Intentions of the Week

Intention of the Week: Ben Brost

Help him to overcome sarcoidosis

Sunday, June 24, 2018

10:00 am Pacific

Shauanna Fouhy from our community has nominated her son Benjamin Brost, aged 40, from Kennewick, Washington, for healing. Shauanna tells his story:

“The Sunday before Thanksgiving this past November while on a school basketball retreat with his team (Ben is an assistant girls’ basketball coach as well as a 6th grade middle school teacher), he suffered a major medical event, which nearly cost him his life.

“He had one miracle when he awoke from a coma with his brain function intact, despite all of us being told to expect a less-than-positive outcome because his brain had been without oxygen for too long and the prognosis for his recovery ‘if’ he woke up was going to be extensive. I believe the massive outpouring of prayers and intentions from Montana to Texas and Ohio to Oregon from hundreds of people is what helped him defy the odds.

“Now he is battling with the extensive damage that was done to his heart during this crisis. His heart went into afibrillation (wildly irregular heartbeat) and before he left the hospital a defibrillator was put in his chest.

“Ben had been diagnosed last July with an autoimmune disorder called sarcoidosis, where abnormal tissue forms and attacks connective tissue in the body pretty much anywhere, including the heart. He has been on steroids to reduce the inflammation caused by this disorder, and the theory now is that the sarcoidosis moved to his heart and is messing with its electrical system. The doctors have been unable to stabilize his heartbeat (it keeps wanting to go into afib), and no one has a "real" answer to the sarcoidosis.

“Sarcoidosis creates small nodules usually in lymph tissue but also any connective tissue. His joints hurt, he's still got a low-grade infection in his lungs, he's constantly anxious about his heart, and the stress he, his wife, Shanna, and their two young boys are under right now is tremendous.

“I want to see my son vibrant, strong and healthy with the sarcoidosis gone from his body.”

Please hold the following intention on Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 10 am Pacific US time/1 pm Eastern US/6 pm UK/7 pm Europe:

‘Our intention is that Ben Brost be free of all symptoms of sarcoidosis, for his heart, lungs and joints to return to normal health, and for him to be healthy and well in every way.’

Intention of the Week: Billy Saunders

Help him to overcome thyroid cancer

Sunday, June 24, 2018

10:10 am Pacific US time

Lee Pope from our community has nominated Billy Saunders, aged 38 from Alta, CA. Here’s Billy’s story, as told by Lee:

“Recently Billy has been experiencing multiple symptoms of a recurrence of thyroid cancer. He is scheduled to see an oncologist this week. Both the diagnostic process and the subsequent treatment (removal of his thyroid followed by radiation) he received for the cancer 11 years ago was devastating for him physically, emotionally and financially. He does not feel he could endure a second treatment.

“His other major concern is that he will not be able to work during the period of diagnosis and treatment, and he has no financial safety net. His work as a contractor requires his full-time participation and lots of energy. He needs a miracle.

“Billy, age 38, is my daughter’s fiancé. They are in a blended family with eight children between them, five of them from Billy’s previous marriage (Billy’s wife abandoned the family about five or six years ago). Until he combined households with my daughter just a few months ago, he was raising and supporting his five children completely on his own.

“My daughter loves him dearly and has been working round the clock with creativity and commitment to help create a healthy and happy home environment for Billy and herself and the children.”

Please hold the following intention on Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 10:10 am Pacific US time/1:10 pm Eastern US/6:10 pm UK/7:10 pm Europe:

‘Our intention is that Billy Saunders be free of all thyroid cancer, that he return to full health, and be healthy and well in every way.’

Intention of the Week: Nicholas Santullo

Help him to be healed of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Sunday, June 24, 2018

10:20 am Pacific

Nancy Santullo, who is part of our Masterclass this year, has nominated her brother, Nicholas Santullo. Nancy tells his story:

“Nicholas, aged 61, of Bristol, Connecticut, has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.  He has a 15-lb weight loss, enlarged spleen and chronic anemia, low platelets count and night sweats.

“He is holding his own for now, but his doctor says the only alternative will be to eventually do a round of chemo.

“Nicholas works for the sanitation department at the local municipal. He is a father of three children and has five grandchildren. He went through a painful breakup in the family business 15 years ago, where he worked for 38 years, then a divorce, then his prostate began to go out of sorts, then his blood levels dropped and his spleen enlarged.

“He has a heart of gold, and eats healthily, uses essential oils and vitamins, and drinks dandelion root tea. He is in agreement to be part of the intention group. He continues with three Reconnective healing sessions per year and is open to the energy practice world. He loves prayer too, especially the rosary.

“Blessings to all.”

Please hold the following intention on June 24, 2018 at 10:20 am Pacific US time/1:20 pm Eastern US/6:20 pm UK/7:20 pm Europe:

‘Our intention is that Nicholas Santullo be healed of all symptoms of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, that he heal all past emotional wounds, and that he healthy and well in every way.’

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