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Lynne McTaggart

In 1970, the late German physicist Fritz-Albert Popp had been playing around with ultraviolet light, in an attempt to find a cure for cancer, when he made an unexpected discovery. Using a special machine that could count individual photons, the tiniest particles of light, Popp discovered that all living things, including humans, were emitting a tiny current of light waves, of a surprisingly high intensity.

What’s more, these photons in the living systems he’d examined were more coherent than anything he’d ever seen. In quantum physics, quantum coherence means that subatomic particles are able to cooperate. These subatomic waves or particles not only know about each other, but also are highly interlinked by bands of common electromagnetic fields so that they can communicate together. They resonate like a multitude of tuning forks all attuned to the same frequency.
As the waves get into sync, they begin acting like one giant wave and one giant subatomic particle. It becomes difficult to tell them apart. Something done to one of them will affect the others. They stop behaving like anarchic individuals and begin operating like one well-rehearsed marching band.
Quantum telephone networks
Coherence establishes communication. Another way to view coherence is like a subatomic telephone network. The better the coherence, the finer the telephone network and the more waves have a telephone.
The end result is also a bit like a large orchestra. All the photons are playing together, and although individual instruments are able to carry on playing individual parts, when you are listening, it’s difficult to tell them apart.
What was even more amazing was that Popp was witnessing the highest level of this quantum order in a living system. Usually, coherence of this magnitude is only observed in material substances such as superfluids or superconductors studied in the laboratory at very low temperatures—just a few degrees above absolute zero—and not in the hot and messy environment of a living thing.
Another place where coherence is observed is in laser light. All the photons of laser light oscillate in perfect harmony, behaving like one giant photon and vibrating in perfect rhythm. This organization makes for an extraordinary efficiency of energy. Instead of sending light about 10 feet (3 meters), like a typical 60-watt light bulb, the laser emits a light wave 300 million times that far.
The coherence of laser light is like comparing the photons of a single light bulb to sunlight. Ordinary light sources are extraordinarily inefficient. The intensity of light from a bulb is only about 6 watts per square inch (1 watt per centimeter) of light.
But if you could get all the photons of this one small light bulb to become coherent and resonate in harmony with each other, the energy density of the single light bulb would be thousands to millions of times higher than that of the surface of the sun.
It took many years for scientists around the globe to begin confirming Fritz-Albert Popp’s theories that light emitted from living things seemed to be the driver of many biological communication processes. Popp even discovered that the light changed, if a person was ill in any way.
The hot new treatment
Nearly 50 years after Popp’s discovery, laser light therapy is one of hottest new treatments for all sorts of illnesses, from arthritis, joint and musculoskeletal pain of all varieties to depression and eye problems like macular degeneration. Even vets are using laser light to heal wounds in dogs.
As the latest science has discovered, particular frequencies cause certain ‘photochemical’ reactions in the body, not unlike photosynthesis in a plant, which harnesses the power of the sun and converts it into usable energy.
Most of the science about laser therapy concentrates on the results and not why this type of light has such a profound effect on the body. But perhaps some clues come from Popp’s work all those years ago.
He’d discovered that this mysterious light from humans was not only a communication system within our bodies, but with other living things. We send out light, and they send a synchronous reply. It stands to reason that if we can take in light from the outside, we might also be able to use it correct our own light when it goes awry.
Popp began experimenting using various plant extracts to change the abnormal light emissions of patients with a variety of illnesses. He discovered that certain substances, like a particular type of mistletoe, restored the light coherence in a woman with cancer.
But following in Popp’s footsteps, many pioneering practitioners are going directly to lasers as a simple source of coherent light itself.
May they light our way to full health.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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9 comments on “Lighting the way”

  1. Thank you lynne, How amazing and beautiful. It is such proof that we are all linked in the unifying field of love so that amazing things can happen if we allowed it to be true. I hope you have received the copy of the poem One True Tribe written Santosha Tantra a Spiritual Master of pure consciousness and heart. It has the same power to link all hearts together. I give her poems away to hundreds of people and they all respond with gratitude and a knowing that it is indeed true that humanity is One True Tribe. People read the first two lines and say, "I have goose bumps often with a tears welling up. She is another kind of connector that is totally amazing and unexplored as a source capable to unite everyone. I would love to talk with you or anyone about this possibility.

  2. I've heard of many different light treatments from drinking 'Sunshine' water (water infused with the full spectrum of sunlight); the therapeutic effect of sitting in specific colours of light coming through stained glass windows in churches; to a spinning series of coloured lights directed to the third eye area to alleviate SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder).. We are as Jean Houston says 'Differentiated Sunshine'. Light colour use is another facet to explore.

  3. I’ve had a photonic laser light for many years, it emits 660 nm of light. Originally I got it for my horses and have used it for treating colic, useing it on acupuncture points. I also use it to kill viruses from colds and flu, by holding on an artery in my neck for ten minutes. My mother helped her arthritis immensely and got her own. These things work wonders!!! I use mine all the time!

  4. In your book the power of eight, you briefly mention the work of Fred Travis, searching into brain wave coherence. What has been discovered is that the human brain can also be seen as a machine which can start functioning with laserlight power if it functions in a more coherent way. It would be very interesting to see if The power of eight experiments show higher coherence in the brains of the people participating in these experiments.
    Global brain coherence is a well known phenomena amoung people who practice Transcendental Meditation.
    I use a 4 channel EEG machine to show to people what happens with alpha brain wave coherence, when people do TM. It dramatically increases.
    With large groups of people meditating, a sort of collective coherence pattern is generated in society. This produces more harmony in the behaviour of the community.
    Recently a book about this phenomena, called "The field paradigm, 20 experiments that change the world" by Joachim Cleas was published. This book shows that coherence is the most important phenomena to create world peace. The same, or even more spectacular results as the power of eight performances. It would be very interesting if scientific research on the power of eight experiments would be published and related or compared to the TM research on this subject.

    1. Hi Rob, a lot research on the power of eight is published in my latest book, The Power of Eight®. Based on research, we have found that brain wave signatures of power of eight groups differ to brain wave signatures of prayer groups and are very different to brain wave signatures produced through meditation.

  5. I have been using Light Emitting Diodes that pulse the Nogier frequencies for 7 years (red, blue and infrared wavelengths) to help reduce stress, facilitate healing and reduce oxidative stress. Current research indicates it can reverse mild TBI and help with symptoms of PTSD. 'Talk About Light' is call in program hosted by a nurse practitioner every Tuesday to discuss the science of light and benefits of using photobiomodulation. Healing with Light is real, backed by science. Give it a try

  6. I use a light system with red, blue and infrared light emitting diodes - 7 years now. it helps reduce joint pain and stress. Science tells us it reduces oxidative stress, can reverse mild TBI, help reduce symptoms of PTSD, oral mucositis in children having bone marrow transplants, and improve disease states that involve the mitochrondria (including macular degeneration).

  7. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote
    the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some
    pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog.
    An excellent read. I'll certainly be back.

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