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The Basics of Intention

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Who this is for?  This is the best place to start if you’re new to Lynne’s work and courses, even if you believe you know all about manifestation and the Law of Attraction or you’ve taken courses from other spiritual teachers.

What you will learn:  The key essentials of how to do intention effectively (for instance, the most effective wording), plus information from New Science about how our thoughts affect ourselves and our world.

Intention Essentials (Recommended)

In this five-part recorded course Lynne teaches you all the basics of the skill of using intention in your life so you are doing it correctly from the start.

Includes 7 key tools that spell the difference between success and failure, which most people haven’t learned, even if they’ve well versed in other spiritual practices.

The New Science (Recommended)

The New Science, a newly completed course from Lynne, unravels all the fundamentals of the New Science – from the quantum field that unites us all in its mysterious web to mind-blowing new discoveries about time – in easy-to-digest, bite-sized chunks.

 Whether you are completely new to Lynne’s work, a seasoned follower perplexed by the big implications of these new findings or even a long-time fan who wants to understand more, you’ll find something in this course to blow your mind.

Mastering Intention with Others and in Power of Eight® Groups

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Who this is for?  After getting to grips with the very basics, you’re now ready to broaden your use of intention beyond just simple manifestation by yourself.

In this level, you progress to discovering how to use intention effectively in relationships and in your own Power of Eight® group, plus learn how to overcome negativity (your own and others’) and self-sabotage.

What you will learn:  Lynne’s powerful 13 KEYS TO INTENTION MASTERY, the world’s only toolkit combining ancient wisdom and modern science.

The Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass (Recommended)

This iconic, year-long course includes a six-week LIVE and INTERACTIVE webinar course, after which you’re placed in your very own POWER OF EIGHT® group to meet with for an entire year under Lynne’s ongoing supervision. 

For the rest of the course year, Lynne will be available online for LIVE monthly INTENTION CLINICS to ensure that you’re carrying out group intention correctly and maximizing your chances of reaching your goals.

Level 2

Your intentional future

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Who is this for?  For all Masterclass alumnae. Building upon the foundation of your transformative journey in the year-long Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass, this advanced LEVEL 3 course is designed to take your manifestation skills to new heights by teleporting you into the future in order to design your destiny.

What you will learn: It's an opportunity to deepen your understanding of intention for longer term goals, expand your manifestation skills, and explore the frontiers of quantum consciousness. Building on the foundation you’ve already laid, this course takes you further on your path to creating the life you truly desire.

Your Intentional Future Course

Imagine a life where your intentions have the power to transcend time and shape your destiny. In this LIVE and INTERACTIVE course, Your Intentional Future is your key to unlock this extraordinary potential. Join me on this transformative journey, where we'll blend the wisdom of quantum physics with the art of intention to create a future that aligns with your deepest desires.

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Bringing intention to the World

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Who is this for?  This level is for those who have taken Lynne’s earlier courses and want to learn how to become a spiritual activist to use intention effectively for community change. 

What you will learn: The 8 Revolution is a powerful new movement to help you and all other potential changemakers out there develop into pioneers for a new world. You’ll learn how to start projects that offer alternatives to unfair institutions, including banks, utilities, law enforcement and even local government, how to lift your local economy, and how to create truly connected community again.

Tools for a New World - The 8 Revolution

These ‘Tools for a New World’ offers extensive exercises and practices to help you develop a more holistic relationship to your own world — your relationships, your workplace, your neighborhood, and community – and the world at large.

You will learn how to do small and large group intentions to heal communities and areas of the world suffering from conflict, poverty, or extreme climate change or disasters.  A full toolkit for becoming a spiritual activist.   


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Who is this for?  These courses and resources are for professional healers – whether holistic practitioners of every persuasion, spiritual healers or mainstream doctors, nurses and practitioners – other types of professionals who want to incorporate the Power of Eight® into their practice and also for church leaders.  Lynne’s work on intention and the New Science has helped thousands of healers, professionals and church leaders improve their practices.

What you will learn:  If you are a healer of any variety, Lynne teaches you how to significantly boost your success rate through advanced intentional practices.

For church leaders, Lynne has prepared a complete toolbox of resources based on her work in The Bond and her manual Tools for a New World.  These include sermons, discussion points and other teaching aids for living an interconnected life, according to the New Science.


Become a Better Healer with the Power of Eight®

For churches leaders: The Bond and The Power of Eight® Complete Toolkit Package

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