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Special advanced intention sessions

Due to popular demand, Lynne is pleased to announce special advanced intention sessions.

For the first time, Lynne will be launching an advanced mentoring program called Accelerated Intention to help you further in using your thoughts to overcome exactly what is still holding you back from making your dreams come true – about your relationships, your career, your family, your highest aspirations.

These three 90-minute-plus intensives will offer more in-depth and advanced instruction and practice from Lynne on the areas where people have the greatest difficulties:  aiming high enough, achieving a focused path to their goals, overcoming adversity, and freeing yourself from your own unconscious self-sabotage, related to false beliefs about yourself that come from past experience.


Lynne will provide in-depth instruction about how to actualize your new ‘story’ (and how to design steps to get there); how to make best use of intention when you encounter delays and setbacks; how to overcome your own limiting beliefs, which prevent you from actualizing your goals; and how to use intention to ‘see into’ your own future.

To describe how and why your past tends to rule your intention, Lynne will be joined by her husband Bryan Hubbard, co-owner, and editor of What Doctors Don’t Tell You and author of the ground-breaking book The Untrue Story of You. Bryan will describe how ‘you’ are actually made up of three ‘time-bodies’ – past, present and potential – with your past the biggest bully of the three selves.

As you move through life, experiences you never fully understood from your past begin to weigh you down, causing you to sabotage your own highest aspirations. As this pattern repeats itself, it can drag you into choices and behavior that are seemingly out of your control. It’s why many of your intentions don’t work, despite your best ‘intentions’.

Together, Lynne and Bryan will provide you with special techniques to end the thoughts and the misfired intentions that are preventing you from manifesting your own miraculous life.

You’ll become conscious of your own attempts to sabotage your own highest aspirations and to reprogram your own negative thought stream from situations in your past that were improperly understood.

And you’ll find out what exactly is stopping you from manifesting your highest purpose.

Usually, the problem is thinking too small.

Lynne will also lead you through more advanced retro-intention techniques.

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When: TBA

Where: Live webinars on Zoom (which are recorded) with optional breakout sessions for additional practice. Live tech support will be on hand for all sessions to help participants at any time during the calls.

What’s different about these sessions ? These extra sessions are advanced, for people who wish to go deeper. Lynne will provide you with many new techniques to help you to define what you want for your future, plot your mental route and shift the kinds of thought patterns (mostly from your past) that prevent you from getting there.

How much does it cost: TBA

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