The Intention Challenge

Intention Challenge

Everyday I hear amazing stories of transformation with people who have embraced the power of intention, using some of the tools I’ve given them.

Most people have been taught to use intention only to ‘fix’ something in themselves – their health, or bank balance, or career. They can’t see how it can change difficult situations, particularly when it comes to other people.

But there’s so much more that intention can help with. You can use intention to heal relationships or overcome the deepest of divides. It can assist you in understanding other people’s differences and connecting with them better.

Your intention placed on plants or animals can make them healthier. Even your computer will work better with some positive thoughts sent its way.

To show you the extent of how intention can transform all sorts of unlikely things in your life, I’m launching a regular INTENTION CHALLENGE. I’ll throw out a challenge to you and suggest that you try it.

This is all free – just a fun thing for us to do as a community that may well transform something in your life.


Here’s your challenge for May: do you have someone in your life you don’t get along with? A partner or spouse, a child or parent, a friend, coworker or boss?

When you next disagree, don’t think about what you’re going to say next. Hold a positive intention for the other. Think of the most loving thoughts you can send that person. Do it each time you interact with that person.

Observe what happens to your relationship. Does it change in any way?

Start today! Then post your comments and any success – even a photo if you’re moved to do so via the form below:
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Write your comments and any success – even a photo if you’re moved to do so!
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The power for change is in your hands.


Yes I have tremendously changed

Yes I have tremendously changed. I am able to respond to my partner's behavior that bother's me and get into an accepting mindset. There is so much more peace in our home because of my growth.


The relationship has been smooth

The relationship has been smooth this last week. I'm continuing the intention.

Why wait any longer when you’ve already been waiting your entire life?

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