confinement.
Each inhabitant was fitted to an array of medical gadgetry to measure brain waves, heartbeat, breathing rate, skin conductance and peripheral blood flow. A video camera stood discretely in the corner.
Some 20 metres away, the other partner was seated in the dark, attached to the same medical equipment as his or her partner, staring at a small blank TV screen.
Whenever the image of the partner in the refrigerator room abruptly flashed on the television screen, the other member of the couple was to send a compassionate intention to his or her partner for 10 seconds.
Two bodies become one
When Radin examined both the study groups and two sets of controls, he found that in every instance, each physiological response of the receivers had tracked those of the senders. However, the most prolonged pattern occurred among the cancer patients whose partners had been trained in intention techniques. The receivers in the training group not only responded to the stimulus, but also kept responding over 8 of the 10 seconds of the intention.
In quantum terms, the couples had become as one.
People appear to receive healing deep in their bodies by being retuned to the more coherent energy of the healer’s intention. During healing, it could be that the ‘orderly’ energy of the well person entrains and ‘re-orders’ the sick.
What’s become clear to me is that when we send intention, in a manner of speaking, we have to ‘become’ the other.
In the case of dealing with people who disagree or argue with us, a little calm and loving intention for the other can create another kind of miracle – getting you both on the same positive wavelength.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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9 comments on “Intending for the enemy”

  1. I love these blogs. I agree intentions are very powerful and very effective. Thank you for keeping us informed of all the ways good intentions can make the world a better place
    Esther m

  2. I have been deeply interested in the power of intention for a great many years and have frequently practised it. I would love to know just how effective it has been, but believe that it has somehow made a difference. I am South African (I live in Durban|) and became a member of IONS in 1987 when I was undertaking some research at the University of Minnesota where I shared ideas with Professor V Lois Erikson and her group of doctoral students. I remained a member of IONS until The Noetic Review became Shift, and then Shift ceased publication. The rands to dollars exchange rate made membership very expensive without the reward of the IONS journal. Professor Willis Harman had become a friend and visited South Africa a couple of times. We talked at the same symposia in Johannesburg and I travelled with him and his wife and a couple of other speakers on the second occasion, and we had many unforgettable conversations. What a privilege. I later visited him at IONS in 1994 when it was still across San Francisco Bay. I have all the Lynne McTaggart books. My interest in explorations into the nature of consciousness began when I was very young and became a major for me from 1969 when I became very interested in the work of Jung. I liked the ideas of Colin Wilson from that time onwards and met him at his home in St Austell in Cornwall in 1981.

  3. I received training is melding with the focus person who needed healing. Most of the time I didn't get feedback as whether it was beneficial but that is not main goal which is do what you can and not perseverate on the outcome.

  4. with the title of 'intending for the enemy', I was hoping to read some specific suggestions for how to turn frustration and dismay about those who are causing harm to the planet into good intentions. Felt like the article ended before it got to anything about dealing with 'the enemy'. hope future articles will expand on this topic.

  5. Waow this is quite pleasant article, my sister love to read such type of post, I am going to tell her and bookmarking this webpage. Thanks

  6. In order to heal, I was taught how to merge with the individual who needed it most. Not knowing if my efforts were helpful was frustrating, but the essential point is to put up as much effort as possible without becoming fixated on the final result.

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