Smart water

Lynne McTaggart

Camilla Sherr has an extraordinarily green thumb. When her mother’s apple tree got infested with moths, she and her husband Jeremy prescribed a treatment that not only removed the moths and their caterpillars but also resulted in the tree producing its first season of edible, delicious fruit.

Their treatment didn’t include nasty pyrethrin-containing chemicals. In fact, there were no chemicals at all.

Camilla is not a plant doctor but a renowned homeopath, and her treatment of her mother’s apple tree consisted of a single remedy: Lac Caninum.

This is not as farfetched as it seems. A few good studies show that homeopathy can boost the health of plants, even those that start life as seeds planted in toxic soil laced with aluminum, which can block a plant’s ability to absorb water or nutrients and so stunt growth.

In Brazil, where aluminum levels are high in the soil, one study showed that seeds treated with two homeopathic preparations (Alumina and Calc Carb) had 20 times the root growth of control seeds (In J High Dilution Res, 2010; 9 (33)138-46).

Although both Sherrs treat humans and teach homeopaths (at the Dynamis School for Advanced Homeopathic Studies), lately Camilla has focused on what is termed agrihomeopathy, treating pest or environmental problems in soil and plants, after working with a Tanzanian farmer to convert his farm to organic a decade ago (See for more info about her kits for treating plants and farm crops).

Skeptics would say Camilla is working with nothing more than water and a good deal of wishful thinking. After all, homeopathic treatments are diluted with water to the point where there is nothing of the original substance left.

But that’s because these critics don’t really understand the miracle substance that is water.

Water is a chemical anarchist that behaves like no other liquid in nature, displaying no fewer than 72 physical, material and thermodynamic anomalies, with many more apparently still to be unmasked.

It is among the most mysterious of substances because it is a compound formed from two gases—two atoms of hydrogen for every one atom of oxygen—yet is liquid at normal temperatures and pressures.

It’s taken several renegade scientists to advance our understanding of the power of water and why it would explain the strange process of homeopathy.

Two late Italian physicists at the Milan Institute for Nuclear Physics, Giuliano Preparata and his colleague Emilio Del Giudice, demonstrated that water has an amazing property: when closely packed together, its molecules exhibit a collective behavior, forming what the physicists termed “coherent domains,” like a powerful laser light.

These clusters of water molecules tend to become ‘informed’ in the presence of other molecules, polarizing around any charged molecule and storing and carrying its frequency so that it maybe read at a distance.

As Russian scientists have observed, water has the capacity to retain a memory of applied electromagnetic fields for hours, even days.

Other Italian scientists from Sapienza University of Rome and the Second University of Naples, and more recently the late Luc Montagnier, the Nobel laureate and codiscoverer of HIV, have confirmed Preparata and Del Giudice’s findings: certain electronic resonance signals create permanent changes in the various properties of water.

In one dramatic experiment, Montagnier showed that a virtually identical copy of a DNA fragment in one test tube could be “teleported” via electromagnetic signals to a second test tube containing nothing but pure water.

As Montagnier noted, “High dilutions of something are not nothing. They are water structures which mimic the original molecules.”

This suggests that water can act like a tape recorder, retaining and carrying information whether the original molecule is still there or not. Physicist Kunio Yasue of the Research Institute for Informatics and Science, Notre Dame Seishin University in Okayama, Japan, also found that water molecules have the ability to organize discordant energy into coherent photons—a process known as “superradiance.”

So vital may water be to the transmission of energy and information that as the late French biologist Jacques Benveniste demonstrated, molecular signals cannot be transmitted in the body except through the medium of water.

Benveniste found that water seems to “memorize” the unique signature frequencies of molecules. In his studies, when water was exposed to a chemical, then diluted to the point that none of the original molecules remained, the water sample could still be used in place of the chemical to trigger a reaction.

In one study, he took a test tube of blood plasma and added water exposed to the ’sound’ of heparin—an anticoagulant drug that prevents blood from clotting—transmitted via its digitized signature electromagnetic frequency. This signature frequency worked as though the molecules of heparin itself were there: in its presence, blood was more reluctant than usual to coagulate.

This means that water, as the natural medium of all cells, may be acting as the essential carrier of a molecule's signature frequency in all biological processes.

The Italian scientists also confirmed that water molecules organize themselves into a pattern on which wave information can be imprinted. Water appears to not only send the signal but also amplify it.

Think of it: great new advancements for our health and the health of the food we depend on can be sorted simply through novel uses of a substance in nature already in plentiful supply.

It’s more evidence that most of what we need to heal ourselves and our world is already here, right in front of us.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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  1. There is a wonderful book called "Homeopathy for plants" by Christiane Maute ....

  2. Dear Lynne,
    thanks sooooo much for this article. I am a passionate gardener, and always thought there ought to be some
    homeopathic remedies concerning all the difficulties we face with gardening. Thank You for the link too.

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