What happened next to Diane – and other miracles


Power Of Eight Masterclass 23

What happened next to Diane – and other miracles

When Diane had joined the Masterclass in the beginning of the year, she thought that she was asking for an impossible miracle: that the group’s intentions could help her to overcome what medicine was failing to do.

And it seemed even more so, as she developed pneumonia and couldn’t get the chemo doctors believed might just extend her life a little.

When that happened, Diane’s Power of Eight® group did numerous intentions to heal her lung cancer and pneumonitis.

Soon after, Diane went in for a routine CT scan. It was then that she – and her doctors – discovered, to their astonishment, that all the tumors in her lungs were completely gone!

Diane’s doctors officially pronounced her NED (no evidence of disease).

In fact, Diane no longer needs to have chemotherapy. All her doctors plan to do now is periodically monitor her.

‘IT’S A MIRACLE!’ wrote Darlene O’Cadiz, the leader of her Power of Eight® group.

But it’s a miracle I see every day in my Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass.

Fifth Session

Here are just a few of their stories:

‘I was healed from strong pain in my leg that was broken 10 years ago. After attending our Power of Eight® group the pain began to subside, and after doing an intention for another group member who also had problem with her feet, my pain disappeared and didn't come back!

‘Apart from my left foot and leg, I also had migraines regularly every month in the past 20 years. During our class, a class member partnered with me and did an intention for it. This was in June and no migraines since.’ – Tony Nordlund

‘My husband was hospitalized with life threatening sepsis during the second month of our Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass group and healed miraculously within 10 days, almost like it never happened. We retained all the functioning we feared he'd lose and went on a planned vacation right after he was released from hospital.’- Anne Marie Montero

'When I first joined the Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass, I was very frightened and depressed. My father had died from myelodysplastic syndrome only eight months after being diagnosed. I now had leukemia myself.

‘I spent over five weeks in the hospital getting transfusions every day, weak, unable to walk more than a few steps without a walker, no appetite, was so dizzy my head was spinning, and I developed pneumonia. It was not looking good.

‘I attended my Power of Eight® groups in my hospital bed. Even after I was released I ended up back in urgent care a few times with temperature spikes.

‘I continued with the Power of Eight® every week after I was released.  ‘That was March/April. Then on Sept. 27, the results of my new bone marrow biopsy came back. I dropped down to level 3, and below 5 is considered REMISSION!!’ - Lianda Ludwig



'I was told that I was going blind for the past 8 years, with retina damage in both eyes, and that nothing could be done. I recently moved to Fort Collins and was told the same thing during an eye exam. The doctor sent me to both a retina and cataract specialist. Right after I went to the eye doctor, my Power of Eight® group did an intention to heal retina damage in both eyes. After the intention I felt a shift in both eyes. Both the cataract and retina specialist both said there was no more retina damage.

‘Before, without glasses my vision was around 20/400. I now have 20/20 in one eye and 20/25 in the other, which is a miracle.’- Lorye M

If you’ve got any challenge in your life, health or otherwise, you could leave it all to chance and just hope for a miracle.

Or, you could call upon the miraculous power of group intention to heal every aspect of your life – whether health, relationships, finances, career or even life purpose.

These kinds of miracles can be yours, starting February 4, 2023, when we kick off the year-long Power of Eight® Masterclass 2023.

But please don’t delay. Places are strictly limited, due to the LIVE and INTERACTIVE technology we use, and we’re getting closer to being full.

Join my Intention Masterclass 2023 TODAY, and a year from now, like Diane, you could be talking about your very own miracle coming true!

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