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Lynne McTaggart

A few weeks ago, a group of scientists from Barcelona provided us with something we’ve all been yearning for so that we can rid ourselves of this deadly Covid plague:  solid evidence of a means of reducing intensive care unit transmissions by 82 percent and mortality by 64 percent among hospitalized patients with a confirmed PCR test.

No, it wasn’t any of the vaccines on offer. It was a vitamin, vitamin D supplements.

The study, which still requires peer review, involved 930 patients with Covid-19 confirmed by PCR test.  Some 379 patients of the group served as controls, and simply received the standard of care which included hydroxychloroquine and an antibiotic, if bacterial infections were also diagnosed, and also a steroid if they developed a cytokine storm.

The remainder, slightly more than half (551 patients), were given all the standard-of-care drugs, if needed, but also heroic doses of vitamin D (calcifediol) -  532 mcg (or 21,280 IUs) vitamin D3 on admission, and then an additional 266 mcg (10,640 IUs) on days 3, 7, 15, and 30

The authors, all doctors from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the second most prestigious university in Spain, and other prestigious medical centers, reported that 11.8 percent of all the participating patients required ICU care, but of the 551 test patients, just 5.4 percent required ICU treatment, compared to four times that (21.1 per cent) among the controls.

Although there are many variables in comparing sick patients, the doctors adjusted the data by age, gender and even vitamin D levels when the patients were admitted.

They also discovered that patients arriving with higher vitamin D levels were less likely to die.

In fact, the authors wrote, ‘Baseline . . . D levels inversely correlated with the risk of ICU admission.’ In other words, the higher the vitamin D levels, the less likely patients were to need intensive care.

Out of all patients treated, 6.5 percent of those treated with the additional vitamin D died, compared with 15 percent of the controls.

Overall, they discovered ‘a reduced mortality of more than 60 percent among those taking the vitamin.’ Their conclusion: ‘In patients hospitalized with Covid-19, calcifediol treatment at the time of hospitalization significantly reduced ICU admission and mortality.’

Pretty amazing, you would have thought. A cheap and simple solution to this killer virus, you would have thought.

And a few government officials did think this. In a tweet, British MP David Davis wrote that this therapy should be ‘administered to every Covid patient in every hospital in the temperate latitudes.’ He called on the UK government to ‘increase the dose and availability of free vitamin D to all the vulnerable groups’ starting immediately.

In Ireland, Emer Higgins, who is a member of the Fine Gael, an Irish political party, also called upon her government to issue vitamin D recommendations, particularly as the Covit-D Consortium, a group of noted Irish scientists, found that vitamin D can lower the risk of death in the elderly by up to a whopping 700 percent.

There’s a good reason for the importance of vitamin D when it comes to Covid, and that has to do with the nutrient’s role in regulating our immune system’s T-cell responses.

The vaccines against Covid supposedly work by creating neutralizing antibodies in the body. However, according to a paper recently published in Vaccine X, and flagged by Dr. Joseph Mercola, this is backing the wrong horse.

‘Strong antibody response correlates with more severe clinical disease while T-cell response is correlated with less severe disease,’ says author Dr Marc Hellerstein, professor of the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology, at the University of California at Berkekey.

‘Indeed, it is unclear whether antibody production is protective or pathogenic in coronavirus infections.’ He also goes on to say that early data from coronavirus infections in animals and humans ‘emphasize the generation of a high-quality T-cell response in protective immunity.’

As I’ve written before, vitamin D plays an essential role in regulating T-cell responses. Think of it like a central orchestral conductor, with all the following tasks: accelerating the clearance of the virus from the body, lowering respiratory distress, lowering levels of hormones like angiotensin II, which cause more severe disease, calming the potential of a cytokine storm, maintaining epithelial integrity in the blood vessels and much more.

The Spanish study was pre-published in the Lancet and sat there for a few weeks before it was taken down, with the following announcement:

“We have removed this preprint due to concerns about the description of the research in this paper. This has led us to initiate an investigation into this study.”

So you probably won’t be hearing much more from the Spaniards about the study and I doubt you’ll be hearing much more from government officials. You certainly won’t see them handing out vitamin D to the poor or telling us to sit out in the sun.  In fact, they’ve been telling us just the opposite:  to stay indoors as much as possible.

The Spanish evidence is nothing new – just the latest giant rock in a mountain of evidence showing that vitamin D (particularly when combined with high doses of vitamin C) can protect even the most vulnerable.

So at the present time, when the governments around the world and the media – all desperate to find a cure for the plague – are essentially in denial about the power of a healthy immune system, and blackballing any sort of critical response to their various recommendations, be it lockdowns, masks or shots, it behooves all of us to get educated about our own bodies and exactly how they work, and what we can do to make our immune systems work even better.

One vital indicator is knowing your own vitamin D levels. Grassrootshealth’s vitamin D calculator is one way to determine whether you have adequate levels:

Get yourself good quality vitamin D taken with vitamin K2 and magnesium and do yourself and your T-cells a big favor.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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