Intentions of the Week

How to participate

Each week Lynne chooses three people with health challenges to be the Intentions of the Week. Our intentions are 10 minutes each and are held at 10:00 am Pacific (1 pm Eastern/ 6pm UK/ 7pm Europe), 10:10 Pacific and 10:20 Pacific every Sunday.

To take part, open and read Intentions of the Week, which are sent out via my e-newsletter during the week (usually on Tuesday or Wednesday). Then at the designated time, take a few deep breaths and hold the intention statement in your mind while imagining the person being healthy and well in every way. Send the intention out from your heart and feel the collective energy of Lynne’s community members who are joining in with you. After 10 minutes, release the intention and move onto the next person. Follow the same procedure for the two others. Observe if any health or other issues in your life improve after taking part.

For more information about the correct method of doing intention, consult Lynne’s book The Power of Eight®

Send in your Nomination for Intention of the Week

Do you have a loved one who needs our healing intention? If so, please send in his or her full name, age, location (town/country), photograph and the nature of his/her illness

Please upload a picture (allowed file types: .jpg,.gif,.pdf,.bmp.png) 2mb max size
The intention of the week goes out in Lynne McTaggart’s e-newsletter, website and possibly her Facebook page. If the nominee is under 18 years old, we require permission from their parents/ guardians. Please confirm that you would be happy with that?

Were you or a loved one the subject of an Intention of the Week?

Please report back to our community about how you are doing by writing in to Laura (

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